Vol 11 Issue 13, Mar 27, 2020 - Apr 02, 2020.


  • A hot idea

    A hot idea

    Forced into child labour by poverty, Vijay Singh Rathore not just worked hard to climb life’s ladder but thought out of the box while launching his eatery, Johny Hot Dog, which has grown into a Rs 3.5 crore enterprise, says Aakanksha Dubey
      Posted    25-Oct-2019    Vol 10 Issue 43
  • Making Officers

    Making Officers

    How to crack the IAS exam? For those asking this question, ‘Free IAS Coach’ P Kanagaraj had some answers. Providing tips on the preparation for the civil services exam, he spoke to P C Vinoj Kumar after receiving the ‘Inspiring Indian’ award
      Posted    24-Oct-2019    Vol 10 Issue 42
  • Destiny’s Child

    Destiny’s Child

    Without crossing Indian borders, a young woman sells traditional products abroad through her eBay store. Sofia Danish Khan tracks the growth of Sanskriti Vintage, a Rs 10 crore enterprise, started with an investment of Rs 50,000 in 2010
      Posted    22-Oct-2019    Vol 10 Issue 42
  • Modern milkman

    Modern milkman

    A young engineering graduate quit his well-paying job as he smelt an opportunity in selling camel milk in the National Capital Region. Starting with Rs 2 lakh, he achieved a turnover of Rs 4.5 crore in just three years, says Sofia Danish Khan
      Posted    14-Oct-2019    Vol 10 Issue 41
  • Loving robotics

    Loving robotics

    Two students of a Chennai engineering college united for taking part in robotic competitions but stayed together beyond that to set up home and also a business that brought Rs seven crore revenue last year. Sabrina Rajan has the love story
      Posted    09-Oct-2019    Vol 10 Issue 40
  • An uphill drive

    An uphill drive

    From fixing gas stoves to setting up a Rs 7 crore turnover logistics firm with a fleet of 250 vehicles, Chandrakant Pote has come a long way. Nidhi Roy traces the growth of the self-made businessman whose mantra is ‘never say no to a customer’
      Posted    30-Sep-2019    Vol 10 Issue 39
  • Unboxing a prodigy

    Unboxing a prodigy

    In her first public interaction on her life and accomplishments, IQ prodigy K Visalini bust myths about IQ enhancing drugs and exercises. P C Vinoj Kumar, Editor of The Weekend Leader, engaged her in a conversation at Ethiraj College recently
      Posted    16-Sep-2019    Vol 10 Issue 37
  • Electric move

    Electric move

    It’s definitely an electrifying story. Two young brothers in Hyderabad have turned their father’s abandoned workshop into a factory for electric bikes and auto rickshaws, thus ushering in a revolution in automobile industry, says Rama Devi Menon
      Posted    13-Sep-2019    Vol 10 Issue 37
  • Dressing millennials

    Dressing millennials

    Keeping the sartorial tastes and needs of the millennials in mind, two Delhi youth pooled their savings of Rs 5 lakh to launch PostFold, an apparel brand that ‘clicked.’ Sofia Danish Khan met the duo that made Rs 1.6 crore last year
      Posted    29-Aug-2019    Vol 10 Issue 34
  • Price matters

    Price matters

    Self-made C M Faizal Ahamed is making waves in the textile sector through his Suxus showrooms that are ever crowded and have recorded the highest ‘per sq ft sale per annum’. P C Vinoj Kumar meets the entrepreneur who learnt from his mistakes
      Posted    22-Aug-2019    Vol 10 Issue 33
  • Students’ choice

    Students’ choice

    Sensing a students’ ‘demand’ for comfortable living and good food, three management students ‘supplied’ it through Yourspace, opening a slew of premier hostels. Sofia Danish Khan met the innovative trio who made a cool Rs 16 crore last year
      Posted    20-Aug-2019    Vol 10 Issue 33
  • Women safe

    Women safe

    A moment of doubt over the cab driver impelled Shailja Mittal to conjure up a car hire service that safely takes even a 3-year-old to a kids’ party. Sofia Danish Khan on the women-driven cab service ‘Koala Kabs’ that made one crore last year
      Posted    09-Aug-2019    Vol 10 Issue 32
  • Water from air

    Water from air

    Realising the acute need for new water sources in India, Siddharth Shah has imported Air2Water technology to manufacture Atmospheric Water Generators that could well be a godsend for people in parched places. Deven Lad checks out the details
      Posted    02-Aug-2019    Vol 10 Issue 31
  • Perseverance pays

    Perseverance pays

    With no formal training in civil engineering, 27-year-old Sharath Somanna successfully runs a Rs 20 crore turnover construction company that he started with just Rs 46,000. Usha Prasad met him at an old palatial house that he is beautifying
      Posted    27-Jul-2019    Vol 10 Issue 30
  • Young wonder

    Young wonder

    A national table tennis player, a PhD scholar, a cook, a computer geek, a pianist and a motivational speaker - Naina Jaiswal is all this and more at 19 years. Rama Devi Menon tells us about the child prodigy, groomed by an astute father
      Posted    24-Jul-2019    Vol 10 Issue 29
  • A vet’s dreams

    A vet’s dreams

    Converging diverse interests, veterinary science, journalism and business, Dr N Elangovan has charted for himself a path that not just gives soul satisfaction but also brings in the lucre. Usha Prasad meets the man who straddles many worlds
      Posted    26-Jun-2019    Vol 10 Issue 25
  • Clean sweep

    Clean sweep

    A Delhi dentist’s unclean spittoon spurred Amarinder Singh into doing something for the community’s health and starting his own clinic that has now grown into a Rs 140 crore turnover 321-clinic nationwide dental chain, says Sofia Danish Khan
      Posted    22-Jun-2019    Vol 10 Issue 25
  • Gift solution

    Gift solution

    Wedding Wishlist links soon-to-be-married couples with their friends to make gifting a meaningful exercise, helping the bride and groom set up their nest in their own style. Radhika Sudhakar meets Kanika, who brought gift registry to India
      Posted    05-Jun-2019    Vol 10 Issue 22
  • Growing together

    Growing together

    After making some money by organising adventure trips, seven friends from a Delhi school embarked on their own business adventure, making 3D printers and revolutionising classroom learning in schools. Sofia Danish Khan tells us how it happened
      Posted    01-Jun-2019    Vol 10 Issue 22
  • Sweet legacy

    Sweet legacy

    As a descendent of Rasgulla’s founder, he rose up to fight Odhisha’s bid to take ownership of Bengal’s culinary legacy. But more than that, Dhiman Das pulled K C Das, the brand set up by his forefathers, from the red, says Gurvinder Singh
      Posted    25-May-2019    Vol 10 Issue 21
  • Reluctant whiz-kid

    Reluctant whiz-kid

    For a co-founder of a global IT company that makes Rs 700 crore a year, Milind Borate dreamt below par as a teenager, though he realised his potential in due course and set out on his own, taking risks and overcoming setbacks, says Anvi Mehta
      Posted    17-May-2019    Vol 10 Issue 20
  • Fitting success

    Fitting success

    Fighting her own obesity, Diksha Chhabra emerged a fitness guru by using technology, mainly social media, to the hilt and made a cool Rs 15 lakh last year, sitting at home, giving ample time for the family. Sofia Danish Khan has the story
      Posted    11-May-2019    Vol 10 Issue 19
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