Vol 11 Issue 14, Apr 03, 2020 - Apr 09, 2020.


  • Centre needs to act boldly on Telangana

    A situation has arisen in Andhra Pradesh in which the government of the State has not been able to carry on in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution. The remedy for the situation is for the President to assume the functions of the State government other than the legislature.
      Posted    2013-10-09    Vol Issue
  • Forgive them not, for they know what they are doing

    The Delhi gang rape case shook the conscience of the country and targeted the Juvenile Justice Act, 2000, a progressive legislation with a reformatory regime, which enabled one of the culprits of the brutal crime to get away with just three years in a remand home. The Act was
      Posted    2013-09-16    Vol Issue
  • Retrieve Katchatheevu from Sri Lanka

    Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was mistaken in thinking that a mere demarche served on Sri Lankan High Commissioner in New Delhi asking Colombo to release the 100-odd fishermen from southern Tamil Nadu taken captives by the island nation’s navy in the Palk Strait would ensure the release
      Posted    2013-08-24    Vol Issue
  • The fatal attraction to 'Made in Russia

    Our hearts go out to the families of the 18 gallant Indian Navy personnel who went down in the submarine Sindhurakshak in the Lions Gate naval dockyard in Mumbai following a series of deafening explosions on board. Its manual and automatic alarm systems did not work during the
      Posted    2013-08-16    Vol Issue
  • Introduce paper receipts in EVMs for fair polls

    The late lamented Soviet leader Joseph Stalin is credited with the saying: “He who casts a vote decides nothing. He who counts the votes decides everything.” For a vote to mean anything, those counting the ballot must have a greater respect for the integrity of democracy.
      Posted    2013-08-09    Vol Issue
  • Towards a better system in judicial appointments

    The collegium system of appointments in the higher judiciary leaves too much to the discretion of chief justices and in the process, legal competence, integrity, and dedication, have become casualty. The judge is the pillar of the entire justice system in a democracy. Judges a
      Posted    2013-07-27    Vol Issue
  • Accused in Gujarat riots cannot lead India

    Narendra Modi’s elevation in BJP and the attempt to showcase him as future face of the party and its prime ministerial candidate is bound to cause some political churning in the country. While the BJP can hope to consolidate its Hindutva votebank, it has to reconcile to
      Posted    2013-06-13    Vol Issue
  • Nation totally unprepared to deal with disasters

    Frequency of disasters, natural as well as manmade, due to increase in urbanisation and development of the avoidable kind, has been on the increase in the country, causing significant loss of life and damage to infrastructure and government facilities. In such a scenario, the import
      Posted    2013-04-30    Vol Issue
  • Italy's snub, a consequence of India's soft image

    Italy’s undiplomatic act of refusing to send back two of its marines facing trial in India on charges of killing two Kerala fishermen allegedly in Indian waters is a direct consequence of India’s image as a soft state. If India believes it is a regional superpower
      Posted    2013-03-13    Vol Issue
  • Sri Lanka sliding to dictatorship

    The removal of Sri Lanka’s 43rd Chief Justice, Shirani Bandarayanayaka, has shaken the very foundations of independence of the judiciary, rule of law and all basic norms of a functioning democracy. The Executive and the Legislature deliberately ignored the constitutional
      Posted    2013-01-21    Vol Issue
  • Let death be the verdict

    The brutalisation of a young girl in a private bus in Delhi, along with her male friend, has justifiably raised national outrage. There is widespread angst, anger and disgust at the horrific incident where the magnitude of violence, pain, humiliation and degradation inflicted on the girl canno
      Posted    2012-12-19    Vol Issue
  • Drop the antagonistic stand against Jallikattu

    The Supreme Court’s decision to allow the conduct of Jallikattu has brought cheer to followers of the sport in the southern districts of Tamil Nadu. Jallikattu is a traditional sport that involves both man and animal. In recent years its popularity has increased and the annual Jallikattu
      Posted    2012-12-12    Vol Issue
  • Link the rivers and save agriculture

    When Tamil Nadu approached the Supreme Court seeking justice as Karnataka refused to release Cauvery water in defiance of its order, all it got from a Bench comprising Justices DK Jain and Madan B Lokur was a homily on the importance of talks to arrive at an amicable solution to this sensitive
      Posted    2012-12-03    Vol Issue
  • India betrays Lankan Tamils again

    In a major departure from its foreign policy, India dropped its demand to implement the 13th amendment to the Constitution by Sri Lanka, demilitarise the Northern Province and holding of election to the Northern Provincial Council in the working report of Sri Lanka’s Universal Periodic R
      Posted    2012-11-10    Vol Issue
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