Vol 9 Issue 43, Oct 19, 2018 - Oct 25, 2018.


  • Scare and sell

    Scare and sell

    As fear and insecurity play a vital role in influencing buying habits, cosmetic sellers have created a scare among people through mass media to promote their beauty products, rather unfairly
      Posted    27-Jul-2012    Vol 3 Issue 30
  •  Devils in deep sea

    Devils in deep sea

    The US Navy shooting at Tamil Nadu fishermen, who went to the Gulf to escape the Sri Lankan Navy, should wake up New Delhi to the future of six million Indians in West Asia, says Sam Rajappa
      Posted    27-Jul-2012    Vol 3 Issue 30
  • Young Greens

    Young Greens

    At a workshop on ‘Trends in Green buildings’, budding architects vowed to advocate green architecture. Giving them insight and tips were experts, who endorsed The Weekend Leader’s mission to take the movement to the masses, says Radhika Giri
      Posted    27-Jul-2012    Vol 3 Issue 30
  • Toxic veggies

    Toxic veggies

    The soft, shiny red tomatoes or the green leafy veggies might be tempting to the eyes, but there lies something sinister beneath - a toxic concoction of hazardous chemicals, says Sahana Ghosh
      Posted    26-Jul-2012    Vol 3 Issue 29
  • Go back!

    Go back!

    Jayalalithaa champions Tamil cause and accuses centre of showing "disrespect" to the sentiments of the Tamils by training Sri Lankan defence personnel and allowing them to visit Tamil Nadu
      Posted    16-Jul-2012    Vol 3 Issue 28
  • A director's cause

    A director's cause

    Director Zoya Akhtar has made a breast cancer awareness advertisement film featuring topnotch Bollywood stars Arjun Rampal, Farhan Akhtar, Ranbir Kapoor, Shahid Kapoor and Abhay Deol
      Posted    12-Jul-2012    Vol 3 Issue 27
  • A killer story

    A killer story

    Sri Lanka’s defence secretary and brother of President Mahinda Rajapaksa, Gotabaya, allegedly threatened Frederica Jansz, Editor of The Sunday Leader, while giving her an interview
      Posted    09-Jul-2012    Vol 3 Issue 27
  • Lanka watch

    Lanka watch

    The continuing human rights violations in Sri Lanka, particularly the muzzling of the media through intimidation, has been flayed by Human Rights Watch, which lists incidents of harassment  
      Posted    06-Jul-2012    Vol 3 Issue 27
  • Facing the music

    Facing the music

    Tamil Nadu based May 17 Movement has urged singer Hariharan of the popular band ‘Colonial Cousins’ to boycott a music concert organized by the Sri Lankan government on July 7 at Colombo
      Posted    05-Jul-2012    Vol 3 Issue 26
  • Race to Raisina

    Race to Raisina

    Revealing little known details of Presidential candidate Pranab Mukherjee, including his role during the Emergency, Sam Rajappa examines the chances of his Raisina Hill dream crashing
      Posted    03-Jul-2012    Vol 3 Issue 26
  • Right to (op)press

    Right to (op)press

    Sri Lanka continues its repressive policies against the media despite growing world attention to its human rights violations. It has blocked 5 Tamil news portals and arrested journalists
      Posted    02-Jul-2012    Vol 3 Issue 26
  • Clean India

    Clean India

    One of India's biggest curses - the practice of open defecation - will be abolished in 10 years, and Sikkim will be the first state do so, says Union Rural Development Minister Jairam Ramesh
      Posted    30-Jun-2012    Vol 3 Issue 26
  • Warrior spirit

    Warrior spirit

    Mayank Singh brings us the harrowing tales of the plight of ex-servicemen in our country, some of whom are engaged in a battle against a system that even denies them their rightful pension
      Posted    29-Jun-2012    Vol 3 Issue 26
  • Just inhuman

    Just inhuman

    Not only does manual scavenging goes on, sewer workers get no safety gear. At least 45 of them die every year in Delhi as others suffer ailments doing the dehumanizing job, says Prathiba Raju  
      Posted    29-Jun-2012    Vol 3 Issue 26
  • Quiet resistance

    Quiet resistance

    There is a silent emergency prevailing in India today. The State that accuses us of waging war against it is indeed waging a war against its own people, writes S P Udayakumar from Kudankulam
      Posted    27-Jun-2012    Vol 3 Issue 25
  • Fight for hygiene

    Fight for hygiene

    Bio toilets that use bacteria for safe disposal of human excreta, which was developed by the DRDO for soldiers posted in high altitudes, will now be introduced in Indian villages
      Posted    25-Jun-2012    Vol 3 Issue 25
  • Breach of contract

    Breach of contract

    It has now come to light that the Russian made reactor pressure vessel fitted at the Kudankulam nuclear plant is an obsolete, unsafe model with welds in the core region, says Sam Rajappa
      Posted    23-Jun-2012    Vol 3 Issue 25
  • Green trend

    Green trend

    More and more people are now going for environment-friendly interiors as there is a growing awareness on depleting natural resources and global warming. Azera Parveen Rahman tracks the trend  
      Posted    22-Jun-2012    Vol 3 Issue 25
  • Much to millets

    Much to millets

    Do not be dependent on rice and wheat for your staple diet but switch to millets to address food security and climate change, says      P V Satheesh, who has a scary forecast for the agri sector
      Posted    22-Jun-2012    Vol 3 Issue 25
  • Cartel tycoons

    Cartel tycoons

    In a major move aimed at cracking down on the cement cartel that holds the construction industry to ransom, penalties amounting to over Rs.6000 crore have been slapped on 11 cement companies
      Posted    22-Jun-2012    Vol 3 Issue 24
  • Ideas of autonomy

    Ideas of autonomy

    Why have the suggestions for re-distributing authority within J&K raised hackles, when the Indian nation-state has seen so many redrawing of lines to resolve conflicts, asks Swarna Rajagopalan
      Posted    14-Jun-2012    Vol 3 Issue 24
  • Ray of hope

    Ray of hope

    Group of Ministers clears a German company’s proposal to dispose of the toxic waste from the Union Carbide plant in Bhopal, but activists want Dow Chemicals to foot the bill, says Moyna
      Posted    14-Jun-2012    Vol 3 Issue 24
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