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Beri ambitious

Ace fashion designer Ritu Beri, in her new role as advisor to Khadi and Village Industries Commission, vows to give a makeover to the ‘grand fabric of India’ and turn it into a global fabric

Easy rides

Residents of Delhi should be happy that the motorcycle taxi has just come to their city. Porisma Pompi Gogoi finds out that the odd-even rule will not be applicable to the cabs on two-wheels

In hot waters

Finding nature’s ability to surprise in Peru’s steaming hot river, Andres Ruzo brings out a book based on explorations for such wonders. Vikas Datta gives us a rundown of ‘The Boiling River’

Backroom girls

Women’s role before movie cameras has been well known but what about the backroom girls? Manoj Panjani tells us that the tradition of woman working behind scenes dates back to the silent era

Stress warning

Physical and emotional stress cause a slew of health conditions like diabetes, blood pressure, weight gain, says Vivek Singh Chauhan, stressing on a need for life-style change and chill outs

Mind changers

A musician and theatre artiste in Kerala was arrested and beaten by police because of his long hair. His group, Oorali, is now fighting stereotyping of people based on looks, says Ankit Sinha

Words to pix

Acclaimed writer William Dalrymple, who has published a collection of his photographs as book, ‘The Writer’s Eye’, tells Mudita Girotra that writing is intellectual and photography emotional

Summer care

Cosmetologist Preethi Seth identifies a handful of kitchen material that can prevent one from getting tanned this scorching summer. You can try these easy remedies at the comfort of your home

A stylist's take

Tamil actor Vijay sports three looks in his next film ‘Theri’, says his designer and stylist Komal Shahani, who feels that the star has the ability to easily mould into any look with panache

Next challenge

After attacking alcohol by enforcing a partial prohibition, Bihar government is now all set to attack alcoholism. It has set up 39 de-addiction centres with qualified doctors, says Imran Khan

Radioing change

Using community radio, activists in remote villages are ushering in changes. In Odisha the fight was against an age-old taboo not letting women to enter betel vine fields, says Ankush Vats

Taste of India

Tickling Ghanaian taste buds with Indian cuisine is Surinder Kaur Cheema who went to help her farmer husband in 1974. Now she owns restaurants and caters to diplomats, says Francis Kokutse

Out of fashion

A designer for 25 years, Rohit Bal laments that fun has gone out of fashion, turning it ruthless and competitive. "Everything has changed. I've seen it all happen and start,’ he told Nivedita

Healer robots

Robotic surgeries, which are popular in India with 30 health facilities performing 4000 high-end procedures in 2015 alone, should be taken to the masses by governments, says Nishant Arora  

Exodus dammed

A NGO’s effort to build dams in a rain shadow region in Maharashtra stopped the annual exodus of people in search of livelihood elsewhere. Sameena Dalwai tells the Manndeshi success story

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