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Tiger grower

Bringing back the roar to Panna Tiger Reserve, which had no wild cat prowling in 2009, was a task cut out for R S Murthy. Akash Bisht tells the story of how the IFS officer raised the tiger count at the park from zero to 17 in just 2 years

A mariner's tale

Lt. Commander Abhilash Tomy, is set to circumnavigate the globe solo, without dropping anchor once, to become the first Indian to do the 22,000-nautical mile journey, says Mayank Singh

Doctor is in

Ever since he started practice in the 1960s, Shyama Prasad Mukherjee has been charging just Rs 5 as consultation fee. Now at the age of 75, every day he sees up to 50 poor patients, who come from all over Jharkhand, says Kavita Kanan Chandra

Battling the guns

Binalakshmi Nepram, founder of the Manipur Women Gun Survivors Network, works with women family members of victims of violence and helps them stand on their feet

Heroes in trouble

Two students in a school in Assam who had received the National Bravery Award for nabbing a militant who had killed their teacher are now barely making ends meet as daily wage earners

The challenger

Visually challenged Ratna Ala’s effective use of the RTI Act has shed light on bogus voters in his locality in Rajkot district of Gujarat and also brought good roads to his village, Rangpar

Teacher kid

The BBC once described Babar Ali as the youngest headmaster. The founder of Anand Shiksha Niketan, having 800 students on the rolls now, was 9 years when he started teaching 8 of his friends. Kavita Kanan Chandra profiles Ali, now in college

A young hero

A 19-year-old’s crusade against irregularities in the fair price shop at his village in Gujarat resulted in all fair price shops in the State coming under the ambit of the RTI Act

Hospital for hope

US-born Indian actress Melanie Kannokada, seen as Seeta McKinsey in ‘Love, Lies & Seeta,’ talks about her pet cause - constructing a hospital in Jharkhand for 1,00,000 villagers

Motherly courage

A poor woman picks up an infant abandoned by her parents and brings her up despite being thrown out by her husband. Nirmala was one of the 17 such persons honoured by an NGO, says Alka Pande

Woman of steel

Sonia Narang, an IPS officer in Karnataka, has proved that she can take up any assignment. Anita Chinnappal meets the ‘woman super cop’, who is known more for her courage and forthrightness

Oh Bai! What a woman

Helping tribal people like her regain their lost land is Guddi Bai’s mission. It did not matter that she lost her dad when she was one year old and her hubby when she was 26, says Raju Kumar

Healers on sail

For marginalized people in remote islands surrounded by the waters of Brahmaputra, health care comes sailing. Azera Parveen Rahman finds out how boat clinics reach out to the sick and needy

A role model

For local girls, Shama Khan is the role model. The 28-year-old panchayat chief strives to provide what is scarce in Thar: Water and woman’s education. Due to her efforts, enrolment has gone up from 550 to 6,550 in two years, says Renu Rakesh

An ace

Tennis champ Sania Mirza shows remarkable courage in speaking her mind on the treatment meted out to her by AITA in forcing her to partner Leander in the mixed doubles event at the Olympics

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