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Food challenges

Though pulses, millets and a host of other crops that were once treated as orphans have been adopted to combat hunger, feeding everyone on earth remains a global challenge, says Kevin Tiessen

Prison play

Multi-faceted dancer Alokananda Roy uses arts, especially traditional dance and music, to change lives. Sujit Bhar reports on how she has harnessed the histrionic talents of prison convicts

Digital revolution

An educative initiative using internet has transformed the lives of women in Rajasthan’s Dholpur district, helping them gain knowledge and also raise their social status, says Somrita Ghosh

Nostalgic ride

A last vestige of colonial era, an antique train with wooden coaches still chugs on India’s only private railway line in Maharashtra. Narendra Kaushik traces the journey of Shakuntala Express

War memorial

To keep alive memories of the 1971 Liberation War of Bangladesh, the Tripura government has built a park, Bharat-Bangladesh Maitri Udyan that also has a war museum. Sujit Chakraborty reports

Banking on future

Former banker Naina Lal Kidwai envisages the banking system emerging strong from the crisis triggered by bad loans and bad exposures like Kingfisher episode, in an interview to Meghna Mittal

Balladeer's wail

Pure art is not being attempted anywhere, says singer Rabbi Shergill to Sugandha Rawal. The urban balladeer, who shot to fame with “Bulla ki jaana”, laments art being replaced by entertainment

People's officers

Changing public perceptions about IAS officers, young bureaucrats in Uttar Pradesh are charting a new course by reaching out to the common people and solving their problems, says Mohit Dubey

Just desserts

Chef Namrata Sanwal has come up with a menu for The Park to help food aficionados indulge in fruity delights that will serve as coolers with the mercury continuing to soar, says Ankit Sinha

Street songs

The video, The Roadside Ustaad, which has gone viral, runs for just six minutes. But to shoot it, Sonu Nigam, dressed as an old man in shoddy clothes, played on Mumbai streets for many hours

Savour history

A visit to Thailand, too, can give you the pleasure of sovouring history.  World Heritage site Ayutthaya, 80 km from Bangkok, was a global centre of economics and trade, says Aroonim Bhuyan

Knowledge link

Barefoot health workers in Uttar Pradesh turned life coaches, guiding families on a range of issues by gaining knowledge from experts and sharing their experience with them, says Mehru Jaffer

Save for ever

Your wedding outfit needs to be preserved to keep memories alive. Designer Lalit Dalmia gives you tips on how to go about it, starting with dry cleaning the dress immediately after the event

To cut or not

The crisis-ridden realty sector is in the horns of a dilemma: to cut prices or not. Vinod Behl analyses the piquant situation and says that sales will gain momentum with the prices firming up

Save Mahseer

Now it is fish conservation. The Himachal Pradesh government has launched a scheme to save the golden mahseer, which is hunted for sport and food, from going extinct. Vishal Gulati reports

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