Vol 9 Issue 51, Dec 14, 2018 - Dec 20, 2018.


  • Price of Freedom

    Price of Freedom

    Nobel Peace Laureate Kailash Satyarthi's life has been made into a film titled, ‘The Price of Free’. The film is about one man's groundbreaking struggle to liberate every child possible from slavery, says Nivedita, who also spoke to Kailash 
      Posted    30-Nov-2018    Vol 9 Issue 49
  • The Final Push

    The Final Push

    At age 22, during his final days of training at Indian Military Academy, Navin Gulia met with an accident that left him in the words of doctors – permanently 100 percent disabled. But Navin refused to live by those words, says Sofia Danish Khan
      Posted    24-Nov-2018    Vol 9 Issue 48
  • Empowering the Children

    Empowering the Children

    In Punjab's industrial hub Ludhiana, industrial workers and daily-wage earners have created a library for their children by making contributions ranging from Rs 100 to Rs 5,000. Jaideep Sarin met Lakhwinder Singh, the man behind this library
      Posted    10-Nov-2018    Vol 9 Issue 46
  • This Cafe's Special

    This Cafe's Special

    Employing people who suffer from various developmental disabilities, including her own daughter, Sushama Nagarkar’s Cafe Arpan in Mumbai has gained huge popularity among patrons, many of whom have become regulars. Quaid Najmi checks out the cafe
      Posted    09-Nov-2018    Vol 9 Issue 46
  • Living like Family

    Living like Family

    Social worker Gayatri Pathak, a former journalist, understands what it is to be like an orphan in society. Having grown up in an orphanage and starting life from scratch at 18 outside of it, she is now a beacon of hope to many like her, says Anvi Mehta
      Posted    31-Oct-2018    Vol 9 Issue 44
  • Warriors of Change

    Warriors of Change

    An army of 650 youth drawn from different parts of the nation are working in remote areas across the country to ensure holistic education for the children, and to increase enrolment and reduce dropouts in government schools, says P C Vinoj Kumar
      Posted    29-Sep-2018    Vol 9 Issue 40
  • The Matka Man

    The Matka Man

    Alagarathanam Natarajan, who overcame cancer and gave up his business in Britain, has found happiness in providing water to Delhi’s poor. Every day he is out in his van to fill up the 70 matkas he has set up across the city, says Nivedita Singh
      Posted    27-Sep-2018    Vol 9 Issue 39
  • The Gold Hunter

    The Gold Hunter

    Hailing from the small town of Jalpaiguri town in North Bengal, Swapna Barman, daughter of a van rickshaw puller, became the first Indian woman to win a gold medal in the gruelling heptathlon event at the Asian Games, reports Debayan Mukherjee
      Posted    30-Aug-2018    Vol 9 Issue 35
  • One Man Army

    One Man Army

    Major Hemant Raj had got leave to visit his village in Kerala for Onam when the floods happened. His flight to Kochi from Delhi got cancelled, but like a hero he reached his drowning village and rescued hundreds of people. Archana Sharma reports
      Posted    24-Aug-2018    Vol 9 Issue 35
  • Guardians of Kanha

    Guardians of Kanha

    Tribal women of the Mukki zone at Kanha National Park are breaking conventional chains by taking over male-dominated jobs in the region. These women have turned protectors of the forest and they also drive and guide tourists, says Kushagra Dixit
      Posted    04-Aug-2018    Vol 9 Issue 32
  • Pride of Chennai

    Pride of Chennai

    Malvika Iyer was 13 when a grenade accidentally blew up in her hands, ripping her forearms and paralysing her legs. The Chennai woman is now a motivational speaker igniting hope for people with disabilities the world over, says Bhavana Akella
      Posted    21-Jul-2018    Vol 9 Issue 30
  • The Dhing Express

    The Dhing Express

    Hima Das created history by winning a gold medal at the World U20 Championships. Do you know that she switched to athletics from football only two years ago and had even demolished country liquor vends in her village Dhing... Here’s her story 
      Posted    14-Jul-2018    Vol 9 Issue 29
  • Doing Good Daily

    Doing Good Daily

    Syed Osman Azhar Maqsusi works with unflinching zeal to satiate the hunger of the needy with the slogan 'hunger has no religion' and feeds daily dozens of people including the homeless, ragpickers and labourers in Hyderabad, says Mohammed Shafeeq
      Posted    07-Jul-2018    Vol 9 Issue 28
  • Guts and Glory

    Guts and Glory

    When Shivangi Pathak decided to climb Mount Everest she was just 14. Two years later, she has become the youngest Indian woman to scale the highest peak of the Himalayas. Mudita Girotra recounts how the go-getter girl from Hisar achieved her dream
      Posted    06-Jun-2018    Vol 9 Issue 23
  • Giving a Facelift

    Giving a Facelift

    Hailing from a city, Ritu Jaiswal was shocked at the abysmal conditions in her husband’s ancestral village in Bihar. Four years later, she is now changing the face of the village as the elected Mukhiya of the gram panchayat, says Mohd Imran Khan
      Posted    26-May-2018    Vol 9 Issue 22
  • Fair and Fearless

    Fair and Fearless

    Roopa D Moudgil who exposed Sasikala’s special treatment in a Bengaluru jail is arguably the most courageous woman police officer in the country after Kiran Bedi. Usha Prasad presents both her tough and soft sides in an exclusive interaction
      Posted    11-May-2018    Vol 9 Issue 20
  • My Happy Life

    My Happy Life

    For the first time millionaire-philanthropist Meera Gandhi shares in her own words why and how she got into philanthropy and what led her to start The Giving Back Foundation that works for the less-privileged and needy people around the world
      Posted    05-May-2018    Vol 9 Issue 19
  • Giving It Back

    Giving It Back

    A former woman police officer in Karnataka who had run-in with a state minister and later quit the service has launched a political party. “I am teaching my party members how to police politicians for the good of the people”, she told Bhavana Akella
      Posted    19-Apr-2018    Vol 9 Issue 16
  • Such A Man Lives

    Such A Man Lives

    It has been The Weekend Leader’s aim to showcase real-life heroes and inspire its readers to serve the community. This year’s Person of the Year Dr. Thiruvengadam Veeraraghavan is one such human being. Award function report with photos
      Posted    20-Mar-2018    Vol 9 Issue 12
  • Walking for Women

    Walking for Women

    Eleven states, 3,600 kms and 260 days. Meet Srishti Bakshi, who is on a mission to cover the entire stretch from Kanyakumari to Kashmir -- on foot, and all alone – to create awareness about the security and social status of women in India, says Somrita Ghosh
      Posted    06-Mar-2018    Vol 9 Issue 10
  • Scrap is Gold

    Scrap is Gold

    Jai Prakash Chaudhary has come a long way from his life of poverty as a scrap collector in Delhi. Now, he is an eco-entrepreneur and heads a company that employs 70 people and generates annual revenue of over Rs 1 crore, says Sofia Danish Khan
      Posted    01-Mar-2018    Vol 9 Issue 9
  • Father of Many

    Father of Many

    Heading a Rs 1,000 crore turnover business, Mahesh Savani has organised the weddings of over 2,000 fatherless girls. Each wedding costs him around Rs 4 lakh. His father started as a labourer and became a diamond merchant later, says Deven Lad
      Posted    17-Feb-2018    Vol 9 Issue 8
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