Climate protesters block London Stock Exchange



Environmental activist group Extinction Rebellion blocked the entrance to the London Stock Exchange on Thursday as climate change protests continued in the British capital.

The group said it was "hitting the financial industry" to "demand they tell the truth about the devastating impact the industry has on our planet", according to a tweet announcing the action on its official Twitter account.

In another tweet, the group revealed that other activists had climbed onto a train in London's Canary Wharf station for the second time in a week, reports CNN.

At least four protesters on top of the train held signs that read "don't jail the canaries" and "business as usual = death".

Last week, three Extinction Rebellion activists were arrested at the same station after two glued themselves to the top of a train, and a third glued himself to the side.

More than 1,000 protesters were arrested last week when the group took over locations in London such as Parliament Square, Oxford Circus and Waterloo Bridge. The police said 53 people were charged.

A final protest site at Marble Arch was cleared on Thursday morning.

"We remain in frequent contact with the organisers to ensure that the serious disruption to Londoners is brought to a close as soon as possible and that only lawful and peaceful protests continue," the police added.

Extinction Rebellion said in a statement that the protests would end with a closing ceremony in Hyde Park at 6 p.m. on Thursday. IANS