The Weekend Leader - BJP to win over 23 seats in Bengal: Amit Shah

BJP to win over 23 seats in Bengal: Amit Shah

Joynagar (West Bengal)


Taking a jibe at West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee over the cancellation of one of his rallies in the state, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) President Amit Shah on Tuesday claimed that people of Bengal have decided to send more than 23 BJP MPs to the Lok Sabha irrespective of whether Banerjee's government allows them to hold meetings or not.

Shah also dared Banerjee to arrest him for chanting "Jai Shri Ram", a week after three persons were arrested in the West Midnapore district for allegedly chanting the slogan while her convoy was passing through the area.

"I am supposed to go to three places today (Monday). I have come here at Joynagar and the permission for (my) second rally has been cancelled because Mamata didi fears that her nephew would lose his reign if the BJP workers get united.

"People have already decided to defeat Trinammol Congress in the Lok Sabha elections, irrespective of whether you allow us to talk or hold meetings, or deny us to talk or organise rallies," he said addressing a public meeting here. 

The people of Bengal have made up their mind to "give more than 23 Lok Sabha seats to the BJP", he said. 

Shah's scheduled rally in Baruipur on Monday was cancelled as the state government allegedly denied permission for the same.

"Mamata didi often says Jai Shri Ram cannot be chanted. I am chanting Jai Shri Ram from this stage in the Joynagar constituency and going to Kolkata from here. If you have courage, arrest me," Shah said.

A video circulated on social media on May 4 showed the Chief Minister stepping out off her vehicle in a bid to confront a group of people chanting 'Jai Shri Ram' on her way to a public rally in Ghatal.

On seeing Banerjee's convoy stop, the people started fleeing but she dared them to come back and alleged some of them were using abusive language against her. Subsequently, three persons were arrested from the area.

IANS has not verified the contents of the video.

On Monday, Shah also accused Banerjee of depriving Bengal's people of the benefits of central welfare schemes rolled out by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

"Mamata didi is afraid of losing her popularity to Modi. That is why she is not allowing implementation of the central welfare schemes," he said, urging voters to oust the Banerjee government from power.

The BJP chief also alleged that people were earlier forced to pay "tax to syndicates", but now they have been compelled to pay "tax to her (Banerjee's) nephew"

"Mitron (friends), do you agree with the nephew tax? Tell me, whether this tax should be abolished or not. Mamata didi wants votes of infiltrators so that she does not need to care for votes of others," Shah said.

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