'Ban' on bananas lifted in Lucknow station



Following protests by vendors and travellers, the Northern Railway officials have lifted a 'ban' on sale of bananas at the Charbagh railway station here.

Northern Railway (NR) officials said vendors were not allowed to sell bananas for two days so that the platforms wear a cleaner look.

"It was not a 'ban' as was quoted by a section media. It was just a restriction imposed to present a clean picture of the station before authorities who carried out a cleanliness survey here," said the officials.

Jagtosh Shukla, Senior Divisional Commercial Manager (DCM), NR (Lucknow) said: "Sale of bananas has been restored at the station. We had asked vendors not to sell bananas until the cleanliness survey is completed. It has been observed that people are in a habit of throwing away banana peels on platforms, which adds to the filth."IANS