Vol 9 Issue 47, Nov 16, 2018 - Nov 22, 2018.


  • Brave film

    Brave film

    Unlike most bio-pics that leave relatives of the protagonist fuming, Neerja Bhanot has the nod of the family of the brave Pan Am airhostess, who died saving passengers, says Jaideep Sarin  
      Posted    18-May-2015    Vol 6 Issue 20
  • Naval connection

    Naval connection

    Bollywood actress Deepti Naval wants to write stories on Kashmir. The veteran actress, whose mother has a Kashmiri Dogra lineage, tells Sheikh Qayoom that she has nothing to do with politics
      Posted    18-May-2015    Vol 6 Issue 20
  • Beyond bars

    Beyond bars

    Hulugappa Kattimani, a theatre person, and Gopal Hosur, a police officer, joined hands to let convicts have a free run with theatre. Preethi Nagaraj tells us what Sankalpa did to the prisoners and how they enriched the performing art itself
      Posted    18-May-2015    Vol 6 Issue 20
  • Looming change

    Looming change

    Designer Ritu Kumar opposes a proposal to change the Handloom Reservation Act, who has given protection to the weavers so long, telling Nivedita that the change could hit 4.4 million families
      Posted    11-May-2015    Vol 6 Issue 19
  • Skin care

    Skin care

    Food can age you, says Jamuna Pai, giving tips on dietary changes to slow down ageing. Here is an excerpt from the dermatologist’s book, ‘No One has to Know: Smart Anti-Ageing For Indian Skin’
      Posted    04-May-2015    Vol 6 Issue 18
  • Border crossing

    Border crossing

    Pakistani actress Sarwat Gilani would love to do an Indian project, film or TV. She remembers India whenever it rains in Karachi, she told Sandeep Sharma, opening up on her Indian connections
      Posted    27-Apr-2015    Vol 6 Issue 17
  • Writing right

    Writing right

    “I have witnessed injustices heaped on women just because they are women. I can empathise with their plight,” Assam’s Sahitya Kala Akademi winner Arupa Patangia Kalita tells Ranjita Biswas
      Posted    27-Apr-2015    Vol 6 Issue 17
  • Wash together

    Wash together

    Through its marketing campaign for ‘Men & Women’ washcare label, Ariel India is promoting gender neutrality and driving home the message that men should share the burden of household chores
      Posted    20-Apr-2015    Vol 6 Issue 16
  • Actors & raconteurs

    Actors & raconteurs

    By making actors narrate historical events through dance and theatre, Delhi-based group, Darwesh, has infused new life to the heritage walks that take people to the past, says Shilpa Raina 
      Posted    20-Apr-2015    Vol 6 Issue 16
  • Beautiful model

    Beautiful model

    Shirpur, once a barren town in Maharastra, now draws visitors, including global beauty queens, thanks to Amrish R Patel, who has turned it into a model town with a plethora of initiatives
      Posted    20-Apr-2015    Vol 6 Issue 16
  • For the child

    For the child

    Many modern working women press the pause button of their careers for bringing up children. Azera Parveen Rahman finds out what makes women happy watching their babies making the first step
      Posted    13-Apr-2015    Vol 6 Issue 15
  • Home school

    Home school

    The house of Ritu Abbhi, a social activist, is school for poor children in the national capital region. She started with local maids and now teaches kids to dream big, says Kirthi Jayakumar
      Posted    13-Apr-2015    Vol 6 Issue 15
  • Proving a point

    Proving a point

    Filmmaker Vidhu Vinod Chopra, whose film ‘Broken Horses’ is releasing this week, tells Radhika Bhirani that he has "proved his point" that even a Bollywood filmmaker can make a Hollywood film
      Posted    06-Apr-2015    Vol 6 Issue 14
  • Voice for change

    Voice for change

    Bhanu Priya Vyas reports on the community radio stations and finds out that they are a powerful agent of change in rural India with their focus on issues like women’s empowerment, and health 
      Posted    06-Apr-2015    Vol 6 Issue 14
  • Saving heritage

    Saving heritage

    The Qutb Shahi Tombs in Hyderabad, situated at the foot of the majestic Golconda Fort and housing several heritage structures, is all set to receive a major facelift. Mohammed Shafeeq reports 
      Posted    06-Apr-2015    Vol 6 Issue 14
  • Speaking saris

    Speaking saris

    Bespoke saris with anti-rape messages on the pallu were some of the exhibits at the arts and public health festival that showcased the creativity of Dharavi women, says Surekha Kadapa-Bose
      Posted    30-Mar-2015    Vol 6 Issue 13
  • Cow caring

    Cow caring

    A spiritual leader in Odisha is keeping 150 indigenous breeds of cows in his ashram with a view to saving them from extinction. Jatindra Dash checks out Paramahamsa Prajnanananda’s campaign
      Posted    30-Mar-2015    Vol 6 Issue 13
  • Sweat to shine

    Sweat to shine

    Unless you are passionate about your craft, you cannot stay put in Bollywood, says Katrina Kaif, in an interview to Natalia Ningthoujam, talking about her struggles, triumphs and other stars 
      Posted    23-Mar-2015    Vol 6 Issue 12
  • Star designer

    Star designer

    After a tryst with films, Tamannaah Bhatia is into jewellery design. At the Lakme Fashion Week, where she also walked the ramp, she spoke to Nivedita about her jewellery brand White and Gold
      Posted    23-Mar-2015    Vol 6 Issue 12
  • Adieu Vinod

    Adieu Vinod

    No funeral of a journalist saw such a turnout, says Saeed Naqvi, paying tributes to editor par excellence, Vinod Mehta, who is credited with the launch of a slew of publications and much more
      Posted    16-Mar-2015    Vol 6 Issue 11
  • Parking problems

    Parking problems

    Chandigarh’s three-decade-old Sunday car bazaar, which has helped many in north India own a vehicle, is in trouble as the dealers are on a collision course with authorities, says Jaideep Sarin
      Posted    16-Mar-2015    Vol 6 Issue 11
  • Flight of fantasy

    Flight of fantasy

    A bakery worker’s daughter, Syeda Salva Fatima pursued her dream and became the first Muslim woman in India to get a pilot’s licence. But for a job she needs more training, which she’s determined to undergo despite odds, says Mohammed Shafeeq
      Posted    16-Mar-2015    Vol 6 Issue 11
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