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4 D's of stopping Road rage & other ugly escalations

S Sreeram


Vol 0 | Issue 1

Frightening, isn’t it!  When you realise that everything built over a lifetime can be lost in a jiffy.

“Violence starts where civilization ends." -A bit ironic that I often spout this quote in KravMaga self defense class. 
I sincerely believe, Physical violence as a way to address a problem can be only as the last resort, when all civilized options are exhausted. In fact I would go to the extent of saying, violence often escalates an issue rather than solving it. 
This is true for the individual as well the society at large. Are we not witness to clashes in the name of religion or wars in the guise of patriotism, dragging the society in a quagmire of eternal conflict? Instead of spending the productive years in enhancing Life, angry young minds diffuse all their potential, with a distorted value system.

What are the triggers of Violence?
Volatile situations happen every day in bar r

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