Vol 11 Issue 14, Apr 03, 2020 - Apr 09, 2020.


  • COVID-19: The Contrarian View

    COVID-19: The Contrarian View

    Coronavirus has killed about 40,000 in four months, while the common flu claims about 39,000 lives every month, says Prof Ujjwal K Chowdhury analysing COVID-19 and concludes that in India lockdown deaths may compete favourably with Corona deaths
      Posted    01-Apr-2020    Vol 11 Issue 13
  • Model village

    Model village

    Panju Island, about 15 km north of Mumbai, becomes the first island in the world to go into 'self-quarantine' in a bid to combat Coronavirus. The village has stopped all fishing, farming, community and religious activities since Sunday
      Posted    24-Mar-2020    Vol 11 Issue 12
  • Catching ‘em young

    Catching ‘em young

    A mechanical engineer who ditched his high flying job in the US to start Payir, an NGO, to help rural communities get a better deal, inspired over 1000 students of the Mahatma Montessori Schools through The Weekend Leader’s ‘Be The Change’ event
      Posted    25-Nov-2019    Vol 10 Issue 47
  • Mecca of Polo

    Mecca of Polo

    The northeast state of Manipur is considered the birthplace of modern polo and has the world’s oldest living polo ground. Here, the game is played on the original Manipuri pony, and now the state’s women are taking to the sport, says Vishav
      Posted    30-Mar-2019    Vol 10 Issue 13
  • My Beautiful Reflections

    My Beautiful Reflections

    Model and web series actor Ananya Dutta loves to express herself on Facebook. Her posts reflect her take on life, which might sound outlandish at times, but often also provide food for thought and philosophical insights on everyday situations
      Posted    11-Jan-2019    Vol 10 Issue 2
  • Empowering the Tribes

    Empowering the Tribes

    Tribal children are learning from picture books and computers at a school located inside the Kanha Tiger Reserve. The school functions out of a forest officer’s bungalow and the teachers are all wives of forest officers, says Kushagra Dixit
      Posted    22-Dec-2018    Vol 9 Issue 52
  • Trends of Fashion

    Trends of Fashion

    Ace designer Ritu Beri opines that the Indian fashion design scene is going through an interesting time. She feels that the luxury consumers in the country are becoming more travelled, more discerning and more demanding than ever before, says Nivedita
      Posted    23-Nov-2018    Vol 9 Issue 48
  • An Immortal Entertainer

    An Immortal Entertainer

    Stan Lee started his career as an office boy in 1939 at Timely Comics, a company which would later take the form of Marvel. He might have gone, but the superheroes he created with strokes of his imagination will live on forever, says Sugandha Rawal
      Posted    16-Nov-2018    Vol 9 Issue 47
  • Challenge to Biryani

    Challenge to Biryani

    Tamil Nadu’s Dindigul town is famous for biryani and some of the hotels in the town serve the best biryani in the country. But M S Mathivanan discovers a small eatery in the town that serves some delicious non-vegetarian and vegetarian dishes
      Posted    27-Oct-2018    Vol 9 Issue 44
  • More to Conquer

    More to Conquer

    Gautam Gambhir, who stepped down as captain of the Delhi Daredevils team midway into the last IPL tournament, is in no mood to hang up his boots. There is a vacuum and there is always something more to achieve in life, he told Durga Chakravarty
      Posted    19-Oct-2018    Vol 9 Issue 43
  • Techy Cotton Farmers

    Techy Cotton Farmers

    Farmers are able to activate their water pumps from anywhere using the ‘cotton doctor’ app on their phones. Nitin Jugran Bahuguna finds out how the app is helping farmers like Nivrutti Ghule to monitor weather, save water and deal with pest attacks
      Posted    05-Oct-2018    Vol 9 Issue 41
  • Schools of Excellence

    Schools of Excellence

    The Delhi government is transforming government schools on a par with private schools. Even the children of rickshawpullers are receiving quality education thanks to the vastly improved infrastructure and modern teaching methods, says Nivedita Singh
      Posted    08-Sep-2018    Vol 9 Issue 37
  • Dance like a Pro

    Dance like a Pro

    Women in the family of Kathak legend Birju Maharaj learned the dance form and performed within the household but were not encouraged to take it up professionally, until Mamta, Biju’s daughter, broke the tradition to the delight of all. Siddhi Jain tells her story
      Posted    10-Aug-2018    Vol 9 Issue 33
  • Sculpting a Hill

    Sculpting a Hill

    Chitta Dey’s three-decade labour of love is transforming an entire hill in West Bengal into a giant bas relief and a tourist hotspot. The ‘crazy’ sculptor has trained local youth in rock carving and they are working with him, says Gurvinder Singh
      Posted    20-Apr-2018    Vol 9 Issue 17
  • Living in Unity

    Living in Unity

    Al Khair Society, run by a group of educated Muslims in Patna, has provided interest-free loans of more than Rs 50 crore to nearly 20,000 people - about half of them Hindus- who are mostly small traders and roadside shopkeepers, says Imran Khan
      Posted    16-Apr-2018    Vol 9 Issue 16
  • Indore’s Iron Lady

    Indore’s Iron Lady

    Indore Mayor Malini Gaur has made her city as the cleanest in India in just two years. The city had a low ranking of 180 in 2015, but Malini undertook exemplary measures withstanding all resistance to achieve the feat, says Manish Gupta
      Posted    08-Mar-2018    Vol 9 Issue 10
  • Under the Glare

    Under the Glare

    A video of Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s 17-year-old daughter Suhana being surrounded by shutterbugs as she was waiting to take an elevator went viral recently. Radhika Bhirani finds out what it means to be a celebrity kid in India today
      Posted    06-Jul-2017    Vol 8 Issue 22
  • Road show

    Road show

    In Kolkata, Ashok Gupta, a traffic marshal from a private security company has won the love and affection of people for his innovative dancing poses while directing vehicles near Gate No. 4 at Rajarhat's Eco Tourism Park, says Milinda Ghosh Roy
      Posted    14-Jun-2017    Vol 8 Issue 22
  • Champion's talk

    Champion's talk

    India’s 1983 World Cup hero, Kapil Dev, opens up on India’s chances at the upcoming ICC Champions Trophy in England, where Virat Kholi will be captaining the Indian cricket team which will take on arch-rivals Pakistan in its opening game 
      Posted    20-May-2017    Vol 8 Issue 21
  • Hunger for change

    Hunger for change

    For Santosh Muruganantham, the founder of Kolapasi, a food startup in Chennai, water is not a commodity to be sold at his outlets. The alternative is a unique initiative that is getting the attention of his customers, reports Ashwini Anish
      Posted    10-Apr-2017    Vol 8 Issue 15
  • Paint and relax

    Paint and relax

    An art studio in Delhi is welcoming people to get rejuvenated through art therapy. At ‘The Art Hub’ one can relax and engage in happy art works in a playful environment under the guidance of experts, its founder Bhavna Minocha told Saket Suman
      Posted    30-Mar-2017    Vol 8 Issue 13
  • Living to Explore

    Living to Explore

    Chow Ujjal Namshum and his cousins are setting the pace for budding off-roaders in northeast India. Ujjal spoke about his passion for off-roading and told Tajinder Bains, “You can’t waste your time sitting only in office. You live only once.”
      Posted    25-Feb-2017    Vol 8 Issue 9
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