Vol 11 Issue 13, Mar 27, 2020 - Apr 02, 2020.


  • Healing Journalism

    Healing Journalism

    The Delhi-based Heal Foundation, a non-profit working for the cause of improving, innovating and implementing healthcare delivery in the country, has conferred The Weekend Leader with the Health Honours 2018 award. Sofia Danish Khan reports
      Posted    21-Dec-2018    Vol 9 Issue 52
  • A Champion’s Dream

    A Champion’s Dream

    Having created history by claiming a record sixth title at the women's World Championships, legendary boxer M.C Mary Kom is determined to fulfil a lifelong dream by winning a gold at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, says Ajeyo Basu
      Posted    17-Dec-2018    Vol 9 Issue 51
  • The Adventure Capitalist

    The Adventure Capitalist

    As manufacturers of many kinds of adventure products, it is natural that the idea of starting a Fly Dining restaurant struck the owners of Jumpking India. Today, people are flocking to the novel restaurant from around the country, says Usha Prasad
      Posted    14-Dec-2018    Vol 9 Issue 51
  • Traders to Makers

    Traders to Makers

    Started with an investment of Rs 10,000 by Punamchand Shah, a small-time stainless steel cutlery trading business has metamorphosed into a Rs 300 crore plastic wares company producing a range of homeware and children’s products, says Anvi Mehta
      Posted    10-Dec-2018    Vol 9 Issue 50
  • Mission with Love

    Mission with Love

    Ravi Kalra, a former martial artist, had no idea that he would one day be offering shelter to 450 homeless people, including over 300 mentally-challenged persons. These people have not only found a home, but also new families, says Mudita Girotra
      Posted    07-Dec-2018    Vol 9 Issue 50
  • The Sari Weaver

    The Sari Weaver

    Shravan Kummar chucked a medical seat to choose a career in fashion. Today, he is known as a designer delving into vintage saris and recreating them with the same set of intricate weaves with the help of traditional weavers, says Rama Devi Menon
      Posted    01-Dec-2018    Vol 9 Issue 49
  • Your Friendly App

    Your Friendly App

    Getting a government job is the ultimate dream of many youth in the country who appear for various competitive exams. Four youngsters launched an app for such job aspirants, which is now a Rs 85 lakh turnover business, says Sofia Danish Khan
      Posted    17-Nov-2018    Vol 9 Issue 47
  • The Sleeping Giant

    The Sleeping Giant

    Born into a large family as the seventh child among eight siblings his family lived hand to mouth. But by dint of hard work, K Madhavan rose from his first job for a salary of Rs 250 to building a Rs 325 crore turnover company, says P C Vinoj Kumar
      Posted    03-Nov-2018    Vol 9 Issue 45
  • Business of Care

    Business of Care

    For Dr Manreet Kahlon and Swadeep Srivastava taking care of the elderly is serious business. Launched in January 2017, their company has a presence in 15 cities and is doing business to the tune of about Rs 6 crore annually, says Sofia Danish Khan
      Posted    22-Oct-2018    Vol 9 Issue 43
  • The Auto Race

    The Auto Race

    His grandfather gave him the automobile business the family started when he was just 29. Ayush Lohia took up the challenge of taking on the big players like Bajaj and Honda and made it into a Rs 120 crore turnover company, says Sofia Danish Khan
      Posted    20-Oct-2018    Vol 9 Issue 43
  • Power to Hijab

    Power to Hijab

    Hijab-clad Majiziya Bhanu has transformed in just about two years from being an ordinary dental student to a well-known bodybuilder in Kerala. Bhanu believes that the hijab is never an obstacle for a woman with burning passion, says Sanu George
      Posted    13-Oct-2018    Vol 9 Issue 42
  • Journey of Fortune

    Journey of Fortune

    Turning a problem into opportunity, the young couple, Varun and Ghazal, decided to get into making of toxin-free skincare products in 2016 for mothers and children. Today, the couple do business worth Rs 20 crore annually, says Sofia Danish Khan
      Posted    12-Oct-2018    Vol 9 Issue 42
  • The Gritty Champs

    The Gritty Champs

    Many Indian sportspersons performed well in recent international events, including the just-concluded Asian Games. Ajeyo Basu puts the spotlight on those who showed true grit and fought extreme odds to make their families and the nation proud
      Posted    18-Sep-2018    Vol 9 Issue 38
  • The Fraud Detector

    The Fraud Detector

    When Sahil Gurucharan Chawla was cheated at a petrol pump with a rigged meter, he decided to develop a device that can eliminate this human fraud. The E-Funnel he developed is now in demand helping him increase his turnover, says Gurvinder Singh
      Posted    15-Sep-2018    Vol 9 Issue 38
  • Mover and Shaker

    Mover and Shaker

    He is a man who loves nature, goes on treks and is a voracious reader. But that is the softer side of him. His claim to fame is the way he built a Rs 324 crore turnover logistics company with just Rs 50,000. Sofia Danish Khan writes his story
      Posted    07-Sep-2018    Vol 9 Issue 37
  • Lighting up Homes

    Lighting up Homes

    The Jaju brothers have come a long way from the time they went cycling around the villages of West Bengal looking for business ideas. Their solar solutions company started with Rs 5 lakh is now a Rs 33 crore turnover entity, says Gurvinder Singh
      Posted    01-Sep-2018    Vol 9 Issue 36
  • Taking Giant Strides

    Taking Giant Strides

    Roshan Baid started a garment unit with Rs 4 lakh. He supplied to global sportswear brands like Adidas and Reebok, but now has his own brand that’s taking on the giants, and the turnover of his two companies is Rs 240 crore, says Sofia Danish Khan
      Posted    23-Aug-2018    Vol 9 Issue 34
  • Meagre to Merrier

    Meagre to Merrier

    Suman Howlader came to Bengaluru from a village near Kolkata for his higher studies, but he eventually turned an entrepreneur in the same city. Gurvinder Singh has the story of how Suman built a Rs 18 crore turnover company with just Rs 60,000
      Posted    17-Aug-2018    Vol 9 Issue 34
  • The Food King

    The Food King

    His food tech startup with its automated food dispensing units is shaking the QSR industry. P C Vinoj Kumar profiles the man who has come a long way from living in a 10 ft by 10 ft house and wants to a build a Rs 1,000 crore turnover company
      Posted    11-Aug-2018    Vol 9 Issue 33
  • Rising like a Phoenix

    Rising like a Phoenix

    Prasoon Gupta and Ankush Sharma, who launched Sattviko snacks in January last year, have already achieved a turnover of Rs 18 crore. But it took them two failed business ventures before they hit upon a winning formula, says Sofia Danish Khan
      Posted    03-Aug-2018    Vol 9 Issue 32
  • Bin there, done that

    Bin there, done that

    Being socially responsible, Achitra Borgohain was moving around with a bag full of e-waste trying to find a bin to dump it. Though his search ended in vain, it gave him a business idea that is now a Rs 1.15 crore turnover venture, says Usha Prasad
      Posted    27-Jul-2018    Vol 9 Issue 31
  • Strokes of Genius

    Strokes of Genius

    As daughter of a poor vegetable vendor, Shakila Sheikh had suffered much in life before the tide changed for her. How she transformed into an internationally known collage artist shows that nothing is impossible in life, says Gurvinder Singh
      Posted    26-Jul-2018    Vol 9 Issue 30
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