Vol 9 Issue 4, Jan 19, 2018 - Jan 25, 2018.


  • Wonderful weavers

    Wonderful weavers

    A visit to Mangalagiri in Andhra Pradesh leaves Sudhamahi Regunathan marveling at the hard work and skill of weavers, bringing to life intricate designs and rich colours in the eponymous sari
      Posted    03-May-2014    Vol 5 Issue 18
  • A cat fight

    A cat fight

    Two women activists join politics to get into an electoral fight for the Bengaluru South constituency. Pushpa Achanta looks at the contest between Ruth Manorama of JD(S) and Nina Nayak of AAP
      Posted    03-May-2014    Vol 5 Issue 18
  • Green story

    Green story

    After Smile Pinki, documentary film maker Megan Mylan has celebrated the success story of Monika Barman of Cooch Behar. Aditi Bishnoi tells us about the documentary, ‘After My Garden Grows’
      Posted    03-May-2014    Vol 5 Issue 18
  • Women candidates

    Women candidates

    In a Maoist stronghold where people are told to boycott elections, two women are running for the Lok Sabha. Sarada Lahangir visits the area to tell the story of Soni Sori and Dayamani Barla
      Posted    26-Apr-2014    Vol 5 Issue 17
  • Home care

    Home care

    An ICU at your home at one third of the cost of hospital stay is what you now get from some companies in Delhi. Rupesh Dutta checks out the many facilities that come with such home services
      Posted    26-Apr-2014    Vol 5 Issue 17
  • Knitting style

    Knitting style

    With the hand knitting style of Peruvian women as weft and her own creativity as warp, Devika Dass has woven her own label, earning accolades in the fashion world. Smitha Sadanandan reports
      Posted    2014/04/21    Vol 5 Issue 16
  • Target Jarawa

    Target Jarawa

    As the Jarawa tribe depletes, several efforts are on to protect them. The latest is a training centre in Port Blair to find solutions to questions that emerge from the field, says Anurag Dey
      Posted    21-Apr-2014    Vol 5 Issue 16
  • Tribal travails

    Tribal travails

    Problems of Sahariya tribals in Madya Pradesh are multifarious. At a resettlement colony housing those displaced by a dam, there is despair. There is also hope, as Pamela Philipose finds out
      Posted    21-Apr-2014    Vol 5 Issue 16
  • Different women

    Different women

    For the Lok Sabha elections, AAP had nominated 57 women, the highest percentage by any party. Smita Deodhar profiles two of them from Mumbai – a qualified top banker and a courageous crusader
      Posted    12-Apr-2014    Vol 5 Issue 15
  • Beyond street

    Beyond street

    Street theatre has been dumbed down of late due to the misuse of the artistic medium for political propaganda, says Sahana Ghosh, who sees corruption creeping in due to such commercialization
      Posted    12-Apr-2014    Vol 5 Issue 15
  • Jump moment

    Jump moment

    In Rishikesh you can also go for bungee jumping, which Gokul Bhagabati did and found himself hanging upside down over the River Hyul. His trainer, Suzanne’s advice was: Just savour the moment
      Posted    12-Apr-2014    Vol 5 Issue 15
  • Picture perfect

    Picture perfect

    Maker of over 15 documentaries, Tiainla Jamir tells tales from Northeast. ‘Going the Distance’, a story of a HIV positive woman, is just a proof that she is on a mission, says Santosh Mehta
      Posted    05-Apr-2014    Vol 5 Issue 14
  • Earn and learn

    Earn and learn

    Some Chennai women impart education to their house maids, who were otherwise deprived of schooling for various reasons. Kirthi Jayakumar tells us how Kani learnt the three R’s against odds
      Posted    05-Apr-2014    Vol 5 Issue 14
  • First handshake

    First handshake

    As India’s first woman Chief of Protocol, a key diplomatic job, Ruchira Kamboj handled 250 incoming VVIP visits. She is now leaving for Paris as the Ambassador at UNESCO, says Tripti Nath
      Posted    29-Mar-2014    Vol 5 Issue 13
  • Pins and princess

    Pins and princess

    A princess from Kuwait has come down to India to learn acupuncture though traditional medicine is not allowed in her country because she believes in its curative power. Quaid Najmi meets her
      Posted    29-Mar-2014    Vol 5 Issue 13
  • Pink ride

    Pink ride

    ‘Gulabi Autos’ in Ranchi are not just a mode of transportation. It is about women’s empowerment. It provides security not just for the women passengers but also the drivers, says Saadia Azim
      Posted    22-Mar-2014    Vol 5 Issue 12
  • Train kids

    Train kids

    Story of social worker Vimla rescuing three runaway boys on a railway platform one morning is just an excerpt from a book written by Malcolm Harper and Lalitha Iyer on the life of such kids
      Posted    22-Mar-2014    Vol 5 Issue 12
  • Elegy to Sardar

    Elegy to Sardar

    The week’s greatest loss was Khushwant Singh, a man of many parts who passed away on March 20, missing his 100th birthday. Vikas Datta pays tribute to the man, on whose bed Nargis once slept
      Posted    22-Mar-2014    Vol 5 Issue 12
  • On the platter

    On the platter

    As an answer to the food security problem, the Tamil Nadu government has opened about 200 subsidised canteens that serve breakfast, lunch and dinner for millions of people, says Hema Vijay
      Posted    15-Mar-2014    Vol 5 Issue 11
  • Women and cops

    Women and cops

    More women want more women police. This is a finding of a study, ‘Acceptance of Women Police in Society, by Aruna M Bahaguna, which finds women cops less corrupt, says Ratna Bharali Talukdar
      Posted    15-Mar-2014    Vol 5 Issue 11
  • Hockey Village

    Hockey Village

    Hockey may be India’s national game. But kids in a Rajasthani village, Garh Himmat Singh, did not know much about it till a German woman landed there. Elsa Mathews speaks to Andrea Thumshirn
      Posted    08-Mar-2014    Vol 5 Issue 10
  • Women in news

    Women in news

    Catering to rural women in Bundelkhand and Awadh is a weekly newspaper run by women. Rupesh Dutta tells us the challenges of the journalists, who also have to confront a patriarchal society
      Posted    08-Mar-2014    Vol 5 Issue 10
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