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Storming celluloid

Infusing life into popular Hindi music by giving it a Bollywood spin has now become a trend, says Natalia Ningthoujam, reeling out a list of the songs that have made it to some recent films

White revolution

National Dairy Development Board is helping a million farmers in 15 states by enabling them make a profit of Rs 15 to 20 in a litre of milk, its chairman T Nanda Kumar tells Nityanand Shukla

Cinema city

Historians have nothing to dig in Chandigarh. But Bollywood has been finding heroes in the relatively new city. ‘Neerja’ is the third film inspired by someone from there, says Jaideep Sarin

View from above

Taking her first paramotor ride over Guwahati, Natalia Ningthoujam turns nostalgic. She was in the city after 20 years for a cultural festival and notes that two good things have not changed

Moving kitchens

Street food is staging a comeback in Kerala after a lull, says Sanu George, who finds the modern van-turned-kitchen to be clean with facilities ensuring that the food is cheap and hygienic  

Firm child

One thing that the civilized world admires in Irom Sharmila is her refusal to give up the fight. Even as a child she was very firm, says a book on her by Anubha Bhonsle. Here is an excerpt

Cure all

Since nearly 18 % of India’s rural population has no access to health care now, experts explore the underlying challenges of delivering on the promise of “health for all”, says Vivek Ratnakar

Rural service

Giving up a corporate job, Sanchaita Gajapati Raju - activist, lawyer, political scientist and filmmaker - works in villages. Clean drinking water and sanitation are her priorities, she says

Intriguing palace

Umaid Bhawan Palace in Jodhpur, which is now a Taj group property, has been named the best hotel. Head there to revel in the luxury of a bygone era and have a royal feel, says Somrita Ghosh

Sweet Punjab

On the highways of Punjab, motorists stop at places where local farmers make fresh jaggery or gur and also shakkar (powdered gur), says Jaideep Sarin capturing the season’s taste and flavour

Embers of cloth

Despite modern heating gadgets flooding the market, Kashmiris still use Kangri, which is an earthen pot filled with red-hot charcoal. They even carry it inside their dress, says Shamshad Ali

Saviour CM

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav is winning hearts. In the latest, he got a surgery done on a four-year-old girl to remove a football size tumour from her head, says Mohit Dubey

A new life

The way women of Rajnat clan in Rajasthan’s Bandersindri village gave up their traditional sex work to turn a new leaf in life and also their men stopped pimping was amazing says Abha Sharma

Sporting year

The New Year promises to offer a feast to sports lovers as 2016 unfolds. Ajeyo Basu unveils a potentially interesting calendar of sporting events at various arenas to keep Indians enthralled

Must-see palace

Vadodara’s Lukshmi Vilas Palace is a magnificent blend of ideas carved in stone, says Azera Parveen Rahman, adding that it will not leave the visitors’ mind long after they leave the premises

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