Vol 8 Issue 21, May 19, 2017 - May 25, 2017.


  • Passion pursuit

    Passion pursuit

    Pursuing a passion as occupation is now common, finds out R V Rajan, who disapproves of a woman resenting her son not taking an engineer’s job though he earns well as musician
      Posted    16 Aug 2014    Vol Issue
  • Looking back

    Looking back

    As an Indian spacecraft zooms to Mars, Sam Rajappa recounts a story of sabotage aimed at stalling cryogenic research, which cost some scientists their careers and reputation
      Posted    16-Nov-2013    Vol Issue
  • Opening up

    Opening up

    Closing the heavy glass door behind, to join the dancing girls, opens a world of fantasy, colour music and rhythm which is a getaway from the mundane for Saborna Roychowdhury
      Posted    25-Apr-2013    Vol Issue
  • Get ‘em right

    Get ‘em right

    How does one make New Year resolutions count? Giving tips for keeping the resolutions for 2013, Roopleen Prasad says, ‘New Year is the best time to turn over a new leaf in life’
      Posted    04-Jan-2013    Vol Issue
  • It’s time

    It’s time

    Managing time is more crucial in today’s world, says Roopleen Prasad, giving tips on ways to go about it while quoting famous personalities who had something to say about time
      Posted    07-Dec-2012    Vol Issue
  • Don’t clutter

    Don’t clutter

    Being organised and systematic is a must to succeed, says Roopleen Prasad, whose tips for accomplishing tasks are: First, de-clutter and plan, and never take up tasks in random
      Posted    02-Nov-2012    Vol Issue
  • Take charge

    Take charge

    To do amazing things in life and accomplish goals, you have to be proactive and take responsibility of your life, says Roopleen Prasad, giving valuable tips for making it big
      Posted    05-Oct-2012    Vol Issue
  • Saying it when it matters

    Saying it when it matters

    Whenever D Om Prakash misses his mom, he remembers the day he held her hand and said, “Ma, we all love you very much.” Don’t hold back love. Say it when it matters, he says    
      Posted    21-Sep-2012    Vol Issue
  • Wise man from East

    Wise man from East

    East should develop its concepts and scales in assessing customer services, says M J Xavier who debunked a research finding that companies in the West are more market oriented
      Posted    07-Sep-2012    Vol Issue
  • Green check

    Green check

    Sunita Narain calls the bluff of govt agencies that blame environmentalists for holding up development. Her research shows projects are being cleared in a hurry and targets have been surpassed
      Posted    01-Nov-2011    Vol Issue
  • It’s the attitude

    It’s the attitude

    What distinguishes the winner and the loser? Attitude, says Roopleen Prasad, giving you tips on adopting the right attitude, quoting successful people, including Khalil Gibran  
      Posted    27-Oct-2011    Vol Issue
  • Honey to all

    Honey to all

    Taking a cue from his mom’s adage that honey gets more flies, Samuel Eddy turns polite with everyone around for a week and watches his world transforming into a better place  
      Posted    20-Oct-2011    Vol Issue
  • Just do it

    Just do it

    If you are bogged down by self-doubt as you aspire for higher things in life, let Roopleen Prasad guide you through the road to success. But, before starting, believe in you 
      Posted    13-Oct-2011    Vol Issue
  • Mixie Grinder TV

    Mixie Grinder TV

    We are introducing an occasional column ‘Mixie-Grinder TV’, which is a spoof on events that make headlines in the national media. In the inaugural column, we have an interview with Anna Hazare
      Posted    10-Oct-2011    Vol Issue
  • Say no to greed

    Say no to greed

    Anil K Rajvanshi takes a philosophical path to explore the roots of corruption and says we need to be less greedy and follow the maxim of simple living and high thinking to curb the menace  
      Posted    08-Oct-2011    Vol Issue
  • Just do it!

    Just do it!

    The Middle Class has been lulled into complacency by Team Anna Hazare, which has promised to change India with its magical Jan Lokpal bill. Sutanu Guru offers 6 practical suggestions instead
      Posted    03 Oct 2011    Vol Issue
  • Green tips

    Green tips

    ‘Get under the shower with your spouse’ is just one of 21 different tips that Samuel Eddy offers to transform you into an eco friendly person in 21 days flat if you are ready to give it a shot
      Posted    30-Sep-2011    Vol Issue
  • Know your need

    Know your need

    You can reach your destination only if you know where you want to go, says Roopleen Prasad, offering tips on setting goals and achieving them. But then, you have to start now
      Posted    29-Sep-2011    Vol Issue
  • Lessons from the blast

    Lessons from the blast

    Retired Military Intelligence officer of the Indian Army, Col. R Hariharan takes an objective view of the Delhi blast, and wonders why there is delay in setting up the National Intelligence Grid
      Posted    08-Sep-2011    Vol Issue
  • Dealing dilemmas

    Dealing dilemmas

    Are you perpetually bogged down by the ‘to do this or that’ dilemma? Revathi Turaga offers tips to deal with the situation if you have no time to take a decision on your own
      Posted    25-Aug-2011    Vol Issue
  • Look within you

    Look within you

    Confidence lurks within you. But it has to be systematically harnessed for maximum benefit. Revathi Turaga has 10 simple tips to enjoy hot brewing cups of instant confidence
      Posted    12-Aug-2011    Vol Issue
  • Stress out stress

    Stress out stress

    Coming up with unique five-step technique to bust the six word killer, ‘stress’, Revathi Turaga guides you towards a path of happiness and helps discover ways to beat worry
      Posted    29-Jul-2011    Vol Issue
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