Vol 11 Issue 9, Feb 28, 2020 - Mar 05, 2020.


  • Power of tracking

    Power of tracking

    Forced to discontinue his studies despite high marks in school final, Shamim Akhtar put the family’s financial woes behind him and set out on his own. First he imported mobile phones from China and now sells GPS devices, says Gurvinder Singh
      Posted    22-Feb-2020    Vol 11 Issue 8
  • Self-judging isn’t ok

    Self-judging isn’t ok

    Self-judgment can have a number of negative consequences—it can weigh you down, dent on your confidence, affect your sense of self-worth and hold you back from pursuing your goals, says Dr Roopleen and suggests ways to develop a positive attitude
      Posted    14-Feb-2020    Vol 11 Issue 7
  • Twisted strength

    Twisted strength

    A scrap dealer’s son comes up with one steel of an idea, gives it a twist and presents to the world ‘Amman TRY,’ a leader in TMT bars. P C Vinoj Kumar visits the steel plant in Trichy to find out how M Somasundaram created the Rs 800 crore company
      Posted    22-Jan-2020    Vol 11 Issue 3
  • Just desserts

    Just desserts

    It is not about serving a delicacy to diners but also about serving it the right way, say Pranshul Yadav and Arun Suvarna, whose Frozen Bottles has opened over 100 outlets in a span of just over two years. They open up to Chaithra Srinivas
      Posted    16-Jan-2020    Vol 11 Issue 2
  • Leading kindly

    Leading kindly

    Growing up as a child feeling bad for anybody suffering, Anju Srivastava went on to become a social entrepreneur, lighting up lives, empowering her women employees and helping farmers earn more. Sofia Danish Khan meets the sensitive woman
      Posted    13-Jan-2020    Vol 11 Issue 2
  • Growth, uninterrupted

    Growth, uninterrupted

    An electrical engineer, peeved by power fluctuations, developed a stabilizer while still working for a salary of Rs 1,000 in the 1980’s. He then set up a company, which achieved a turnover of Rs 350 crore in the last FY, says Gurvinder Singh
      Posted    28-Dec-2019    Vol 10 Issue 52
  • Dancers’ friend

    Dancers’ friend

    A man, who left Bihar in search of greener pastures, landed in Dharavi and found his feet in Bollywood by touching the lives of top stars through his shoemaking skills. Anagha Sawant meets dance shoe maker Jameel Shah, a millionaire to boot
      Posted    21-Dec-2019    Vol 10 Issue 51
  • Wowing B-school

    Wowing B-school

    Two young and successful entrepreneurs opened up at the VIT B-School, one electrifying the crowd with his futuristic project on e-vehicles and the other explaining how Return on Capital Employed can amplify profits. A report by G Babu Jayakumar
      Posted    19-Dec-2019    Vol 10 Issue 50
  • All the marbles

    All the marbles

    Two brothers and a cousin, all hailing from a family that traded in paper, blazed a new trail when they were just in their early twenties by selling marbles and triumphed making Rs 300 crore last year. Sofia Danish Khan has the success story
      Posted    14-Dec-2019    Vol 10 Issue 50
  • Spicing business

    Spicing business

    When Naresh Pagariya added spice to dad’s masala business by entering manufacturing, the traditional family of traders did not relish it. But he went by his plan and today heads Pagariya Foods whose turnover is Rs 50 crore, says Usha Prasad
      Posted    07-Dec-2019    Vol 10 Issue 49
  • Nippon powered

    Nippon powered

    Power to the people is what Sumudit Issar offers through Sharman Energy, the company he started despite opposition from his family of businessmen and made it a Rs 5 crore enterprise in a year. Sofia Danish Khan meets the ‘solar energy’ man
      Posted    30-Nov-2019    Vol 10 Issue 48
  • Upwardly mobile

    Upwardly mobile

    P C Vinoj Kumar traces the inspiring rags-to-riches journey of P Balasubramanian, founder of a Rs 3 core turnover mobile phone repair chain, who grew up in a hostel, came to Chennai with a few 100 rupees and started his career as an AC mechanic
      Posted    23-Nov-2019    Vol 10 Issue 47
  • IAS mystique

    IAS mystique

    For aspirants of IAS or other central government services, Dr P Kangaraj, offers free coaching. In a conversation with P C Vinoj Kumar, he gave tips on cracking the civil services, which have been compiled in a FAQ format by G Babu Jayakumar
      Posted    15-Nov-2019    Vol 10 Issue 46
  • Electrifying idea

    Electrifying idea

    From a tourist guide to selling paints to promoting mobile telecommunication services to manufacturing e-scooters, Nischal Chaudhary has come a long way through sheer hard work and an understanding of people’s needs, says Sofia Danish Khan
      Posted    09-Nov-2019    Vol 10 Issue 45
  • A paying venture

    A paying venture

    From his father’s thatched mud house tea shop to his own plush office in Kolkata’s upmarket Newtown, Sandip Kumar Dutta has travelled a long way to run a Paying Guest Service, offering 1,500 beds and making Rs 2.5 crore, says Gurvinder Singh
      Posted    06-Nov-2019    Vol 10 Issue 44
  • Earthy experience

    Earthy experience

    Unable to find a job in the US due to the Great Recession, Sulagna Ghosh came home to bide her time but found her niche at selling artefacts in a café ambience. Gurvinder Singh tells the story of how Ghosh established Kolkata’s Sienna store
      Posted    30-Oct-2019    Vol 10 Issue 43
  • A hot idea

    A hot idea

    Forced into child labour by poverty, Vijay Singh Rathore not just worked hard to climb life’s ladder but thought out of the box while launching his eatery, Johny Hot Dog, which has grown into a Rs 3.5 crore enterprise, says Aakanksha Dubey
      Posted    25-Oct-2019    Vol 10 Issue 43
  • Making Officers

    Making Officers

    How to crack the IAS exam? For those asking this question, ‘Free IAS Coach’ P Kanagaraj had some answers. Providing tips on the preparation for the civil services exam, he spoke to P C Vinoj Kumar after receiving the ‘Inspiring Indian’ award
      Posted    24-Oct-2019    Vol 10 Issue 42
  • Destiny’s Child

    Destiny’s Child

    Without crossing Indian borders, a young woman sells traditional products abroad through her eBay store. Sofia Danish Khan tracks the growth of Sanskriti Vintage, a Rs 10 crore enterprise, started with an investment of Rs 50,000 in 2010
      Posted    22-Oct-2019    Vol 10 Issue 42
  • Modern milkman

    Modern milkman

    A young engineering graduate quit his well-paying job as he smelt an opportunity in selling camel milk in the National Capital Region. Starting with Rs 2 lakh, he achieved a turnover of Rs 4.5 crore in just three years, says Sofia Danish Khan
      Posted    14-Oct-2019    Vol 10 Issue 41
  • Loving robotics

    Loving robotics

    Two students of a Chennai engineering college united for taking part in robotic competitions but stayed together beyond that to set up home and also a business that brought Rs seven crore revenue last year. Sabrina Rajan has the love story
      Posted    09-Oct-2019    Vol 10 Issue 40
  • An uphill drive

    An uphill drive

    From fixing gas stoves to setting up a Rs 7 crore turnover logistics firm with a fleet of 250 vehicles, Chandrakant Pote has come a long way. Nidhi Roy traces the growth of the self-made businessman whose mantra is ‘never say no to a customer’
      Posted    30-Sep-2019    Vol 10 Issue 39
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