Vol 11 Issue 4, Jan 24, 2020 - Jan 30, 2020.


  • Life Unlimited

    Life Unlimited

    When the young software engineer saw her husband dealing with a lot of problems at the time of his grandfather’s passing, she realized the scope of a startup that offered assistance to the bereaved and launched one with Rs 1 lakh, says G Singh
      Posted    01-Nov-2017    Vol 8 Issue 44
  • Power with Milk

    Power with Milk

    Hailing from a family of modest means, he came up the hard way. Initially he collected milk from villagers on his bicycle and supplied it to a dairy firm, but today he owns a Rs 255 crore turnover dairy brand. G Singh met him and got his story
      Posted    28-Oct-2017    Vol 8 Issue 44
  • Pouches to Riches

    Pouches to Riches

    From making cloth pouches that traders bought for packing salt to building a Rs 200 crore turnover helmet manufacturing company, Partho Burman traces the journey of a man whose family was reduced from riches to rags at the time of partition
      Posted    25-Oct-2017    Vol 8 Issue 43
  • Millionaire Broker

    Millionaire Broker

    A 23-year-old started an insurance brokerage firm in 2005 in Kolkata with Rs 5 lakh borrowed from his father, with just one employee in a 100-sq-ft cabin. In 2016-17, with 35,000 clients, the company’s turnover crossed Rs 100 crore, says G Singh
      Posted    17-Oct-2017    Vol 8 Issue 42
  • Creating a Beach

    Creating a Beach

    As the mangroves started disappearing from Mumbai’s shoreline, one man decided to save the last remaining mangroves at Carter Road and create a beautiful beach next to it of what now is a slushy, rock strewn patch of land. Deven Lad reports
      Posted    14-Oct-2017    Vol 8 Issue 42
  • The Silk Tycoon

    The Silk Tycoon

    At 21, she became the first woman to join the family business, a flourishing chain of sari stores that was established in 1928. Within five years she doubled the revenue of the group, which currently stands at Rs 650 crore, says Usha Prasad
      Posted    12-Oct-2017    Vol 8 Issue 41
  • Ticket to Riches

    Ticket to Riches

    From humble beginnings as a booking clerk at a bus stand in Ranchi, he has grown into the owner of a Rs 30 crore turnover company that operates a large fleet of inter-city buses. G Singh met the entrepreneur and asked him about his success story
      Posted    07-Oct-2017    Vol 8 Issue 41
  • Beauty for Ashes

    Beauty for Ashes

    The odds were stacked against the young, single woman from Dawoodi Bohra community when she decided to set up a manufacturing facility for herbal beauty products. Kavita Kanan Chandra renders a blow-by-blow account of a hard fought success story
      Posted    05-Oct-2017    Vol 8 Issue 40
  • Awesome Foursome

    Awesome Foursome

    In 2012, four friends stepped out of their comfort zones to start a dairy farm with their savings. Three had quit their corporate jobs and one of them his FMCG business. Today, their company’s turnover has crossed Rs 100 crore, says G Singh
      Posted    29-Sep-2017    Vol 8 Issue 40
  • Brand on Wheels

    Brand on Wheels

    Caught in a traffic jam in Guwahati, a 22-year-old’s eyes gazed on a slogan written on the rear of a truck giving him the idea of advertising on cars. Nearly ten years later, it’s a Rs 32 crore turnover business for him, says Partho Burman
      Posted    23-Sep-2017    Vol 8 Issue 39
  • Climbing the Ladder

    Climbing the Ladder

    From selling mangoes as a child, taking up tuitions to fund his college education, and later doing small painting jobs, Hanmant Gaikwad, who now heads a 70,000-employee-strong Rs 2,000 crore turnover company, has come a long way, says Deven Lad
      Posted    20-Sep-2017    Vol 8 Issue 38
  • All Dolled Up

    All Dolled Up

    He once sold plastic dolls in Russia and was into several other small businesses, but he created his wealth in the oil industry and is now listed among the world’s richest people with a net worth of around Rs 62,080 crore, says P C Vinoj Kumar
      Posted    18-Sep-2017    Vol 8 Issue 33
  • Smooth Sailing

    Smooth Sailing

    Hailing from a middle-class family, Purnendu Shekhar always dreamt big. After a long stint in the shipping industry he started his own online cargo logistics company, which achieved Rs 64 crore turnover in the first year itself, says Deven Lad
      Posted    15-Sep-2017    Vol 8 Issue 33
  • Harry’s Billions

    Harry’s Billions

    Amritsar born Harindarpal Singh Banga, who studied in Chandigarh, is now one of the richest people in Hong Kong with a net worth of $1.02 billion (approx. Rs 6,500 Crore). Jaideep Sarin finds out from the tycoon about his various businesses
      Posted    12-Sep-2017    Vol 8 Issue 33
  • Money from Pineapple

    Money from Pineapple

    In a state affected by decades of militancy, it is an achievement of sorts for an entrepreneur to launch a business that would exploit the potential of the humble pineapple, which has now grown into a Rs 15 crore company, says Reena Nongmaithem
      Posted    09-Sep-2017    Vol 8 Issue 33
  • Holiday Homes

    Holiday Homes

    The mind of an entrepreneur spots a business opportunity at the first instance. That’s how Roshan D’Silva got the idea to build what is now a Rs 53 crore turnover venture looking at his sparingly used family bungalow. Usha Prasad tells the story
      Posted    06-Sep-2017    Vol 8 Issue 33
  • Way to Riches

    Way to Riches

    He is now a multi-millionaire, but grew up as a child in poverty in a tough neighborhood. Pursuing his dream job on the way to becoming a millionaire he had even slept many times in a public bathroom with his toddler son, says P C Vinoj Kumar
      Posted    05-Sep-2017    Vol 8 Issue 33
  • Style and Substance

    Style and Substance

    Celebrated designer Anita Dongre, who works closely with artisans in villages and has two stores in New York, tells Sugandha Rawal that the reason she works with the rural artisans is to bring their indigenous skills into mainstream fashion
      Posted    02-Sep-2017    Vol 8 Issue 33
  • Lakh to Crores

    Lakh to Crores

    In 2012, when the 25-year-old, who was earning Rs 70,000 per month, decided to quit his job to start his own business, his family was worried. Today, his bootstrap started with Rs 1 lakh is set to achieve Rs 10 crore turnover, says G Singh
      Posted    30-Aug-2017    Vol 8 Issue 33
  • The Good Doctor

    The Good Doctor

    A barefoot village boy who only owned a pair of clothes and lived on a single meal during his MBBS days, came up the hard way to become an eye surgeon, and today runs a 30-bed hospital in Kota with a turnover of Rs five crore, says Partho Burman
      Posted    26-Aug-2017    Vol 8 Issue 33
  • Against All Odds

    Against All Odds

    Hers is not the ordinary rags-to-riches story. She had not only seen poverty, but became a refugee in her own country. G Singh narrates the gripping story of how Monica Liu battled the odds to build a Rs 10 crore turnover restaurant business
      Posted    17-Aug-2017    Vol 8 Issue 33
  • Harvesting Profit

    Harvesting Profit

    At a time when the media is full of reports of farmers’ distress, a 37-year-old chartered accountant has scripted a success story in farming near Ranchi, and has achieved a Rs 40 lakh turnover through a unique business model. G Singh met him
      Posted    14-Aug-2017    Vol 8 Issue 22
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