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Let Justice Prevail

Countries like France, Germany, and Sri Lanka that have been guilty of genocide need to not only acknowledge their odious crimes of the past but also pay economic reparations on time in its true sense and spirit of expiation, agues Vasanth Adithya

Healing with love

Having won his battle with cancer, cricketer Yuvraj Singh has launched a clothing line to use the profit from the venture to help cancer patients who cannot afford the high cost of treatment 

Life changers

A disempowered workforce has been toiling without proper wages or benefits in Mumbai’s Dharavi, a hub for small scale industries. Things are now changing for the better, finds out Mehru Jaffer

Power of choice

India’s family planning agenda has to look beyond sterilisation and offer more contraceptive choices for rural women whose dignity, privacy and safety has to be respected, says Bijayalaxmi Nanda

Changing mindsets

For last five years, Urmila Chanam has been raising awareness on menstrual hygiene. Now she has taken to social media to change public perceptions regarding the ‘red droplets,’ says Usha Rai

Save the lake

The famous brackish water lake, Chilika, will be lost if there was no intervention, warns a retired Geology professor, who says that it will be a part of Bay of Bengal. K S Jayaraman reports

Happy women

Total prohibition in Bihar has brought relief to women since April. Manisha Prakash brings us some real life stories of success and delight that include instances of happy reunion of couples

Redefining beauty

After a survey found that a majority of Indian women believe the media has set an unrealistic standard of beauty for women, a beauty brand launches "Let's Break the Rules of Beauty" campaign

Water ATM

In a successful water supply programme, women in the slums of Kolkata draw their daily quota using smartcards that they swipe at the water ATMs installed in their localities, says Saadia Azim

Future shock

Adaptation is the key to face the hotter, drier and wetter future, says weatherman Arun B Shrestha. He told Vishal Gulati that climate change disrupts seasons and leads to extreme conditions

Water banks

Water Supply and Sanitation projects undertaken in 133 villages of Uttarakhand by Tata Trusts have changed the life of women, who look at the water tank like a bank, says Nitin Jugran Bahuguna

Hope for Dalits

To the poor and socially-excluded Dalits in Chhindwara district in Madhya Pradesh, Forum for Social and Economic Rights, run by some lawyers, is the lone means of justice, says Shuriah Niazi

Height of death

India is in no position to demilitarise Siachen despite the extreme climate taking a toll of one solider a month, says Abheet Sethi and Trisha Jalan, giving an overview of the deadly heights

Knitting women

A new online networking platform for career women, Wowonet, is acting as a pressure group to engage with policy makers for rights and entitlements. Tripti Nath finds the response encouraging

Workers unite

A union formed by Mewa Bharati with 12,000 women domestic workers in Jaipur has given its members a voice, to claim their rights and establish their identity as workers, says Anuradha Shukla

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