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Thankfully airlines haven't yet started charging extra for emotional baggage: Ananya Dutta

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Vol 10 | Issue 2

Model, actor, and theatre artiste Ananya Dutta loves to express herself on Facebook. Her posts reflect her take on life, which might sound outlandish at times, but often also provide food for thought and deeply philosophical insights on everyday situations.

“My Facebook posts are just random thoughts,” says Ananya, who has featured in more than 130 advertisements, which include both print and television commercials. “I have no agenda, I am not supporting any cause nor do I air any political views.”

Ananya Dutta is a model, theatre artiste and web series actor (Photo: Humayun Peerzaada)

Ananya is now busy acting in a few web series. Last year, the Mumbai based model acted in Bharat Dhabolkar’s play ‘That’s My Girl’. An English graduate from Loreto College, Kolkata, Ananya’s posts are a delightful play on words, laced with wit and self deprecating humour.

The Weekend Leader brings you a compilation of her most recent posts on Facebook.

"Thankfully airlines haven't yet started charging extra for emotional baggage".

"Netflix is the new bedtime storybook."

"There is another name for overconfidence. It's called arrogance."

"Today's wound is tomorrow's wisdom."

"Even Santa comes with a clause."

"Why isn't everything as easy as getting fat?"

"Courage is what you feel not because you have no Fear... but in spite of it."

"Whatever the clothes... attitude is the perfect accessory."

"Never underestimate the power of make up. It can clean up your wallet in no time."

"At the end of every thanksgiving meal there is a treadmill."

"Ladies may your IQ be as high as your hemline but never as low as your neckline."

"Being a freelancer does not mean you will work for free."

"Facebook is the new morning newspaper."

"How many times annually do we Indians wish each other happy new year?"

"Dear coffee... be strong."

"Have you decided what to wear while you surf the pics of the deepika-ranveer wedding?"

Ananya on Facebook

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