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  • Serving the Hungry
    Serving the Hungry

    For the homeless people on the streets of Chennai, there is a place they can simply go and pick up some packed food to eat without losing their dignity and self-respect. Bilal Khan writes about Issa Fathima Jasmine’s community fridge initiative

      Posted    2022-04-05    13 Issue 14
  • A Fantastic Journey
    A Fantastic Journey

    Sangeeta Lala started Fanzart, a luxury fan brand in 2012 along with her husband Anil Lala when she was 50 years old. Ten years later, she has made it a Rs 100 crore turnover brand with about 100 outlets around the country, says Partho Burman

      Posted    2022-04-06    13 Issue 14
  • Fab Couple
    Fab Couple

    Divam Jain and Aditi quit their jobs to start Fabnest, a women’s apparel brand, in 2017. It took a lot of faith and courage for the couple to quit their jobs and start a business when their twin daughters were just three years old, says Bilal Khan

      Posted    2022-04-09    13 Issue 14