Vol 10 Issue 50, Dec 13, 2019 - Dec 19, 2019.


  • A Dream Run

    A Dream Run

    When Srish Kumar Agrawal started a cyber café from his house with five computers, he himself might not have imagined his success. Today, his venture has grown into a Rs 11 crore turnover company that employs about 150 people, says Gurvinder Singh
      Posted    04-May-2018    Vol 9 Issue 19
  • Messenger of Hope

    Messenger of Hope

    S. Ahamed Meeran started his career as a low paid Class 3 employee in telephone department earning around Rs 180 per month. Today, he owns a courier business, employing around 2,000 people with turnover of Rs 100 crore, says P C Vinoj Kumar
      Posted    28-Apr-2018    Vol 9 Issue 18
  • Failures Aren’t Final

    Failures Aren’t Final

    He was born in an off-the-map village in Maharashtra, studied in Marathi-medium school, and as a child had worked in farms, and had even dug wells for a daily wage of Rs 40. Deven Lad profiles the man who now owns a Rs 50 crore turnover company
      Posted    26-Apr-2018    Vol 9 Issue 17
  • Glow and Shine

    Glow and Shine

    Sindura Borra started her juice detox brand with an investment of just Rs 7 lakh. With no major promotions or advertisements, and relying on just word of mouth publicity, she has achieved a turnover of Rs 84 lakh, says Pranita Jonnalagedda
      Posted    21-Apr-2018    Vol 9 Issue 17
  • What an Idea

    What an Idea

    Now women can do it like men – stand and pee. When his wife complained of dirty public toilets, Deep Bajaj got the idea of making a device to help women to go while standing. Now it’s a Rs 2.5 crore business for him, says Sofia Danish Khan
      Posted    18-Apr-2018    Vol 9 Issue 16
  • Gem from Street

    Gem from Street

    From a street food vendor to becoming a chef in a 5 star hotel at Grand Cayman Island and to starting up a chain of restaurants, it’s been an incredible journey for Suresh Chinnasamy. P C Vinoj Kumar narrates the gripping rags to riches story
      Posted    13-Apr-2018    Vol 9 Issue 16
  • The Globetrotting Entrepreneur

    The Globetrotting Entrepreneur

    Ramdas Mansingh Mane has travelled to around 150 countries and at times visits more than one country in a day. But there was a time when he didn’t have money to purchase a bus ticket from his village to the nearby city of Pune, says Deven Lad
      Posted    05-Apr-2018    Vol 9 Issue 14
  • Super Street Seller

    Super Street Seller

    A former school teacher, well-dressed and speaking perfect English, has a street food cart in Gurgaon selling chhole kulche. She got into this business due to family circumstances and now earns around Rs 8 lakh per annum, says Sofia Danish Khan
      Posted    31-Mar-2018    Vol 9 Issue 14
  • The Jacket Maker

    The Jacket Maker

    At 25 when Saneen Javali quit his job at IBM to plunge into business, his family was not happy. Today, his innovatively designed jackets are sold online through portals such as Amazon and his turnover has touched Rs 1.5 crore, says Usha Prasad
      Posted    28-Mar-2018    Vol 9 Issue 13
  • King of Sales

    King of Sales

    When he first came to Mumbai years ago from his village in Haryana, he got a salesman’s job at a cousin’s shop. But a decade later he started his own shop with Rs 2,500, which is now a Rs 3,250 crore turnover retail chain, says Vedika Chaubey
      Posted    24-Mar-2018    Vol 9 Issue 13
  • Easy Parking App

    Easy Parking App

    Avishek Tarafdar developed an app that helped car drivers find parking space. When it did not bring the expected revenue, he tied up with commercial establishments and today his company earns Rs 18 lakh daily from the app, says Gurvinder Singh
      Posted    21-Mar-2018    Vol 9 Issue 12
  • The Shooting Star

    The Shooting Star

    India has got a new teenage sporting sensation and she is not a cricketer. Meet Kolkata girl Mehuli Ghosh, who braved financial hurdles to pursue her shooting career, bagged two bronze medals at the World Cup and set a junior world record
      Posted    17-Mar-2018    Vol 9 Issue 12
  • Sparkling Like Diamond

    Sparkling Like Diamond

    Diamond Oberoi’s chain of heritage hotels located in NE India is popular among people who love nature and solitude. His hotels have one-third built up area and the rest is assigned for gardens and lawns. Gurvinder Singh profiles the hotelier
      Posted    16-Mar-2018    Vol 9 Issue 12
  • Strong, Single, Successful

    Strong, Single, Successful

    Putting behind two failed marriages and two failed partnerships where she was cheated of crores of rupees, renowned hair-stylist and make-up artist Ambika Pillai fought back to build a Rs 10 crore turnover beauty company, says Sofia Danish Khan
      Posted    12-Mar-2018    Vol 9 Issue 11
  • The Brave Kid

    The Brave Kid

    Alkesh Agarwal, co-founder of a Rs 20 crore turnover company, started earning when he was still in school selling jeans to friends and acquaintances. Gurvinder Singh has the story of the kid who faced life bravely after losing his father at age 12
      Posted    26-Feb-2018    Vol 9 Issue 9
  • Dream Come True

    Dream Come True

    Bandana Jain grew up in a conservative Bihar village where women had to remain at home, but she was determined to study at J.J. School of Art in Mumbai. Deven Lad has the story of how she did that and then built a Rs 1 crore turnover company
      Posted    22-Feb-2018    Vol 9 Issue 8
  • Making Learning Fun

    Making Learning Fun

    As a child, Poly Pattnaik, who runs one of the top schools in Bhubaneswar, dreamt of opening a school where learning would be high quality and fun. She started her school with Rs 30,000 but today pays Rs 1 crore in salaries, says Gurvinder Singh
      Posted    14-Feb-2018    Vol 9 Issue 7
  • The Multifaceted Cook

    The Multifaceted Cook

    The journey of Nita Mehta, who heads a Rs 7 crore turnover company, from a housewife to a successful entrepreneur heading multiple businesses that include a kitchen academy and a publishing house is truly remarkable, says Sofia Danish Khan
      Posted    09-Feb-2018    Vol 9 Issue 7
  • The Wedding Entrepreneur

    The Wedding Entrepreneur

    With Rs 2 lakh, Minnat Lalpuria started a consultancy to help families conducting weddings to find the right venue, photographer, etc., as per their budget. Six years later, her cumulative turnover is set to cross Rs 18 crore, says Deven Lad
      Posted    02-Feb-2018    Vol 9 Issue 6
  • Happy Rainy Days

    Happy Rainy Days

    For Pratik Doshi rainy days are happy days, because that’s when his products sell like hot cakes. The 25-year-old makes colourful designer umbrellas. Started in 2015 with just Rs 1.35 lakh, his current turnover is Rs 35 lakh, says Deven Lad
      Posted    24-Jan-2018    Vol 9 Issue 4
  • Winners Don’t Quit

    Winners Don’t Quit

    After failing in a couple of ventures, and not realising his dream in Bollywood, Ravish Ranjan bounced back to launch India’s first pod hotel that rents out AC rooms with wi-fi and laundry facilities at just Rs 199 per hour, says Gurvinder Singh
      Posted    18-Jan-2018    Vol 9 Issue 3
  • Woods Are Lovely

    Woods Are Lovely

    For this quartet who got into the furniture business with no prior experience in the industry, with an investment of Rs 5 lakh, things have worked out well. Their company achieved a turnover of Rs 18 crore in its second year, says Partho Burman
      Posted    16-Jan-2018    Vol 9 Issue 3
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