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Unleash instant confidence and be on top of the world

Revathi Turaga


Vol 0 | Issue 1

Confidence! There are so many meanings to this word and one could interpret it in different ways.

Is it striding forth and being able to take on anything? Is it the belief that one can achieve whatever one has set out to achieve? Is it the attitude of positivity with which one approaches any situation in life?

Confidence may be any or all of these and much more.

Confidence is reflected in an individual’s intent, desires, words, and actions. It can be the courage with which one faces the unknown, it can be the persistence with which one refuses to back off, it can be the passion with which one plunges into anything, and it can be the patience with which one waits for the right time.

Confidence can be built from within, it can be found inside anyone, and can be learnt and practiced.

Below are 10 tips on how one can unleash instant confidence:

1. Be prepared – there is no substitute to planning and preparation. The more one reads up and does one’s homework, the more confident one can be

2. Act like it is impossible to fail – Ever seen people who are so sure that they are not gonna succeed at something, and when they ultimately don’t, they say, “See, I told you so!” Well, face it, belief can create reality. Believe you’ll succeed!

3. Find a way to enjoy what you do – When you love what you do, when you are passionate about it, you would put in more effort and also accomplish more

4. Know your job – Nothing beats this. All the skills, the attitudes, the preparation, the belief, etc would go nowhere if one does not learn the skills and competencies to perform in one’s job

5. Learn to say, ‘I need help’ – You do not need to do everything yourself. Learn to collaborate and work interdependently

6. Publicly compliment others – Make others feel positive and feel that positive energy radiate back to you

7. Ask direct, simple questions in public – Feel free to ask doubts and clarify them before proceeding onto any task, even if they seem not so essential at that time. Remember it is better to ask now and learn than realise the need later and not be able to learn

8. Look people straight in the eye – Maintaining eye contact creates a connect and also projects immense confidence that makes people take you seriously at what you do

9. Enter a room in a relaxed manner – The more relaxed you appear, the more confidence you will project, and the more confident you will feel

10. Establish what you want in your mind – Clarity gives a power like nothing else. Knowing exactly what your goals are and what you want can give you immense confidence to charge into action

So, practice the above simple steps and enjoy hot brewing cups of instant confidence!

Revathi Turaga is an International Trainer & Inspirational Speaker. She can be reached at [email protected]

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