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Vaiko's Sanchi protest on course

Radhika Giri   |   Chennai


Vol 3 | Issue 36

MDMK chief Vaiko today stated that the protest at Sanchi in Madhya Pradesh against Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaska's visit to inaugurate a Buddhist learning centre would take place as planned.

Vaiko feels that both the Congress government in centre and the BJP government in MP are on the same page on the issue of Rajapaksa’s Sanchi visit.

Vaiko is firm on the black flag protest against Rajapaksa

"The central government led by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is working behind the scenes in inviting Rajapaksa while the BJP government of Madhya Pradesh is in agreement," Vaiko said in a statement.

"Moreover, the central government, by instigating some, is plotting to show to the world that there is no opposition to Rajapaksa and that the entire country welcomes him wholeheartedly to India," Vaiko charged, stating that the opposition already expressed in Madhya Pradesh in the name of Buddhist organizations to the MDMK's planned demonstration was the handiwork of the Indian intelligence.

It may be noted that India's intelligence department have been charged repeatedly by several Tamil organizations of taking a vicious anti-Tamil and pro-Sinhala stance, something that has also been analysed in journals in the context of Indo-Sri Lanka relations. 

Vaiko said former MP, C Krishnan, and his associate who went to Sanchi police station to apply for permission for the proposed black flag demonstration against Rajapaksa were subject to severe searches on their person, while their place of stay in that state has been brought under police vigil.

"We are not against Buddhism. What we oppose is the participation of a criminal who unleashed state terrorism, going against the very principles of Buddhism, participating in a Buddhist function. We will not be deterred. We will hold our demonstration as planned," Vaiko said.

Vaiko and his cadres have planned to take buses to Sanchi on 17 September to reach Sanchi on 19 September. 

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