Vol 9 Issue 29, Jul 13, 2018 - Jul 19, 2018.


  • Social call

    Social call

    Call centres changed the job market and lifestyle of urban youth in India. That was long ago. Now, they help underprivileged children, says Shudip Talukdar, citing the case of Teleperformance
      Posted    25-Apr-2013    Vol 4 Issue 17
  • Eve’s haven

    Eve’s haven

    Mexico City has been able to bring down crime rate after it provided equal opportunities for women and went for a more women-friendly approach, the city’s former Mayor tells Pamela Philipose
      Posted    25-Apr-2013    Vol 4 Issue 17
  • Farmers’ call

    Farmers’ call

    Many women, left to tend farms as the husbands moved out of the villages in search of jobs, turned prosperous by calling a helpline number. Renu Agal explains what LifeLines India service is
      Posted    19-Apr-2013    Vol 4 Issue 16
  • Post history

    Post history

    As the iconic Mumbai GPO building turned 100, Quaid Najmi looked back to find the edifice standing as a sentinel watching the growth and development of communication in the metropolitan city
      Posted    19-Apr-2013    Vol 4 Issue 16
  • A whiff of air

    A whiff of air

    Pointing out that dingy environment is a cause for physical and psychological problems in people, Disha Singh stresses the importance of going for natural ventilation, which can perk up life
      Posted    12-Apr-2013    Vol 4 Issue 15
  • Clamour women

    Clamour women

    A group of women are averting trouble in Manipur’s Tamenglong district, which is riddled with internecine clashes. The peacekeepers beat iron poles with sticks to alert others of a trouble
      Posted    12-Apr-2013    Vol 4 Issue 15
  • A real Utopia

    A real Utopia

    Gangadevipalli is a model village for India. Visitors to the hamlet are charged Rs 1,600 for conducted tours, explaining how it achieved the ideal social-economic parameters, says Anurag Dey
      Posted    05-Apr-2013    Vol 4 Issue 14
  • Women on top

    Women on top

    Jharkhand is under the grip of women. In panchayat elections, 56 per cent of the seats went to women, who have got together to demand bigger roles for them in policy-making, says Saadia Azim
      Posted    05-Apr-2013    Vol 4 Issue 14
  • Class transport system

    Class transport system

    An academic analysis of the much hyped bus rapid transit (BRT) system in Ahmedabad reveals that it has not lived up to its expectations on many fronts. Particularly it is not for the poor
      Posted    29-Mar-2013    Vol 4 Issue 13
  • Spring of hope

    Spring of hope

    As Kashmir welcomes spring, Sheikh Qayoom paints a colourful picture of the valley and hopes that more people will visit the place and realize that nature meant Kashmir for beauty and peace
      Posted    29-Mar-2013    Vol 4 Issue 13
  • Law clinic

    Law clinic

    To help the rural poor, particularly women, negotiate legal mazes that crop up with regard to land disputes, a free legal aid clinic has been set up in Warangal. Usha Turaga Revelli reports
      Posted    29-Mar-2013    Vol 4 Issue 13
  • On fast track

    On fast track

    Indian cricketers, including Dhoni and Sachin, let their hair down after their historic whitewash of Australia by zooming and careening around the Buddh International Circuit in Greater Noida
      Posted    25-Mar-2013    Vol 4 Issue 12
  • Capturing darkness

    Capturing darkness

    Many women in Mumbai are reclaiming the nocturnal space by attending night schools even as the ‘Reclaim the Night’ movement seeks protection from sexual violence, says Ditilekha Sharma
      Posted    22-Mar-2013    Vol 4 Issue 12
  • Brave Woman

    Brave Woman

    A project by a rural research foundation aimed at promoting organic farming and empowering local women has done wonders, changing the lives of many rural women in Rajasthan, says Rakesh Kumar
      Posted    22-Mar-2013    Vol 4 Issue 12
  • Caring cops

    Caring cops

    In Bihar’s Maoist zone, police have a different plan. Instead of cracking down on Maoists, they help their children crack competitive examinations by conducting coaching class, says Imran Khan
      Posted    22-Mar-2013    Vol 4 Issue 12
  • Heart of the matter

    Heart of the matter

    A little boy needing a heart surgery was helped by the women of a neighbourhood. Shobha Warrier recalls the year-long effort that had surprises, both pleasant and otherwise, for her in store
      Posted    15-Mar-2013    Vol 4 Issue 11
  • Hi-tech college

    Hi-tech college

    A college in Punjab is moving towards a 100 percent paperless environment as it makes full use of social networking sites and new media applications in running its affairs, says Ritika Sharma
      Posted    15-Mar-2013    Vol 4 Issue 10
  • Record efficiency

    Record efficiency

    Allan Delves and Jayna of UK were amazed by the efficiency of Shimla Municipality in keeping records as they got the birth certificate of their grandfather, born in 1880, and mother in 1909
      Posted    09-Mar-2013    Vol 4 Issue 10
  • Ma baker

    Ma baker

    What started with ice cream for kids evolved into Cremica, a company that has recorded sales of Rs 650 crore with 4000 employees. Rashmi Bansal profiles Rajni Bector who followed a rainbow
      Posted    09-Mar-2013    Vol 4 Issue 10
  • Walking on sword

    Walking on sword

    For women journalists in Afghanistan and Pakistan work is like walking on a sword. Sarada Lahangir narrates some real stories of discrimination, threats, intimidation, attacks and restrictions
      Posted    01-Mar-2013    Vol 4 Issue 9
  • His better half

    His better half

    Kasturba’s fiercely independent personality and yet complete devotion to her husband's goals and ideals have been depicted in a play on her written by Narayan Desai, says the playwright’s son
      Posted    26-Feb-2013    Vol 4 Issue 8
  • Mobile home

    Mobile home

    Go east or west or even north or south but feel at home. Jaideep Sarin checks out ‘motorhome’, an automobile with homely comforts, and finds it cheaper than some high-end cars sold in India
      Posted    23-Feb-2013    Vol 4 Issue 8
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