Vol 11 Issue 8, Feb 21, 2020 - Feb 27, 2020.


  • Snowy affair

    Snowy affair

    Chopta, a picturesque town surrounded by mountains offering glimpses of the Himalayas in Uttarakhand, gave a mesmerizing experience to Somrita Ghosh, who scaled the heights, taking a bus ride
      Posted    22-Feb-2016    Vol 7 Issue 8
  • Vibrant city

    Vibrant city

    Even as the Dubai Shopping Festival is on, Nivedita tells us why the most populous city of United Arab Emirates is an exciting place to live and do business. Well, it is its multiculturalism
      Posted    23-Jan-2016    Vol 7 Issue 4
  • Carnival train

    Carnival train

    For those visiting Goa for its popular Carnival, a special charter coach will chug out of Mumbai. The package is spread over five nights and six days, of which you get to spend four days in Goa
      Posted    16-Jan-2016    Vol 7 Issue 3
  • Adventure beckons

    Adventure beckons

    Apart from the varied kind of adventure pursuits that is on offer, Queenstown in New Zealand can make you forget your worldly worries, says Radhika Bhirani, after a trip to the Southern Alps
      Posted    11-Jan-2016    Vol 7 Issue 2
  • Sunny archipelago

    Sunny archipelago

    A foreign locale with a tropical climate is Maldives that invites Indians with a ‘visa on arrival’ facility, besides its swaying palm trees, glistening sunny beaches and emerald sea, says Rahul Dass  
      Posted    14-Dec-2015    Vol 6 Issue 50
  • Nature’s gift

    Nature’s gift

    Somrita Ghosh describes the feeling when you wake up to the sight of the mighty Kinnaur Kailash mountain range at Kalpa in Himachal Pradesh, located in the lap of nature, surrounded by hills
      Posted    07-Dec-2015    Vol 6 Issue 49
  • Taj from sky

    Taj from sky

    A view of the Taj Mahal from the sky is one of the attractions at the hot air balloon festival to be organized from Nov 14. Mohit Dubey tells us what else to expect at the 3-day event at Agra
      Posted    02-Nov-2015    Vol 6 Issue 44
  • Nature’s high

    Nature’s high

    An off-shoot of the Silk Road, Nathu La is about nature, history, beauty and much more, says Preetha Nair, describing the mountain pass linking Sikkim and China, 14,420 feet above sea level
      Posted    26-Oct-2015    Vol 6 Issue 43
  • Fly to Everest

    Fly to Everest

    Some airlines now take tourists close to the snowy peaks of Himalayas, particularly Mount Everest, in special aircraft. Vishal Gulati captures the euphoria the flights from Kathmandu generate
      Posted    19-Oct-2015    Vol 6 Issue 42
  • One of its kind land

    One of its kind land

    Savouring the scenic beauty of Bhutan, which is an island of culture, tradition and modernity, Preetha Nair is amazed by the red rice, which was similar to the one she grew up with in Kerala
      Posted    05-Oct-2015    Vol 6 Issue 40
  • American dream

    American dream

    The latest American dream is dreamt by the Americans and it is to lure more Indian tourists to their nation. Indians visiting US are expected to touch1.85 million by 2021, says Aparajita Gupta
      Posted    19-Sep-2015    Vol 6 Issue 38
  • Home away

    Home away

    For those who miss home when travelling, now have an alternative to staying in hotel rooms. Jaideep Sarin has details of the Aparthotel concept that is popular with those willing to pay more
      Posted    10-Aug-2015    Vol 6 Issue 32
  • Cooking fresh

    Cooking fresh

    Leaving their kitchens, chefs of a star hotel in a hill station began to plough a piece of land one day. Venkatachari Jagannathan tells us how it created new dining experiences for picnickers
      Posted    03-Aug-2015    Vol 6 Issue 31
  • Say Sanya

    Say Sanya

    For those looking for exotic holiday destinations, Sanya beach resort in southeast China can be an attractive locale as it also offers hot springs and duty-free shopping, says Jaideep Sarin
      Posted    27-Jul-2015    Vol 6 Issue 30
  • Happy drench

    Happy drench

    As monsoon tourism, a new concept, is fast emerging in India, the hospitality industry is soaking in the windfall. Kavita Bajeli-Datt gives an overview of destinations to get drenched in rain
      Posted    13-Jul-2015    Vol 6 Issue 28
  • Make it easy

    Make it easy

    To make conservation appealing to all, wildlife cartoonist R Chakravarthy has drawn illustrated biodiversity maps resembling design layout of a board game. Sahana Ghosh explains the project
      Posted    29-Jun-2015    Vol 6 Issue 26
  • Overseas picks

    Overseas picks

    Five women make their pick of global destinations that may well suit the Indian tourist and traveller. After all, summer is the time to pack your bags, satiate your wanderlust and have fun
      Posted    22-Jun-2015    Vol 6 Issue 25
  • Springing back

    Springing back

    Just as Kashmir heaved a sigh of relief with the rains not threatening an encore of last year’s floods, tourists have started arriving for the Spring season, say Sheikh Qayoom & Waseem Shah
      Posted    20-Apr-2015    Vol 6 Issue 16
  • Mystical Mandawa

    Mystical Mandawa

    After soaking in the hospitality of Sara Vilas in Mandawa, an eight-hour bumpy drive from Delhi, Sugandha Rawal recommends the hotel for those having a taste for rural charms and splendour
      Posted    09-Mar-2015    Vol 6 Issue 10
  • Cool retreats

    Cool retreats

    As summer sets in and the quest to find a salubrious getaway begins, if it is the well known beaten names that cross your mind, Renuka Singh suggests seven quiet and offbeat hill stations that are not too far from places that you might know
      Posted    09-Mar-2015    Vol 6 Issue 10
  • Mountain retreat

    Mountain retreat

    Located on a hilltop of the lower Himalayas and touching the fringes of Kalatop wildlife sanctuary, Aamod Resort offers a tranquil environment and a nice view of the Pir Panjal, says Nivedita
      Posted    02-Mar-2015    Vol 6 Issue 9
  • Sandy wonders

    Sandy wonders

    If the word Goa evokes just images of raves, read on, you may end up in the land of sandy wonders soon. For, Renuka Singh’s list of the top 10 beaches informs us that Goa has something on offer for everyone, including those seeking solitude
      Posted    31-Jan-2015    Vol 6 Issue 5
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