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Appeal for restraint

Greenpeace and Amnesty International have condemned the TN government’s use of force on anti-nuclear power plant protestors that has left one dead and several others injured

Lathis in Kudankulam

TN police launch crack down on beach protestors near the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant, using canes and tear gas shells. Udayakumar and other leaders said to have escaped in boats

Beached firmly

Thousands of protestors spend the night at the beach close to the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant braving chilly winds as the People's Movement Against Nuclear Energy ups the ante

Sanchi showdown

With tempers running high in TN over the Lankan President Rajapaksa’s Indian visit, BJP and Congress leaders in the State are distancing themselves from the Sanchi show, says Radhika Giri

On kids' laps

Walter Bender, co-founder of ‘One Laptop Per Child’, has realized his dream with his initiative doing wonders at a rural school in Maharastra. Mauli Buch reports on the success of the project

Malaysian Eelamist

Support for Eelam is felt even in Malaysia, where M Kulasegaran leads the Tamils. In an interview to Paul Newman, the MP says that he will work towards the Tamil Right to Self Determination

Time for action

Recent protests in Tamil Nadu against the racist regime of Sri Lanka have had the desired effect in putting the spotlight on the war crimes of President Mahinda Rajapaksa, says P C Vinoj Kumar

No smooth gel!

The full-page ads and TV spots promising to make women feel like a virgin with a tight vagina have led to outrage, prompting a furious debate among feminists and health professionals

IIT goes berserk

The standoff between the Chennai media and the IIT academics makes one wonder if academics too can behave like thugs. Worse than a professor beating up a photographer, the institute backs him

Ready for challenge

Dalit women elected representatives are set to play a more assertive role as the likes of Kiran Devi are beginning to challenge the atrocities of the upper castes, says Swapna Majumdar

Messenger on trees

Brikesh Singh has built a tree house inside the buffer zone of the Tadoba tiger reserve in Maharashtra where he plans to stay for a month with his laptop for a green cause, says Mauli Buch

Sharing a vision

By reporting developments in the project of Rotary International District 3230, which will see each of its 117 clubs adopting a village, The Weekender Leader hopes to inspire readers to contribute their mite to society, says P C Vinoj Kumar

Consumer is king

Lufthansa is penalized for a non-transparent promotional scheme that left an Indian couple stranded in the US for days, forcing them to return home on another airline at their own cost

Buried livelihood

RTI activist Mahendra Yadav reveals that about 14129.70 acres of cultivable land is still covered by sand in Supaul district, which is just one of the issues facing Bihar’s Kosi flood victims

Brotherly love

Muslim leaders have condemned the campaign against people of North Eastern origin in parts of the country. They have urged Muslims to offer shelter to the latter till situation becomes normal

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