Vol 9 Issue 42, Oct 12, 2018 - Oct 18, 2018.


  • Train kids

    Train kids

    Story of social worker Vimla rescuing three runaway boys on a railway platform one morning is just an excerpt from a book written by Malcolm Harper and Lalitha Iyer on the life of such kids
      Posted    22-Mar-2014    Vol 5 Issue 12
  • Elegy to Sardar

    Elegy to Sardar

    The week’s greatest loss was Khushwant Singh, a man of many parts who passed away on March 20, missing his 100th birthday. Vikas Datta pays tribute to the man, on whose bed Nargis once slept
      Posted    22-Mar-2014    Vol 5 Issue 12
  • On the platter

    On the platter

    As an answer to the food security problem, the Tamil Nadu government has opened about 200 subsidised canteens that serve breakfast, lunch and dinner for millions of people, says Hema Vijay
      Posted    15-Mar-2014    Vol 5 Issue 11
  • Women and cops

    Women and cops

    More women want more women police. This is a finding of a study, ‘Acceptance of Women Police in Society, by Aruna M Bahaguna, which finds women cops less corrupt, says Ratna Bharali Talukdar
      Posted    15-Mar-2014    Vol 5 Issue 11
  • Hockey Village

    Hockey Village

    Hockey may be India’s national game. But kids in a Rajasthani village, Garh Himmat Singh, did not know much about it till a German woman landed there. Elsa Mathews speaks to Andrea Thumshirn
      Posted    08-Mar-2014    Vol 5 Issue 10
  • Women in news

    Women in news

    Catering to rural women in Bundelkhand and Awadh is a weekly newspaper run by women. Rupesh Dutta tells us the challenges of the journalists, who also have to confront a patriarchal society
      Posted    08-Mar-2014    Vol 5 Issue 10
  • Spine after injury

    Spine after injury

    There is a full life even after a spinal injury. This is the crux of the book, ‘No looking Back – A True Story’, by Shivani Gupta, who narrates her counseling among injured women. An excerpt
      Posted    01-Mar-2014    Vol 5 Issue 9
  • City survivors

    City survivors

    In the din of Delhi traffic, the Rajasthani Banjaras, who sell their wares from their tents on the pavements, hardly get noticed. But they too have their own aspirations, says Anuradha Dutt
      Posted    22-Feb-2014    Vol 5 Issue 8
  • Framed forever

    Framed forever

    Photographer Media Ramu captures some of the memorable moments from The Weekend Leader – VIT Chennai Person of the Year Award Function held at VIT Chennai. The Award went to Balasaheb Darade
      Posted    19-Feb-2014    Vol 5 Issue 7
  • Daughter dearest

    Daughter dearest

    In her book, 'Past Perfect: Letters to Aditi', dedicated to her daughter, Anna Varughese has chronicled her incredible journey battling a debilitating health condition, says Shwetha E George
      Posted    01-Feb-2014    Vol 5 Issue 5
  • Made for Mandela

    Made for Mandela

    South Africa based Indian-origin producer of ‘Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom’ hopes that the Indian audience would love his film that has emerged as the highest grossing biopic in South Africa
      Posted    01-Feb-2014    Vol 5 Issue 5
  • Fiery trail

    Fiery trail

    Most British-era heritage buildings in Shimla are in bad shape. Many buildings have been destroyed in fire. Gorton Castle, an iconic structure caught fire early this week, says Vishal Gulati
      Posted    01-Feb-2014    Vol 5 Issue 5
  • Restive youth

    Restive youth

    The youth of northeastern states resent the lack of development in their region as they go elsewhere in the country seeking jobs or to escape the threat of violence, says Azera Parveen Rahman
      Posted    25-Jan-2014    Vol 5 Issue 4
  • Now cooking

    Now cooking

    What's brewing in the kitchens of star hotels in India? Venkatachari Jagannathan finds out that Indians are replacing expats as chefs after gaining adequate expertise in major global cuisines
      Posted    17-Jan-2014    Vol 5 Issue 3
  • Beyond literature

    Beyond literature

    The 17th century Diggi Palace, venue for Jaipur Literature Festival, has been hosting writers and book lovers since 2006 by offering them more than heritage and royal food, says Shilpa Raina
      Posted    17-Jan-2014    Vol 5 Issue 3
  • Pictures perfect

    Pictures perfect

    Tribal women fight for basic rights all over the world. Some photos by Jason Taylor, with Joanna Eede's text, tells us inspiring stories of women who make a difference to their communities
      Posted    17-Jan-2014    Vol 5 Issue 3
  • Whistling women

    Whistling women

    More Indian women are breaking into the once male preserve of soccer referees, says Abhishek Roy. But the challenge is on how they handle men's matches, confides a woman referee from Chennai
      Posted    11-Jan-2014    Vol 5 Issue 2
  • Barefoot chefs

    Barefoot chefs

    The cooks who dish out lip-smacking traditional food in Old Delhi remain unsung, laments Mohd Asim Khan as he checks out with those barefoot chefs the history and secrets of Mughalai cuisine
      Posted    11-Jan-2014    Vol 5 Issue 2
  • Purge the toxins

    Purge the toxins

    Fitness expert Deanne Panday herself struggled to lose weight due to body toxins. She makes many such revelations in her book ' Shut Up and Train-A Complete Fitness Guide For Men and Women'
      Posted    11-Jan-2014    Vol 5 Issue 2
  • Native nutrients

    Native nutrients

    Identification of 66 uncultivated food in the tribal belt of Rayagada in Odisha, notorious for malnourishment, helped women provide the right nutrition for family members, says Sarada Lahangir
      Posted    04-Jan-2014    Vol 5 Issue 1
  • Back in Place

    Back in Place

    Residents of Delhi are heaving a sigh of relief. No, not because a new government has taken charge but because Connaught Place has regained its glory after years of digging, defacing, detours
      Posted    04-Jan-2014    Vol 5 Issue 1
  • Twinkling stars

    Twinkling stars

    While Bollywood actresses like Deepika Padukone surprised the audiences with their performances this year, others impressed with their finesse in non-commercial outings, says Radhika Bhirani
      Posted    28-Dec-2013    Vol 4 Issue 52
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