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Height of death

India is in no position to demilitarise Siachen despite the extreme climate taking a toll of one solider a month, says Abheet Sethi and Trisha Jalan, giving an overview of the deadly heights

Knitting women

A new online networking platform for career women, Wowonet, is acting as a pressure group to engage with policy makers for rights and entitlements. Tripti Nath finds the response encouraging

Workers unite

A union formed by Mewa Bharati with 12,000 women domestic workers in Jaipur has given its members a voice, to claim their rights and establish their identity as workers, says Anuradha Shukla

New direction

Sulabh International that builds toilets has also shown a new direction for many former women manual scavengers, who needed a new life after manual scavenging was banned. Elsa Mathews reports

Women on move

In India, women migrate more for marriage and less for jobs is one of the revelations of Census and National Sample Survey data, says Preet Rustagi, who also found migration liberating women

Saving kids

An NGO initiative to fight child marriage has made men take a stand against the social menace around Agra. Chetna Verma tells us how the intervention among boys and men has saved many girls

Kalinga war

HIV positive networks have been fighting against society for the rights of their members. Rakhi Ghosh tells us about the ongoing war in Kalinga, nay Odisha, where there are over 5000 members

Proving herself

For Ranjita Sethi, her election as sarpanch was the beginning of trials. Rakhi Ghosh explains how the 25-year-old Dalit woman, who was barred from entering the panchayat office, succeeded  

Alcoholic activists

A Men Care group has been turning alcoholics into activists, who now work towards reforming men and youth in Agra’s shoe-making industry where liquor addiction is a menace. Chetna Verma finds out how many men have become responsible citizens

Cancer & children

Cankids Kidscan is a national society working for children with cancer through 41 centres. Anjali Madan reports on its awareness campaign and events bringing the children’s families together

Changing girls

The much prevalent child marriages, sometimes due to the teen couples’ wish itself, in the tea gardens of Assam is on the decline, thanks to Adolescent Girls Clubs, says Azera Parveen Rahman

No kid stuff

Tribal teenage girls in Jharkhand are helping their parents mobilise funds. Kishori Mandal, a micro-credit venture, has ushered a change, sweeping across many villages. Ajitha Menon reports

Gutsy women

Close to the Taj Mahal in Agra is another living monument exemplifying the courage of women scarred by acid attack. Prashant Kumar visits Sheroes Hangout café which is set to start branches

Angry mothers

Leaders of the women’s vigilante group in Manipur that launched a protest after the rape and murder of Thangjam Manorama by armed forces in 2004, want a policy change, says Anjulika Thignam

Changing lives

In that village in Madhya Pradesh, where people once trekked four km for water, an initiative to build a check dam and generate solar power changed the life of Adivasis, says Bhavana Akella

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