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Smart mobility

It is good times for Indian telecom companies in the next three years when online market will explode with smartphone users growing six times and buying five times more content, says a study

Delhi's allure

Youth from the North East find in New Delhi a job destination. ‘If on one hand the capital spells fear and unease, on the other it offers hope and prosperity,’ they tell Natalia Ningthoujam

Ho! To school

Girls from Kolha tribe in Odisha are going to school, thanks to the efforts to teach them in their mother tongue, Ho, instead of Odiya. Rakhi Ghosh checks out the scheme that helps enrolment

True learning

The Class Readiness Programme, ushered in by Haryana government in its schools, is a revolutionary step aimed at educating children through field trips. Jaideep Sarin has the story

Kabaddi time

The rustic game of Kabaddi has captured the imagination of urban elite. Two leagues have come up that will not only augur well for the game but also for Indian sports. Abhishek Roy reports

Cutoff woes

The emphasis on cut off marks just shows that the educational system is broken somewhere, celebrity author Chetan Bhagat told Nivedita adding that college cutoffs should not bog down students

Going places

From an obscure village in Odhisha, Arati Devi took the Indian rural perspective to the US when she met President Obama recently. Rakhi Ghosh retraces the young sarpanch’s political journey

Customized tea

A new machine has been designed to brew tea with fresh ingredients and add sugar to order. Dlecta Food Pvt Ltd (DFPL), Mumbai, has filed the technology for a global patent, says Quaid Najmi

Watch women

With tribal women turning forest guards in Rayagada district of Odisha, it is not just the wild flora and fauna that are safe, even people’s food security is ensured, says Sarada Lahangir

Dream park

Set in 110 acres on an investment of Rs 1600 crore, Adlabs Imagica is a must visit theme park that recently let its one millionth visitor into the magic world, near Mumbai, says Quaid Najmi

Tough ride

Blowing the whistle is the most difficult thing on work for the new women bus conductors of Rajasthan, who endure heat, rickety buses and many more woes. Abha Sharma takes a ride to find out

Holy apps

Mobile apps are not just for the naughty and the haughty. Even the devout now use applications that help observe religious rituals like the fast in the holy month of Ramadan, says Mohit Dubey

Kerala night

Hitting the street comes easily for the people in Kerala, who protest for anything. Now they hit the street after sundown for dinner. Mainly for ‘thattu dosha and omplate’, says Sanu George

Learn to teach

In an obscure cluster of villages in Rajasthan, 35 young women, first generation learners, are giving back to their backward community what it needs most: Education. Prantick Majumder reports

Thrill girls

Bikernis is a girl gang preferring mud to make-up and petrol to perfume. Surekha Kadapa-Bose bumps into the riders, who love adrenaline rush and believe that biking is a source to Nirvana

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