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Opening up

Closing the heavy glass door behind, to join the dancing girls, opens a world of fantasy, colour music and rhythm which is a getaway from the mundane for Saborna Roychowdhury

Get ‘em right

How does one make New Year resolutions count? Giving tips for keeping the resolutions for 2013, Roopleen Prasad says, ‘New Year is the best time to turn over a new leaf in life’

It’s time

Managing time is more crucial in today’s world, says Roopleen Prasad, giving tips on ways to go about it while quoting famous personalities who had something to say about time

Don’t clutter

Being organised and systematic is a must to succeed, says Roopleen Prasad, whose tips for accomplishing tasks are: First, de-clutter and plan, and never take up tasks in random

Take charge

To do amazing things in life and accomplish goals, you have to be proactive and take responsibility of your life, says Roopleen Prasad, giving valuable tips for making it big

Saying it when it matters

Whenever D Om Prakash misses his mom, he remembers the day he held her hand and said, “Ma, we all love you very much.” Don’t hold back love. Say it when it matters, he says    

Wise man from East

East should develop its concepts and scales in assessing customer services, says M J Xavier who debunked a research finding that companies in the West are more market oriented

Silence of vultures

During an early morning walk, the sight of overflowing garbage triggers a thought process in Maitreyee Chowdhury, making her wonder what happened to the good old vultures

Create public spaces

Indian cities need to develop attractive public spaces like those in Singapore and make use of railway stations and bus terminuses for the purpose, says Aparajithan N

It’s in the mind

Breaking mental barriers is the key to overcome shortcomings, says Roopleen Prasad who cites examples of celebrities who have courted success with a big heart and a strong will

Just do it

Self discipline is the secret of success, says Roopleen Prasad, adding that those who worked their way from the bottom to top have trained themselves to do what they should do


Where to hangout

Indian cities need imaginatively designed public spaces, where people could chill out without having to sneak into shopping malls that are now meeting this need for many, says Aparajithan N

Fear not

Elucidating the devastating effects of fear on people’s life, Roopleen Prasad shows us the ways to overcome fear by quoting successful people who have looked fear on the face

Travel easy

People with diabetes can bid farewell to their anxieties while travelling if they take adequate precautions, says Dr. C M Batra, giving them a check list of do’s and don’ts

Stand and wait

Giving a formula for success, Roopleen Prasad lists perseverance as the main ingredient by citing examples of sportspersons like Yani Tseng and politicians like Nelson Mandela

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