Vol 11 Issue 13, Mar 27, 2020 - Apr 02, 2020.


  • Count up

    Count up

    With magnificent glaciers, lofty mountains and gurgling streams, the Great Himalayan National Park in Kullu district is seeing an increase in the population of the endangered western tragopan
      Posted    08-May-2012    Vol 3 Issue 18
  • Vulture care

    Vulture care

    Setting up a restaurant for vultures was one of the ideas that Dilsher Khan came up with to save the winged predator from becoming extinct. Even if his ideas were shot down, he continues his campaign in his own ways, says Deepthi Raghunath
      Posted    03-May-2012    Vol 3 Issue 18
  • Farming, naturally

    Farming, naturally

    ‘Bountiful Nature’ is the translation of name of a movement taking roots in Karnataka’s farming sector. G Krishna Prasad tells us how Sahaja Samrudha has proved the promoters of GM crops wrong
      Posted    26-Apr-2012    Vol 3 Issue 17
  • Sell, buy-back, reuse

    Sell, buy-back, reuse

    Manufacturers should take responsibility and involve themselves in product take-back, remanufacturing and redesigning, says Nandita Krishna, suggesting ways to tackle the mounting e-waste
      Posted    25-Apr-2012    Vol 3 Issue 16
  • Power park

    Power park

    Continuing with his thrust to tap solar power, Gujarat CM Narendra Modi dedicated to the nation a 600 MW solar power park, touted as Asia’s first and largest
      Posted    19-Apr-2012    Vol 3 Issue 15
  • Inside Idukki

    Inside Idukki

    Tucked away inside a heavily forested area, Kerala's only Scheduled Tribes (ST) panchayat Idamalakkudy is losing its rich biodiversity, say officials, who are planning an intervention program
      Posted    18-Apr-2012    Vol 3 Issue 15
  • Sun energy

    Sun energy

    While India is pinning its hopes on nuclear energy, China is turning to solar in a big way. Three separate solar power projects with a combined capacity of 100-MW are under way at Xigaze
      Posted    18-Apr-2012    Vol 3 Issue 15
  • Rhino Vision

    Rhino Vision

    The Indian Rhino Vision project that aims at taking the rhino population in Assam to 3,000 by 2020 has helped considerably in conservation. There are 2,290 one-horned rhinos in Kaziranga now
      Posted    13-Apr-2012    Vol 3 Issue 15
  • It’s safe, for now!

    It’s safe, for now!

    Top official at the National Disaster Management Authority rules out tsunami threat to India, appeals to people near coastal areas not to panic – after they have panicked enough
      Posted    11 Apr 2012    Vol 3 Issue 14
  • Green prisons

    Green prisons

    In what is being billed as a pioneering initiative, all 52 jails in Kerala will go green in the next 4 months with the state government undertaking a Rs.25.50 crore solar power project
      Posted    11-Apr-2012    Vol 3 Issue 14
  • Deadly beaches

    Deadly beaches

    Alarming deaths of dolphins, sharks, and turtles on India’s western coast indicate chemical or oil poisoning, say conservationists who want scientific autopsies of these dead creatures
      Posted    07 Apr 2012    Vol 3 Issue 14
  • Summer advice

    Summer advice

    ‘Go green’ and you can easily beat the heat this summer, says Madhulika Sonkar, giving you tips on architectural design, home décor, attire, eating habits and lifestyle changes for the season
      Posted    05-Apr-2012    Vol 3 Issue 14
  • Save Ganges

    Save Ganges

    The holy river Ganga is in a state of neglect. The National Ganga River Basin Authority, set up in 2009 with Prime Minister as head, has done nothing yet to clean the river, says Richa Sharma
      Posted    30-Mar-2012    Vol 3 Issue 13
  • Cycle of life

    Cycle of life

    With shrinking roadspace, cycling enthusiasts in the national capital are trying to emulate the Netherlands model that promotes cycling as an alternative to driving, says Madhusree Chatterjee
      Posted    27-Mar-2012    Vol 3 Issue 12
  • Nature's play

    Nature's play

    Have you seen the sea disappear in front of your eyes? A unique phenomenon rarely seen anywhere else, the sea recedes by as much as 5 km every day at Chandipur, reports Azera Rahman
      Posted    24-Mar-2012    Vol 3 Issue 12
  • Eco Baba

    Eco Baba

    Cleaning Kali Bein river is a mission for Baba Seechewal or 'EcoBaba'. The spiritual guru’s initiative has helped farmers use treated sewage water to grow crops in Punjab, says Manu Moudgil
      Posted    24-Mar-2012    Vol 3 Issue 12
  • Linking woes

    Linking woes

    The concept of linking rivers, which dates back to the 19th century, is not a good idea, writes Darryl D’Monte, concluding that ‘India cannot afford to squander its resources so thoughtlessly’
      Posted    24-Mar-2012    Vol 3 Issue 12
  • Solar push

    Solar push

    Tamil Nadu will soon come out with a new policy on solar power to generate 3,000 MW by 2015-16, according to Natham R Viswanathan, minister for non-conventional energy development
      Posted    15-Mar-2012    Vol 3 Issue 11
  • Leopard spot

    Leopard spot

    With secret cameras spotting a snow leopard in conflict-ridden Kargil region, upbeat environmentalists are stressing the need for the conservation of the rare feline species, says Rajat Ghai
      Posted    15-Mar-2012    Vol 3 Issue 11
  • Go Green

    Go Green

    Renowned environmentalist R K Pachauri of TERI favours application of green technologies in construction of buildings to reduce operational charges by up to 30-40 percent
      Posted    12-Mar-2012    Vol 3 Issue 10
  • Mushroom mantra

    Mushroom mantra

    A Guwahati based NGO is into conservation of Deepor Beel, a Ramsar site, by training villagers in mushroom cultivation. Villagers are harvesting and selling the mushroom at Rs.100 per kilo
      Posted    10-Mar-2012    Vol 3 Issue 10
  • Homes for birds

    Homes for birds

    Will the next generation ever sight a sparrow? To help us say ‘yes, of course’, Mohammed Dilawar has been providing nest boxes to those who would like to invite the birds to their homes before they become extinct. Rama Menon checks out  
      Posted    02-Mar-2012    Vol 8 Issue 9
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