Businessman keen on promoting 'Tamil clocks



A Chennai based businessman, Rajkumar Shanmugham, has taken delivery of about hundred pieces of ‘Tamil clocks’ from a Kolkata company recently and plans to give them away as New year gifts to his friends to propagate the richness of the ancient Tamil language.

The clock with Tamil numerals

He said he got the idea of making the clock after he came to know about an eighteenth century clock with Tamil numerals at the Mumbai fort. 

That clock belonged to the man who built the Tata business empire, Sir Dorabji Tata, he said.

“Few people know about the existence of Tamil numerals, which was in vogue in the ancient days. By distributing the clock to my friends, I hope to create an awareness about the glorious Tamil heritage and instill a sense of pride in the minds of people about their language,” says Rajkumar, proprietor of Techpumps, makers of water pressure pumps. - TWL Bureau