Vol 10 Issue 49, Dec 06, 2019 - Dec 12, 2019.


  • A vet’s dreams

    A vet’s dreams

    Converging diverse interests, veterinary science, journalism and business, Dr N Elangovan has charted for himself a path that not just gives soul satisfaction but also brings in the lucre. Usha Prasad meets the man who straddles many worlds
      Posted    26-Jun-2019    Vol 10 Issue 25
  • Clean sweep

    Clean sweep

    A Delhi dentist’s unclean spittoon spurred Amarinder Singh into doing something for the community’s health and starting his own clinic that has now grown into a Rs 140 crore turnover 321-clinic nationwide dental chain, says Sofia Danish Khan
      Posted    22-Jun-2019    Vol 10 Issue 25
  • Gift solution

    Gift solution

    Wedding Wishlist links soon-to-be-married couples with their friends to make gifting a meaningful exercise, helping the bride and groom set up their nest in their own style. Radhika Sudhakar meets Kanika, who brought gift registry to India
      Posted    05-Jun-2019    Vol 10 Issue 22
  • Growing together

    Growing together

    After making some money by organising adventure trips, seven friends from a Delhi school embarked on their own business adventure, making 3D printers and revolutionising classroom learning in schools. Sofia Danish Khan tells us how it happened
      Posted    01-Jun-2019    Vol 10 Issue 22
  • Sweet legacy

    Sweet legacy

    As a descendent of Rasgulla’s founder, he rose up to fight Odhisha’s bid to take ownership of Bengal’s culinary legacy. But more than that, Dhiman Das pulled K C Das, the brand set up by his forefathers, from the red, says Gurvinder Singh
      Posted    25-May-2019    Vol 10 Issue 21
  • Reluctant whiz-kid

    Reluctant whiz-kid

    For a co-founder of a global IT company that makes Rs 700 crore a year, Milind Borate dreamt below par as a teenager, though he realised his potential in due course and set out on his own, taking risks and overcoming setbacks, says Anvi Mehta
      Posted    17-May-2019    Vol 10 Issue 20
  • Fitting success

    Fitting success

    Fighting her own obesity, Diksha Chhabra emerged a fitness guru by using technology, mainly social media, to the hilt and made a cool Rs 15 lakh last year, sitting at home, giving ample time for the family. Sofia Danish Khan has the story
      Posted    11-May-2019    Vol 10 Issue 19
  • No containing her

    No containing her

    Rhea M Singhal was concerned that the use of aluminium and plastic in food delivery can cause more cancer in India and developed an eco-friendly alternative, an agri-based container, which is now a multi-crore business, says Sofia Danish Khan
      Posted    10-May-2019    Vol 10 Issue 19
  • Royal tea

    Royal tea

    Two bankers’ sons in north Chennai left their IT jobs to start out on their own, banking on the city’s love for tea and built a fortune in two years. Radhika Sudhakar had a tete-a-tete with Chai Kings, Jahabar Sadique and Balaji Sadagopan
      Posted    04-May-2019    Vol 10 Issue 18
  • Fragrant paper flowers

    Fragrant paper flowers

    Bengaluru couple Harish and Rashmi have turned a simple childhood activity of making paper flowers into a Rs 64 crore turnover business. Usha Prasad traces their incredible life journey, 10 years of which were spent in Singapore and Australia
      Posted    27-Apr-2019    Vol 10 Issue 17
  • Steeled to Win

    Steeled to Win

    Gunwant Singh Mongia has a will stronger than steel that which made a tycoon, earning Rs 350 crore a year, out of a seller of iron nails. His is a steely resilience, akin to his TMT bars, that he took adversity head on, says Gurvinder Singh
      Posted    23-Apr-2019    Vol 10 Issue 16
  • A Great Reviver

    A Great Reviver

    Not only did Hemang Bhatt pull his own life out of an abyss but also a floundering juice company by turning it into a successful brand and then went to start a restaurant chain, making over Rs 20 crore a year in just nine years, says Anvi Mehta
      Posted    19-Apr-2019    Vol 10 Issue 16
  • It’s No Kid Stuff

    It’s No Kid Stuff

    A startup launched by a student from his college dorm has turned into a Rs 18 crore company in three years. Gurvinder Singh profiles the whiz kid Satanik Roy and his three elder partners in HyperXchange, the cell phone refurbishing company
      Posted    10-Apr-2019    Vol 10 Issue 14
  • Dosas for Delhi

    Dosas for Delhi

    After capturing Delhi’s palate with quality South Indian snacks, served at his Jantar Mantar area café, Kesavan Kutty stormed into V3S mall, today taking home an easy Rs 60,000 daily. Sofia Danish Khan met the class five dropout from Kerala
      Posted    08-Apr-2019    Vol 10 Issue 14
  • Birthing a Brand

    Birthing a Brand

    When Roshan Baid created his own brand of sportswear after making products for international brands for several years, one of his clients warned him to close down his business. But Roshan chased his dream and built a Rs 46 crore turnover brand
      Posted    06-Apr-2019    Vol 10 Issue 14
  • Fruits of Contentment

    Fruits of Contentment

    Imbibe the forgotten values of contentment and humanism to establish peace and solidarity in the society, Justice N Santosh Hegde, former Karnataka Lokayukta, urged the youth at The Weekend Leader – VIT Person of the Year Award Function
      Posted    26-Mar-2019    Vol 10 Issue 12
  • Styling with Leather

    Styling with Leather

    With Rs 10,000, Aanchal Mittal, an alumna of NIFT, Delhi, started a leather accessories business with just one tailor in 2015. Today, she runs a profitable company with a turnover of Rs 25 lakh and employing 10 people, says Sofia Danish Khan
      Posted    23-Mar-2019    Vol 10 Issue 12
  • Tribal Coffee

    Tribal Coffee

    Manoj Kumar started working in Araku valley in 2011 to check the high maternal mortality rate in the region. But the intervention led to coffee cultivation by the tribals and the birth of a world famous coffee brand. Mohammed Shafeeq has the story
      Posted    07-Mar-2019    Vol 10 Issue 9
  • The 5AM Formula

    The 5AM Formula

    The globally renowned author of ‘The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari’ Robin Sharma’s latest book talks about harnessing the benefits of waking up at 5AM that has helped many of his high-profile clients including celebrities and CEOs, says Saket Suman
      Posted    01-Mar-2019    Vol 10 Issue 9
  • An Organic Growth

    An Organic Growth

    With a desire to enter agri-business, CMN Shastry acquired a sick vermicompost unit in 1999, which has now grown into a Rs 70 crore turnover company that sells various organic products in India, besides exporting to 20 countries, says Usha Prasad
      Posted    08-Feb-2019    Vol 10 Issue 8
  • Wow WTF!

    Wow WTF!

    With an USP of selling a variety of non-vegetarian and vegetarian food under Rs 149, WTF! restaurants in Kolkata, founded by a 23-year-old entrepreneur has done a turnover of more than Rs one crore in less than eight months, says Gurvinder Singh
      Posted    15-Feb-2019    Vol 10 Issue 7
  • Smart Shishya

    Smart Shishya

    At age 19, a young man decided to learn transcendental meditation at an ashram and later became a volunteer there. Today, an ayurdveda company he started with blessings of his guru is doing business of Rs 270 crore annually, says Sofia Danish Khan
      Posted    11-Feb-2019    Vol 10 Issue 6
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