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Aged Mahal

Agra is turning into a pensioner’s paradise as its laid back lifestyle is more suitable to the aged, says Brij Khandelwal, attributing it to the trend of the youth fleeing to greener pastures

Saving girls

In this home for sex workers’ daughters, the girls are trained on what they want and are good at. It’s to ensure that they don’t go back to their mothers’ profession, says Surekha Kadapa-Bose

Jewels, naturally

Beyond diamonds and gold, women are now designing and also wearing jewellery made of natural materials, says Surekha Kadapa-Bose, throwing light on the trend and the market with some tips   

Home cure

Care of the elderly or terminally ill at home comes with the added benefit of speedy recovery besides low cost. Prashant Kumar finds the efficient service of Health Care At Home India laudable

One for family

The Ajman Palace Hotel in UAE is a five star property that is halal-friendly. The alcohol-free, family focused hotel is much sought mainly for holding all-women parties, says Jaideep Sarin

Tribal tourism

The Odisha government plans to lift the restrictions imposed on the visit of foreign tourists to certain tribal pockets in the State by introducing fresh guidelines, reports Chinmaya Dehury  

Refreshing drink

One of Hyderabad’s well-kept secrets could be the Arabic ghava that you could get in Barkas, an area in the old city known for its strong roots with the Arab countries, says Mohammed Shafeeq 

The family club

Aparajita Gupta captures the essence of what Peter Leach and Tatwamasi Dixit have discussed in their book ‘Indian Family Business Mantras,’ which analyses some top Indian family-run businesses

Star power

The era of supermodels in India is long gone, feels Neha Dhupia. The former Miss India, model-turned-actress points out that models are smitten with the glitz and glamour of the silver screen

Unhappy times

Is the present generation, with all its snazzy gadgets and modern comforts, an unhappy lot? So says a new study that found that both men and women in 30s were lot happier in 1970s than today

Like Beatle child

Inspired by Stella McCartney, British designer and daughter of Paul McCartney of The Beatles, Indian fashionistas are now going for eco-friendly fabrics. Surekha Kadapa-Bose checks it out

Aging bravely

I want to enjoy a healthy, productive, and, yes, pleasurable life as long as possible, says Elayne Clift, commenting on longevity and marveling at those stretching themselves to the maximum

India and UN

Illustrating the arm-in-arm journey of India and United Nations, Asoke Kumar Mukerjee has brought out a 374-page pictorial book, chronicling events that shaped their history, says Arul Louis

Exploring Ganga

After an adventurous trip to the South Pole, Norwegian Liv Arnesen is now on a 60-day, 2,525 km expedition along River Ganges with Ann Bancroft and five other women from different continents

Under water

The latest fitness fad that is gaining popularity is aqua aerobics, which is emerging as a counter to the ill effects of stress and modern life-style diseases like diabetics, says Ankit Sinha

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