Vol 11 Issue 8, Feb 21, 2020 - Feb 27, 2020.


  • Refusing to be a victim

    Refusing to be a victim

    It would have been the end for any girl sold into the sex trade. Not for Nikita. Santosh Narayan meets the young campaigner against child trafficking, who refused to take things lying down 
      Posted    24-Sep-2010    Vol 1 Issue 4
  • Giving teeth to rights

    Giving teeth to rights

    He cut his teeth in social activism while getting trained as a dentist. Now, Raja Muzaffar Bhat helps the people of Kashmir through his RTI movement. Jehangir Rashid finds out how he does it.
      Posted    10-Sep-2010    Vol 1 Issue 2
  • Never say die

    Never say die

    Anyone with a conscience will like to meet her. Partho Burman did that and found that the gritty sister of Safdar Hashmi has no plans to retire until she ushers in communal harmony in Gujarat.
      Posted    27-Aug-2010    Vol 0 Issue 0
  • Tuesday, February 25, 2020