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Consumer is king

Lufthansa is penalized for a non-transparent promotional scheme that left an Indian couple stranded in the US for days, forcing them to return home on another airline at their own cost

Buried livelihood

RTI activist Mahendra Yadav reveals that about 14129.70 acres of cultivable land is still covered by sand in Supaul district, which is just one of the issues facing Bihar’s Kosi flood victims

Brotherly love

Muslim leaders have condemned the campaign against people of North Eastern origin in parts of the country. They have urged Muslims to offer shelter to the latter till situation becomes normal

Steering kids

Picking urchins out of workplaces and streets, a yellow bus drives them on a new path in life. Katyayni Singh traces the route of the mobile classroom in Delhi that is a godsend for these kids

Wall cleaning

Walls of Dehradun are getting a facelift. Posters are scrubbed off and pleasing murals are painted, thanks to the ongoing ‘Let’s Clean Doon Together campaign’. Jodie Underhill, who is part of the effort, explains the campaign’s ups and downs

Knock on the head

The Madras High Court comes down heavily on the union ministers for shooting their mouths off on the commissioning date of Kudankulam nuclear power plant without respect for the court

Maruti mire

If you were shocked by the recent violence at Maruti Suzuki factory in Manesar, you have more shocking revelations by Rahul Varman, who explains how the workers have been exploited all along

The first salvo

The Movement against BT cotton seeds receives a boost with the Maharashtra govt’s ban on the sale and distribution of Bt cotton seeds of Mahyco, a partner of US multinational Monsanto

Actor rebel

Any people’s problem is street theatre for Babil Perunna, whose one-act plays have helped create awareness on various social issues in Kerala. Kevalam Sasikumar meets the rebel, born to act

Inner development

Create just another IIM or change the image of MBAs? This was the question before M J Xavier, a maverick management guru, when he took charge of IIM-Ranchi. How he went about it is the story

Build 'em green

Ideas, concepts, fledgling technologies, and every aspect of a green building was discussed at the ‘Trends in Green Buildings’ workshop organized by The Weekend Leader, says Radhika Giri

Scare and sell

As fear and insecurity play a vital role in influencing buying habits, cosmetic sellers have created a scare among people through mass media to promote their beauty products, rather unfairly

Devils in deep sea

The US Navy shooting at Tamil Nadu fishermen, who went to the Gulf to escape the Sri Lankan Navy, should wake up New Delhi to the future of six million Indians in West Asia, says Sam Rajappa

Young Greens

At a workshop on ‘Trends in Green buildings’, budding architects vowed to advocate green architecture. Giving them insight and tips were experts, who endorsed The Weekend Leader’s mission to take the movement to the masses, says Radhika Giri

Toxic veggies

The soft, shiny red tomatoes or the green leafy veggies might be tempting to the eyes, but there lies something sinister beneath - a toxic concoction of hazardous chemicals, says Sahana Ghosh

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