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Kerala night

Hitting the street comes easily for the people in Kerala, who protest for anything. Now they hit the street after sundown for dinner. Mainly for ‘thattu dosha and omplate’, says Sanu George

Learn to teach

In an obscure cluster of villages in Rajasthan, 35 young women, first generation learners, are giving back to their backward community what it needs most: Education. Prantick Majumder reports

Thrill girls

Bikernis is a girl gang preferring mud to make-up and petrol to perfume. Surekha Kadapa-Bose bumps into the riders, who love adrenaline rush and believe that biking is a source to Nirvana

India startles

The recent elections saw many women foreign journalists landing in India on assignment. Tarannum, who met a few of them, tells us how the white skinned women survived the heat and the men

Yummy Kerala

Ummi Abdulla is busy writing cook books and cooking in top restaurants even at the age of 80. Hailing from Kozhikode in Kerala, she travels to other cities, serving Moplah dishes to foodies

In natures bosom

Aromatherapy is a solution for most skin and hair problems, says beautician Blossom Kochhar, who loves nature and believes in the power of natural and alternative lifestyle. Nivedita reports

Soccer & India

The day Indian football finds its hero, the game will become popular, says John Abraham, who promotes FIFA World Cup 2004. Radhika Birani catches up with the actor, talking more of football

Voice of Dibrugarh

The anchor of Radio Brahmaputra was identified by her voice by a blind youth. Azera Rahman says that the community radio is so popular among marginalized people in Assam’s Dibrugarh district

Rail queen

Linking the cities of Mumbai and Pune in a regal manner, Deccan Queen, the first luxury train in the country, has been chugging on for 85 years. Quaid Najmi tracks the evolution of the icon

In a new role

For Moon Moon Sen it is a new role to play. After winning the Bankura Lok Sabha seat in a Trinamul Congress ticket, she tells Sreeparna Chakrabarty that it was great to have so many women MPs

No kid stuff

Taking Indian mythology and tribal folklore to children around the world is no child’s play. Hema Vijay throws light on the working of publishing house, Tara Books and its founder Gita Wolf

Point blank

Child reporters of Mukta Akash, a unique newspaper in Assam, are bringing about a change by raising social issues in a way more effective than journalists. Azera Parveen Rahman checks it out

Women and polls

In the Lok Sabha elections, more women voted even if the number of women contested and elected was low. Pamela Philipose wonders if women could constitute a distinct political constituency

Summer couture

As summer arrives in its scorching glory, fashion designers come up with their designs on select fabrics to save the Indian from its sweaty torment. Surekha Kadapa Bose checks out the trend

Music forever

Indian Ocean, a band that has completed nearly 25 years, continues to make music though musicians have been changing. Natalia Ningthoujam tracks its history that include about 900 live shows

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