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Get rid of the ‘rotten potatoes’ in your life and stay happy

Revathi Turaga


Vol 0 | Issue 1

Ask yourself this question – Should we easily forgive those who have caused us grief and anguish? You need to find an answer to this question if you want to stay happy in life.

There is a story about a kindergarten teacher who taught the children the importance of letting go hatred and forgiving others.

The teacher asked the children how many of them each one hated and gave each child the same number of potatoes to keep it in their bags for a week.

By the end of the week, the potatoes started rotting and the children with more of them started complaining because the stench was becoming unbearable.

The teacher then explained that this is what happened when they carried negative feelings or hatred against others and that it would go well with them if they learned to let go and forgive those who wronged them.

Does this story have a moral that we should seriously think of applying in our lives?

Many people may respond in this manner: “I am not like the Mahatma. I will not show my other cheek if I am slapped. I will do what it takes for me to get ahead in life I don’t need to forgive those who wronged me.”

Very true, you do not need to. Think of the potatoes.

It is but human and natural for us to usually carry these potatoes (hatred) with us for some time. What is important is what we do with them ultimately?

Do we get rid of them before they become a problem for us or do we just let them be and let them rot till they raise a stink? When you carry your potatoes in life, at one point, they could rob your peace of mind and cause immense stress and frustration in your life.

So, it is better to discard your potatoes before they raise a stink!

Revathi Turaga is an International Trainer & Inspirational Speaker. She can be reached at [email protected]

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