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Recognise May 10, 1951 as Gen. V K Singh’s official DoB, say ex-army officers


Vol 3 | Issue 11

In an unprecedented development in the history of Indian Army, several ex-army officers starting from the rank of Lt Gen, have submitted a memorandum to the President of India in support of the Chief of Army Staff, Gen. V K Singh, in the age controversy issue and have urged the President not to entertain any proposal to appoint a new COAS until the age dispute is settled. (List of signatories has also been provided.)

Gen. V K Singh

Following is the Text of the Memorandum

H.E. The President of India
Rashtrapati Bhavan
New Delhi Dated: March 3, 2012

Your Excellency,

This is a plea for justice from India’s Ex-servicemen who have given their life’s best to the nation and their extended families. Ordinarily an occasion for such a plea would not have arisen, but in these days of extraordinary happenings, if we do not stand up and be counted, posterity will never forgive us. These ‘extraordinary happenings’ pertain to the contrived ‘Date of Birth’ (DoB) controversy of the serving Chief of the Army Staff that has reverberations throughout the length and breadth of the Country.

Your Excellency as President of the Indian Republic and Supreme Commander of the country’s Armed Forces is the appropriate forum to ventilate our grievance and seek redress. Hence this Memorandum.

The circumstances under which General VK Singh, COAS went to the Supreme Court of India seeking justice is too well known for us to recount here. On 10th February 2012, Hon’ble Supreme court ‘disposed of’ the matter with a brief order. The relevant/operative portion of the order is reproduced below for the sake of clarity.

Para 5. We grant permission to the respondent (Union of India) to withdraw the order dated December 30, 2011 to the extent noted above. In view thereof, the petitioner's grievance with regard to the part of the order dated December 30, 2011 which deals with the merits of the controversy does not survive.

Para 10. As a matter of fact, the question before us in the Writ Petition is not about the determination of actual date of birth of the petitioner, but it concerns the recognition of a particular date of birth of the petitioner (VK Singh) by the respondent (Union of India) in the official service record.

Para 12. Writ Petition is disposed of as withdrawn.

This order, contrary to the distortions dished out by myriad of spin-doctors and super-hype by sections of mass media, puts the ball back in the courts of the Union of India, meaning Government of India to ‘recognize a particular date of birth of General VK Singh in the official service record’.

Your Excellency is well aware that ‘Government of India’ means the President as defined in Section 3 of the General Clauses Act. The Defence Minister (Raksha Mantri) exercises Executive power on behalf of the President by virtue of delegation of power under the Rules of Business. Such exercise of delegated power totally prohibits any arbitrary and wanton exercise of authority which is violative of Article 14 of the Constitution which does not allow arbitrariness anywhere.

If the so called ‘confusion’ in the Ministry of Defence (MoD), headed by Raksha Mantri about the DoB was genuine, the confidential communication dated 01 Jul 2011 (A/4501/01/GEN/MS(1)) from Lt.-Gen. GM Nair, Military Secretary to the Defence Secretary, should have set things right and the matter given a quietus. This letter categorically states that 10 May 1951 was taken as the DoB by various Selection Boards for promotion of Gen VK Singh to select ranks:

• No: 2 Selection Board, Sept 1996 ~ Fresh case 1970 batch for promotion to the acting rank of Brigadier;

• No: 1 Selection Board, 25 Oct 2001 ~ Fresh case 1970 batch for promotion to the acting rank of Maj. Gen;

• No: 1 Selection Board, 18/19 Sept 2003 ~ Special Review (Fresh) Case 1970 Batch for promotion to the acting rank of Maj. Gen; and

• Special Selection Board, 30 Sept 2005 ~ Fresh case 1970 Batch for promotion to the acting rank of Lt. Gen.

The above letter from the MS was based on documentary evidence available in the Army Headquarters as well as the MoD that conclusively established the following:

• Till 2006 there was no dispute about the DoB – 10 May, 1951 – of Gen VK Singh, a fact accepted by the Army Headquarters when the discrepancy was first brought up by the Union Service Public Commission. In short, Gen Singh never sought a “change”. He was just resisting an effort by vested interests to “change” his birth year from 1951 to 1950 for extraneous reasons.

• Within months of erroneously filling up army chief’s UPSC application form recording YoB as 1950, several documents were submitted to correct the error including letter from Commanding Officer, 14 Rajput Regiment stating that Gen Singh’s date of birth maintained in (his) office is 10 May, 1951 based on records of Military Hospital, Pune.

• The Rajasthan state government’s Secondary School Board issued a school leaving certificate recording Gen Singh’s date of birth as May 10, 1951.

• By law, what the Adjutant General’s Branch says about the personal and professional record of an army officer is supposed to be the last word. In this case the AG’s records clearly state the DoB 10 May I951.

• In an opinion given in February 14, 2011, Government of India Ministry of Law & Justice clearly stated that Gen Singh’s “high school certificate has greater evidentiary value.” This should have been enough to seal the case.

While so, the whole thing was raked up in 2006 as part of a conspiracy and the DoB of 10 May, 1950 was contrived in a most arbitrary manner to cut short Gen. VK Singh’s tenure and impose someone else in his place. This can be substantiated from the following facts and events:

• The UPSC application form was dug up by MS Branch from nowhere to illegally tamper the DoB of Gen VK Singh and an Army List was published without authentication by Adjutant General Branch, the official record keeper of service of army officers.

• This UPSC application form, which could be easily tampered with, was used to supersede the School Certificate which is the legal document recognized by law as proof of DoB, in spite of the fact that UPSC itself had accepted the DOB as 10 May 1951?

• Two former Amy Chiefs as part of a pre-planned conspiracy indulged in skulduggery by pressurising VK Singh to ‘commit’ 10 May 1950 as his DoB?

• When the issue reached the MoD, the concerned Joint Secretary (Bimal Jhulka) directed the MS Branch to conduct a detailed inquiry into the matter in consultation with the AG’s Branch.

• No inquiry was conducted as directed. Yet in subsequent years stand taken by the same MoD dishonestly referred to this ‘inquiry’ that was never conducted to reject Gen Singh’s genuine claim of 10 May 1951 as his DoB!

What is more, a canard was spread that since VK Singh has given ‘commitments’ to former Army Chiefs ‘accepting’ his year of birth as1950 he cannot now claim 1951 as his YoB. This is absurd because the so called commitments have no value and are untenable in the face of legal documents stating 1951 as YoB and the fact that all his Selection Boards had factored 1951 for empanelling him for promotion and posting as Brigadier, Maj. Gen and Lt. Gen. Actually in this case principle of 'unconscionable bargain' applies. This relates to 'entrapping deal on very unfair terms and between unequal parties' and is legally unsustainable.

Supreme Court in its order has neither endorsed the entry in the UPSC application form, nor upheld the so called ‘commitment’ given by VK Singh. Instead the Court has left the issue open for the Union of India to ‘recognize a particular DoB as his date of birth in the official service record’

Your Excellency, the indisputable facts brought out above raises certain fundamental issues with respect to General VK Singh as a citizen and an officer of the Indian Army selected and commissioned as per the Rules of Recruitment. As per law, School certificate is the only document to establish DoB and in this case illegality is being committed by ignoring this statutory evidence and entertaining a piece of paper (UPSC application form) thereby inflicting grave injustice upon Gen. Singh.

This case of serious illegality and injustice commenced with the curious ‘look down policy’ initiated by the then Chief of the Army Staff (General JJ Singh) in 2006 to determine the ‘line of succession’ and to install a favourite as COAS in May 2012. For this purpose the UPSC application form mistakenly mentioning 1950 as his year of birth has been dug out and used as the ‘brahmastra’ to truncate Gen. VK Singh’s tenure to a two year period as COAS, in order to clear the passage for the favourite.

The fallout of this crude manipulation indulged in by vested interests is the sordid age-row of VK Singh that has rocked the nation. The actual DoB is a matter of record as rightly observed by the Supreme Court. But what is of concern is the manner in which the controversy was first stoked, then fanned and finally, brought into play with a deliberate intention to discredit and defame a serving Army Chief, thereby impaling the institution of the Army. This has serious adverse effect on the morale and prestige of the Armed Forces.

Your Excellency, we do not have to tell you that it is our Armed Forces who have defended and protected our democracy through their valour, sacrifice and total sense of patriotism, bereft of any political ambitions as in our neighbouring countries. It is largely because of them that India stands tall as a free and sovereign Republic.

Among the armed forces, the Army is the largest and the most visible face. The chief of that force has a special status in the nation’s affairs, irrespective of his place in the order of precedence. And he cannot be distinguished from the Institution he heads. And, when an institution like the Army is impaled, it is the people who bleed. It is therefore imperative that the President should intervene since she/he is also the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces

Further, above facts reveal that Raksha Mantri who exercise only delegated authority, fell for the manipulations and abused that authority thereby causing serious damage to an institution and gross injustice to its serving chief. He has done this:

• by raking up the settled issue of Gen. Singh’s DoB as 10 May 1951,

• by reversing it to 10 May 1950 relying on a piece of paper as against legally accepted documents and a so called ‘commitment’ that is untenable,

• by deliberately ignoring the AG Branch, the official record-keeper and falsifying established records in the MS Branch with ulterior motive, and

• by endorsing and trying to institutionalize a feudal, nepotist and autocratic system called ‘line of succession’ that could endanger ‘national security’.

This is an eminent case that warrants intervention by the original source of that authority – The President of India – to undo the damage and injustice caused by such arbitrary and mala fide actions and to direct recognition of General VK Singh’s date of birth as 10 May 1951 in the official service record.

Your Excellency, through this Memorandum we, the Ex-servicemen and their extended families earnestly request you to take appropriate action under Constitutional provisions and/or order an independent high-level inquiry headed by a serving Judge of the Supreme Court so that truth is ascertained, damage undone and justice rendered in this matter. This is imperative because the conspiracy and manipulation behind Army Chief’s DoB controversy have far reaching consequences on the ‘security of the state’, making it a matter of grave public importance.

With full faith in your sense of justice we, the Ex-servicemen and our extended families hereby sign/endorse this Memorandum. Pending appropriate action on the contents of this Memorandum we would request you not to entertain any proposal to appoint a new COAS, and institutionalize the obnoxious ‘line of succession’ theory which in fact is the real motive of the manipulators.

Yours Truly

1 Admiral Laxminarayan Ramdas, Indian Navy (former Chief of the Naval Staff) [email protected] Alibag
2 Admiral Vishnu Bhagwat, Indian Navy (former Chief of the Naval Staff)
3 Air Marshal Prakashchandra Desai, Indian Air Force [email protected] Ahmedabad
4 Air Marshal Puri V, Indian Air Force [email protected] New Delhi
5 Lt General Prakash Katoch, Indian Army [email protected] Gurgaon
6 Lt General VK 'Tubby' Nayar, Indian Army (former Governor of Manipur and Nagaland)
7 Lt General Shantanu Chaudhary, Indian Army (Arty) (former Vice-COAS) [email protected] Meerut
8 Lt General Tej Sapru, Indian Army (Infantry) (former Army Commander Western Command) [email protected] Panchkula
9 Lt General Ajai Singh, Indian Army (Armoured Corps) (former Governor of Assam) [email protected] Delhi
10 Lt General Sushil Pillai, Indian Army (Infantry) [email protected] Trivandrum
11 Lt General N S Malik, Indian Army (Armoured Corps) [email protected] Gurgaon
12 Lt General Francis Dias, Indian Army [email protected] Mumbai
13 Lt General Arvind Sharma, Indian Army [email protected]
14 Lt General Vishnu Mohan, Indian Army [email protected]
15 Lt General Sher Amir Singh, Indian Army [email protected]
16 Lt General R K Gaur, Indian Army [email protected]
17 Lt General Sushil Kumar, Indian Army [email protected]
18 Lt General Mitlesh Rai Kochhar, Indian Army [email protected]
19 Lt General Dev Sehgal, Indian Army [email protected]
20 Lt General Harwant Singh, Indian Army [email protected] Chandigarh
21 Rear Admiral Mahendra Pratap Taneja, Indian Navy [email protected]
22 Major General Narendra Bahadur Singh, Indian Army [email protected] New Delhi
23 Major General Sathish Nair, Indian Army (Infantry) [email protected]
24 Major General G S Srivastava, Indian Army [email protected] Lucknow
25 Major General Ashok Coomar, Indian Army (Infantry) [email protected] Bhopal
26 Major General Balli Dhillon, Indian Army [email protected]
27 Major General Kamal Nayan Misra, Indian Army [email protected]
28 Major General A. J. B. Jaini, Indian Army [email protected]
29 Major General Mono Bhagat, Indian Army monobhagat[email protected]
30 Major General Sudhir Vombatkere, Indian Army (Engineers) [email protected] Mysore
31 Major General OP Soni, Indian Army (Artillery)
32 Major General DL Chowdhary, Indian Army (Jat)
33 Major General V Dhall, Indian Army (Artillery)
34 Major General AK Verma, Indian Army (former Colonel of the Rajput Regiment)
35 Brigadier P S Vaish, Indian Army (AMC) [email protected] Noida
36 Brigadier VA Subramanyam, Indian Army (Signals) [email protected] Chennai
37 Brigadier Suresh Sharma, Indian Army (Signals) [email protected] Navi Mumbai
38 Brigadier Hiremagalur Gopal, Indian Army [email protected] Bengaluru
39 Brigadier Mananvasi Seshadri, Indian Army (AOC) [email protected] Chennai
40 Brigadier V H Madhav Prasad, Indian Army (AOC) [email protected] Secunderabad
41 Brigadier Chadalavada Venkat Rama Mohan, Indian Army (AMC) [email protected] Bengaluru
42 Brigadier Sivaraman S, Indian Army [email protected] Bangalore
43 Brigadier Amarjit Singh Sibia, Indian Army (CAD) [email protected] Chandigarh
44 Brigadier RK Nagpal, Indian Army [email protected] New Delhi
45 Brigadier Vijay Saxena, Indian Army (Armoured Corps) [email protected] Katni
46 Brigadier Ramanjit S Ahluwalia, Indian Army [email protected] Noida
47 Brigadier L D Sharma, Indian Army (Engineers) [email protected] Jaipur
48 Brigadier Atma Shandil, Indian Army [email protected]
49 Brigadier D K Uberoy, Indian Army [email protected]
50 Brigadier Karam Vir Shandil, Indian Army [email protected]
51 Brigadier Krishnamurthy E S, Indian Army [email protected]
52 Brigadier ABS Kundra, Indian Army [email protected]
53 Brigadier Muthulaxmy Muthulaxmy, Indian Army [email protected]
54 Brigadier Ashok Hak, Indian Army [email protected]
55 Brigadier Harwant Singh, Indian Army [email protected]
56 Brigadier Abhay Bhargava, Indian Army [email protected]
57 Brigadier Kanwar Singh, Indian Army [email protected]
58 Brigadier K S Sharawat, Indian Army [email protected]
59 Brigadier NV Nair, Indian Army [email protected]
60 Brigadier Dr. Chandra Prakash Joshi, Indian Army [email protected]
61 Brigadier B Chandra Shekar, Indian Army [email protected]
62 Brigadier Murthy Srinivas, Indian Army [email protected]
63 Brigadier Gopinatha Kurup, Indian Army [email protected]
64 Brigadier Dharam Prakash, Indian Army [email protected]
65 Brigadier Manjit Singh, Indian Army [email protected]
66 Brigadier Surinder Jaswal, Indian Army [email protected]
67 Brigadier Satyendra Kumar, Indian Army [email protected]
68 Brigadier J L Kaul, Indian Army [email protected]
69 Brigadier Prakash Shukla, Indian Army [email protected]
70 Brigadier Prabhakar Khot, Indian Army [email protected]
71 Brigadier Krish Mehra, Indian Army [email protected]
72 Brigadier Francis Regis Campos, Indian Army [email protected]
73 Brigadier Shri Krishan, Indian Army [email protected]
74 Brigadier Venkata Rama Mohan Chadalavada, Indian Army [email protected]
75 Brigadier Inderjit Singh Chugh, Indian Army [email protected]
76 Brigadier Ravi Soni, Indian Army [email protected]
77 Brigadier Jitendra Dhasmana, Indian Army [email protected]
78 Brigadier Vedpal Singh, Indian Army [email protected]
79 Brigadier Apjit Kumar Anand, Indian Army (Intelligence) [email protected] Dehradun
80 Brigadier KS Saini, Indian Army (EME) [email protected] Gurgaon
81 Brigadier Venkataraman Mahalingam, Indian Army [email protected] Noida
82 Brigadier Udai Mehta, Indian Army (Artillery) [email protected] Noida
83 Brigadier Kuldip Verma, Indian Army (Artillery) [email protected] Gurgaon
84 Brigadier K S Grewal, Indian Army (Signals) [email protected] Panchkula
85 Brigadier Surendra Chowdhry, Indian Army (Signals) [email protected] Noida
86 Brigadier Sateesh Kuthiala, Indian Army (Arty) [email protected] Noida
87 Brigadier SKS Malik, Indian Army (MLI)
88 Brigadier Maan Singh, Indian Army (Guards)
89 Brigadier HPS Bedi, Indian Army (JAK Rifles)
90 Brigadier VP Singh, Indian Army (Kumaon)
91 Brigadier J Cruz, Indian Army (Para)
92 Commodore Randhir Singh, Indian Navy [email protected] Pune
93 Commodore Keshav Chandra Chawla, Indian Navy [email protected] New Delhi
94 Commodore Kandadai P Ramachandran, Indian Navy [email protected] Chennai
95 Commodore Hari Anant Gokhale, Indian Navy [email protected]
96 Commodore Ashok Sawhney, Indian Navy [email protected] Noida
97 Commodore Trilochan Singh Khurana, Indian Navy [email protected] Chandigarh
98 Commodore Ravi R Nair, Indian Navy [email protected] Bangalore
99 Commodore AJ Singh, Indian Navy
100 Air Commodore Tanpat Pannu, Indian Air Force [email protected] Gurgaon
101 Air Commodore K R Radhakrishnan, Indian Air Force [email protected] Palakkad
102 Air Commodore Mangat Karakad Chandrasekhar, Indian Air Force [email protected]
103 Air Commodore VS Govindarajan, Indian Air Force [email protected]
104 Air Commodore Kumaran Rajagopal, Indian Air Force [email protected] Coimbatore
105 Colonel C N Chakravarty, Indian Army (ECHS) [email protected] Kolkata
106 Colonel Ronnie Mistry, Indian Army (Signals) [email protected] Perth, Australia
107 Colonel Baldevinder Cheema, Indian Army (Dogra) [email protected] Chandigarh
108 Colonel KK Madaiah, Indian Army [email protected] Bangalore
109 Colonel Ashok Kumar, Indian Army (Engineers) [email protected] Secunderabad
110 Colonel Reddy P S, Indian Army (AMC) [email protected] Bangalore
111 Colonel Digby Lall, Indian Army (Signals) [email protected] Reading
112 Colonel H S Premkumar, Indian Army [email protected] Bangalore
113 Colonel Kulbir Singh, Indian Army [email protected] Chandigarh
114 Colonel Rachhpal Singh, Indian Army [email protected] Noida
115 Colonel Jayaraj Sankarakurup, Indian Army [email protected] Kochi
116 Colonel Dharmalinga Kanagasabapathy, Indian Army [email protected] Chennai
117 Colonel Bipin Trivedi, Indian Army [email protected] Chandigarh
118 Colonel Veerinder Gulia, Indian Army (Infantry) [email protected] Gurgaon
119 Colonel C K Shukla, Indian Army [email protected] Noida
120 Colonel Mukesh Sareen, Indian Army [email protected] Noida
121 Colonel Shiv Raichand, Indian Army (Signals) [email protected] Delhi
122 Colonel Rajinder Sikka, Indian Army (EME) [email protected] Jalandhar
123 Colonel Pramod Vyas, Indian Army (Engineers) [email protected] Jaipur
124 Colonel Ved Prakash Sharma, Indian Army [email protected] Noida
125 Colonel Gopal Krishan Sood, Indian Army [email protected] Bangalore
126 Colonel Krishan Dutt Shelley, Indian Army (Para) [email protected] Bangalore
127 Colonel Inderbir Singh Chowdhary, Indian Army [email protected] Delhi
128 Colonel Dharam Singh Jogar, Indian Army [email protected] Gurdaspur
129 Colonel Gopinathan Nair, Indian Army [email protected] Thiruvananthapuram
130 Colonel Kewal Krishan Malhotra, Indian Army (Signals) [email protected] Noida
131 Colonel Dinesh Goyal, Indian Army [email protected] Bhopal
132 Colonel Vijay singh Chauhan, Indian Army (Infantry) [email protected] Sultanpur
133 Colonel Ashok Singh, Indian Army (Infantry) [email protected] Greater Noida
134 Colonel Shivraj Kumar, Indian Army (Signals) [email protected] New Delhi
135 Colonel Salil Sharan, Indian Army (Infantry) [email protected] Noida
136 Colonel Prakash Chandra Thapa, Indian Army [email protected] Kalimpong
137 Colonel Amar singh Hooda, Indian Army [email protected] Gurgaon
138 Colonel S. Srikantha Seshadri, Indian Army [email protected] Bangalore
139 Colonel Pushpinder Singh, Indian Army [email protected]
140 Colonel Daljit Singh Dhindsa, Indian Army [email protected]
141 Colonel Baidyanath Ratha, Indian Army [email protected]
142 Colonel Amal Sarkar, Indian Army [email protected]
143 Colonel Bimal Narain Bhatia, Indian Army [email protected]
144 Colonel K S Srikant, Indian Army [email protected]
145 Colonel Narindra Chhikara, Indian Army [email protected]
146 Colonel Neelamber Jha, Indian Army [email protected]
147 Colonel Vijay Kumar Chadha, Indian Army [email protected]
148 Colonel Rooplal Virendra Nath, Indian Army [email protected]
149 Colonel Didar Singh Hoonjan, Indian Army [email protected]
150 Colonel B S Dhillon, Indian Army [email protected]
151 Colonel Banshi Dangwal, Indian Army [email protected]
152 Colonel K Krishnan, Indian Army [email protected]
153 Colonel Ravi Shanmugam, Indian Army [email protected]
154 Colonel Prakash Singh, Indian Army [email protected]
155 Colonel Devendra Sanghvan, Indian Army [email protected]
156 Colonel V N Bapat, Indian Army [email protected]
157 Colonel C P Singh, Indian Army [email protected]
158 Colonel P S Natarajan Pallikonda, Indian Army [email protected]
159 Colonel Subir Ahluwalia, Indian Army [email protected]
160 Colonel Bishun Dayal Varma, Indian Army [email protected]
161 Colonel Mahabir Yadav, Indian Army [email protected]
162 Colonel Satish Dewan, Indian Army [email protected] Delhi
163 Colonel Jasbir Singh Randhawa, Indian Army [email protected]
164 Colonel Balam Rawat, Indian Army [email protected]
165 Colonel K Malaiappan, Indian Army [email protected]
166 Colonel Arvind Chaturvedi, Indian Army [email protected]
167 Colonel Raj Sangwan, Indian Army [email protected]
168 Colonel Balavendram Vincent Alphonse, Indian Army [email protected]
169 Colonel Anil Kumar Sachdeva, Indian Army [email protected]
170 Colonel Suwarn Joshi, Indian Army [email protected]
171 Colonel Vijay Yadav, Indian Army [email protected]
172 Colonel Rachhpal Singh, Indian Army [email protected]
173 Colonel Subhash Chander Sachdeva, Indian Army [email protected]
174 Colonel Madan Sharma, Indian Army [email protected]
175 Colonel BP Singh, Indian Army [email protected]
176 Colonel J L Chaterji, Indian Army [email protected]
177 Colonel TN Shreevastawa, Indian Army [email protected]
178 Colonel Harcharan Singh Uppal, Indian Army [email protected]
179 Colonel KVL Narasimahm Kalavapalli, Indian Army [email protected]
180 Colonel Anil Joseph, Indian Army [email protected]
181 Colonel Sundar Sundar, Indian Army [email protected]
182 Colonel Ved Kumar Sachdeva, Indian Army [email protected]
183 Colonel Mohinder Singh Mann, Indian Army [email protected]
184 Colonel Amarjit Singh Wadhawan, Indian Army [email protected]
185 Colonel Mysore Shankar, Indian Army [email protected] Bangalore
186 Colonel Perinchery Mohan Das, Indian Army (Signals) [email protected] Bhopal
187 Colonel SS Rajan, Indian Army (Engineers) [email protected] Bangalore
188 Colonel Devadas Chaluvaiah, Indian Army [email protected]
189 Colonel Anand Swaroop, Indian Army [email protected]
190 Colonel Rajiv Vasudevan, Indian Army (Armoured Corps) [email protected] Pune
191 Colonel Jasbir Singh, Indian Army [email protected]
192 Colonel M Y Sohoni, Indian Army [email protected]
193 Colonel Vijay Bhandari, Indian Army [email protected]
194 Colonel BL Gupta, Indian Army [email protected]
195 Colonel T V Mali, Indian Army [email protected]
196 Colonel Vijay Pal Singh Bargoti, Indian Army [email protected]
197 Colonel Subhash Kumar Bose, Indian Army [email protected]
198 Colonel GS Bala, Indian Army [email protected]
199 Colonel Arun Joshi, Indian Army [email protected]
200 Colonel Sudershan Lamba, Indian Army (Engineers) [email protected] Panchkula
201 Colonel DS Parab, Indian Army [email protected] Navi Mumbai
202 Colonel Anil Singhal, Indian Army [email protected] New Delhi
203 Colonel Mahesh Khera, Indian Army [email protected] Noida
204 Colonel Mukund Nuggehalli, Indian Army (Grenadiers) [email protected] Secunderabad
205 Colonel P K Rajkhowa, Indian Army [email protected] Guwahati
206 Colonel Amarjit Butalia, Indian Army (Artillery) [email protected] Noida

207 Colonel Prem Gaba, Indian Army (EME) [email protected] Delhi
208 Colonel Sudhakar Tyagi, Indian Army [email protected] Kota
209 Colonel Balbir Anand, Indian Army [email protected] Dubai
210 Colonel Madhukar Sohoni, Indian Army [email protected] Pune
211 Colonel Maharajapuram Subramania (MS) Krishnamoorthy, Indian Army (Signals) [email protected] Gurgaon
212 Colonel Rakesh Chaturvedi, Indian Army (Artillery) [email protected] Noida
213 Colonel Ravinder Singh Katoch, Indian Army (Infantry) [email protected] Chandigarh
214 Colonel Arun Vas, Indian Army (Artillery)
215 Colonel S Seth, Indian Army (Infantry)
216 Colonel S Kochhar, Indian Army (Sikh)
217 Colonel R Vizhakat, Indian Army (Artillery)
218 Colonel R Rawat, Indian Army (Ordnance)
219 Colonel Omed Singh, Indian Army (Sikh)
220 Colonel K Pasrija, Indian Army (Signals)
221 Colonel IP Yadav, Indian Army (Engineers)
222 Colonel I Pilkhwal, Indian Army (Ordnance)
223 Colonel HS Rautela, Indian Army (Kumaon)
224 Colonel GS Panta, Indian Army (MLI)
225 Colonel SK Mehta, Indian Army (Sikh)
226 Colonel NK Dogra, Indian Army
227 Colonel NS Katoch, Indian Army (Infantry)
228 Colonel EJ Martin, Indian Army (Nagas)
229 Colonel DS Tomar, Indian Army (Infantry)
230 Colonel G C Nair, Indian Army (Intelligence)
231 Colonel SK Malhotra, Indian Army (Artillery)
232 Colonel CP Grover, Indian Army (Signals)
233 Colonel V Chaturvedi, Indian Army (Artillery)
234 Colonel V Sud, Indian Army (Signals)
235 Colonel Chander Mohan, Indian Army (Signals)
236 Colonel Binod Kumar, Indian Army (Engineers)
237 Colonel Baljit Bakshi, Indian Army (Infantry)
238 Colonel Balbir Singh, Indian Army (Infantry)
239 Colonel KYS Bararia, Indian Army (Artillery)
240 Colonel SC Gulati, Indian Army (Sikh)
241 Colonel S Hunjan, Indian Army (Signals)
242 Colonel RV Singh, Indian Army
243 Colonel RLV Nath, Indian Army
244 Surgeon Captain Vinod Kumar Malhotra, Indian Navy [email protected] Puttaparthi
245 Group Captain Ashok Venkatarayan, Indian Air Force [email protected] Bangalore
246 Group Captain Shyam Hattangdi, Indian Air Force [email protected] Austin, USA
247 Group Captain Ajit Mudbidri, Indian Air Force [email protected] Pune
248 Group Captain Suhas Phatak, Indian Air Force [email protected] Pune
249 Group Captain BV Rao, Indian Air Force [email protected] Bangalore
250 Group Captain P U Bhat, Indian Air Force [email protected] Bangalore
251 Group Captain Vilampil Gopal, Indian Air Force [email protected] Bangalore
252 Group Captain Rajagopal H, Indian Air Force [email protected] Mysore
253 Group Captain Anand Sakharam Gangoli, Indian Air Force [email protected] Mumbai
254 Group Captain Charanjit Singh Jairath, AMC [email protected] Dehradun
255 Group Captain Subramanian LGI, Indian Air Force [email protected] Bangalore
256 Group Captain Vijay Bapat, Indian Air Force [email protected] Pune
257 Group Captain Y S Das, Indian Air Force [email protected]
258 Group Captain Vaidun Vidyadhar, Indian Air Force [email protected] Tamworth
259 Lt Colonel Nagesh K, Indian Army (Engineers) [email protected] Bangalore
260 Lt Colonel S Guruprasad, Indian Army [email protected] Bangalore
261 Lt Colonel DD Chawla, Indian Army [email protected] Bangalore
262 Lt Colonel Akhileshwar Prasad Singh, Indian Army (Infantry) [email protected] Kanpur
263 Lt Colonel Animesh Ray, Indian Army [email protected] Lucknow
264 Lt Colonel Pandurang Naik, Indian Army (Engineers) [email protected] Pune
265 Lt Colonel Suresh Sarine, Indian Army (Dogra) [email protected] Mhow
266 Lt Colonel Sujit Kumar Parasar, Indian Army (ESM) [email protected] Jabalpur
267 Lt Colonel Rajendra Dasila, Indian Army (Signals) [email protected] New Delhi
268 Lt Colonel Sreedhar GV, Indian Army [email protected] Bangalore
269 Lt Colonel Ranjit Thairani, Indian Army (EME) [email protected] Gurgaon
270 Lt Colonel Jagmohan Singh Rawat, Indian Army [email protected] Gurgaon
271 Lt Colonel Palani Raj, Indian Army [email protected] Bangalore
272 Lt Colonel Iqbal Inder Singh, Indian Army (Intelligence) [email protected] New Delhi
273 Lt Colonel CN Tembe, Indian Army [email protected] Pune
274 Lt Colonel Suneel Prasad, Indian Army [email protected] Pune
275 Lt Colonel Kasiviswanathan CV, Indian Army [email protected] Bangalore
276 Lt Colonel, President, Sainik Samaj Party Balbir Singh Parmar, Indian Army (AEC) [email protected] Dehradun
277 Lt Colonel Kali Kharb, Indian Army (Infantry) [email protected]m Gurgaon
278 Lt Colonel BGV Kumar, Indian Army [email protected] Suntikoppa - 571237
279 Lt Colonel Atul Kochhar, Indian Army [email protected] Noida
280 Lt Colonel Man Mohan Kakar, Indian Army [email protected] Austin, USA
281 Lt Colonel Sangram Katoch, Indian Army (AOC) [email protected] Delhi
282 Lt Colonel Anand Lakshmiah, Indian Army [email protected] Bangalore
283 Lt Colonel Bhupal Chandra Vasundhra, Indian Army (Infantry) [email protected] Panchkula
284 Lt Colonel Durai Angarai, Indian Army [email protected] Surat
285 Lt Colonel Hardeep Singh Chhokar, Indian Army (Artillery) [email protected] Delhi
286 Lt Colonel Satwant Singh Singh, Indian Army [email protected]
287 Lt Colonel Jaya Kumar, Indian Army [email protected]
288 Lt Colonel Santokh Singh Bhatia, Indian Army [email protected]
289 Lt Colonel Alwar Swamy, Indian Army [email protected]
290 Lt Colonel Vikas Kumar Arora, Indian Army [email protected]
291 Lt Colonel Ranjit Grewal, Indian Army [email protected]
292 Lt Colonel Jagannathan Srinivasa, Indian Army [email protected]
293 Lt Colonel L Sreedhar, Indian Army [email protected]
294 Lt Colonel P N Krishnan, Indian Army [email protected]
295 Lt Colonel Madhu Sudan, Indian Army [email protected]
296 Lt Colonel V U Shankar, Indian Army [email protected]
297 Lt Colonel Mahendra Tripathi, Indian Army [email protected]
298 Lt Colonel CNB Kaimal Kaimal, Indian Army [email protected]
299 Lt Colonel Paramjit Singh, Indian Army (Signals) [email protected]
300 Lt Colonel Amal Kumar Bhaduri, Indian Army [email protected]
301 Lt Colonel Ramiqbal Sharma, Indian Army [email protected]
302 Lt Colonel Mukhtar Ahmed Mohadin, Indian Army [email protected]
303 Lt Colonel Rosario Dsouza, Indian Army [email protected]
304 Lt Colonel Chandra Mohan Upreti, Indian Army [email protected]
305 Lt Colonel Satish Puri, Indian Army [email protected]
306 Lt Colonel Jayant Rao, Indian Army [email protected]
307 Lt Colonel Mohan Mamtani, Indian Army [email protected]
308 Lt Colonel ASR Sarma, Indian Army [email protected]
309 Lt Colonel Kulwant Singh Attal, Indian Army [email protected]
310 Lt Colonel Lester Herbert, Indian Army [email protected]
311 Lt Colonel Johnson MT Thomas, Indian Army [email protected]
312 Lt Colonel Rajeev Rattan, Indian Army [email protected]
313 Lt Colonel K R Rao, Indian Army [email protected] Bangalore
314 Lt Colonel Venkat S Choudhary, Indian Army [email protected] Hyderabad
315 Lt Colonel Chander Mohan Sharma, Indian Army [email protected]
316 Lt Colonel Manjit Khurana, Indian Army [email protected]
317 Lt Colonel Girish Chandra Mathur, Indian Army [email protected]
318 Lt Colonel Jasjit Singh Gill, Indian Army [email protected]
319 Lt Colonel Pramod Pathak, Indian Army [email protected]
320 Lt Colonel Devinder Singh, Indian Army [email protected]
321 Lt Colonel Kishor Sinh Gohil, Indian Army [email protected]
322 Lt Colonel Trijiwan Payal, Indian Army (AOC) [email protected] Dehradun
323 Lt Colonel Subhash Chander Bhola, Indian Army [email protected] New Delhi
324 Lt Colonel Shri Bhagwan, Indian Army [email protected] New Delhi
325 Lt Colonel Gopinath Thayan Murkoth, Indian Army (Artillery) [email protected] Margao
326 Lt Colonel Manjeet Bedi, Indian Army [email protected] New Delhi
327 Lt Colonel Anil Kumar Sharma, Indian Army (Infantry) [email protected] Chandigarh
328 Lt Colonel S Bansal, Indian Army (Signals) [email protected] Noida
329 Lt Colonel Palankezhe Aravinda Kumaran, Indian Army (Intelligence) [email protected] Bangalore
330 Lt Colonel Vijoy Mathur, Indian Army [email protected] New Delhi
331 Lt Colonel PK Bali, Indian Army
332 Lt Colonel NS Bisht, Indian Army (Infantry)
333 Lt Colonel M Sharma, Indian Army (Artillery)
334 Lt Colonel BK Sharma, Indian Army (Signals)
335 Lt Colonel A Grewal, Indian Army
336 Lt Colonel G Misra, Indian Army (Engineers)
337 Lt Colonel G Malhotra, Indian Army (ASC)
338 Lt Colonel UK Nigam, Indian Army (Artillery)
339 Lt Colonel V Ogra, Indian Army (Ordnance)
340 Lt Colonel V Sharma, Indian Army (Infantry)
341 Lt Colonel Ashok Goyal, Indian Army (Artillery)
342 Lt Colonel RSN Singh, Indian Army (Intelligence)
343 Lt Colonel SR Singh, Indian Army
344 Lt Colonel H Sidhu, Indian Army (Infantry)
345 Lt Colonel RR Singh, Indian Army
346 Lt Colonel JS Chandel, Indian Army
347 Lt Colonel MMP Singh, Indian Army
348 Lt Colonel Nar Singh, Indian Army
349 Commander Tribhuwan Narayan Singhal, Indian Navy [email protected] Bangalore
350 Commander Lakshman Pillikunja, Indian Navy [email protected] Mysore
351 Commander T Randhawa, Indian Navy [email protected] Chandigarh
352 Commander M V Raghavan, Indian Navy [email protected] Bangalore
353 Commander AK Mathur, Indian Navy [email protected] Noida
354 Commander Umesh Chandra Gupta, Indian Navy [email protected] Noida
355 Commander Kujad Jani, Indian Navy [email protected] Chicago, USA
356 Commander P K Jain, Indian Navy [email protected] Noida
357 Commander Dharam Vis Singh Verma, Indian Navy [email protected]
358 Commander Harish Gandhi, Indian Navy [email protected]
359 Commander Chandulal Rawal, Indian Navy [email protected]
360 Commander Selvarajan Authi, Indian Navy [email protected]
361 Commander Surendra LS, Indian Navy [email protected]
362 Commander Tehmasp Mogul, Indian Navy [email protected]
363 Commander Surendranath Pavuluri, Indian Navy [email protected] Hyderabad
364 Commander Visvanathan Vaidyanathan, Indian Navy [email protected] Chennai
365 Wing Commander Virendra Kumar Tyagi, Indian Air Force [email protected] Meerut
366 Wing Commander Manmohan Singh Paintal, Indian Air Force [email protected] Vadodara
367 Wing Commander Ravi Mani, Indian Air Force [email protected] Belgaum
368 Wing Commander SK Chadda, Indian Air Force [email protected] New Delhi
369 Wing Commander Raj Kumar, Indian Air Force [email protected] Pune
370 Wing Commander JJ Deshmukh, Indian Air Force [email protected] Pune
371 Wing Commander Swayam Prakash, Indian Air Force [email protected] Gurgaon - 122018
372 Wing Commander Basudev Mukherji, Indian Air Force [email protected] Melbourne, Australia
373 Wing Commander Madhav Bapat, Indian Air Force [email protected] Mumbai
374 Wing Commander Pattanath Madhavan Lokanathan, Indian Air Force [email protected] Coimbatore
375 Wing Commander Kartar Sainani, Indian Air Force [email protected] Pune
376 Wing Commander Veeravalli Sundaresan, Indian Air Force [email protected] Secunderabad
377 Wing Commander Ajay Sapra, Indian Air Force [email protected] Bangalore
378 Wing Commander Sushil Kumar Sudan, Indian Air Force [email protected]
379 Wing Commander S C Jain, Indian Air Force [email protected]
380 Wing Commander M S S Rao, Indian Air Force [email protected]
381 Wing Commander Hanamant Krishnaji Bilgi, Indian Air Force [email protected]
382 Wing Commander unnikrishnan k n kollamparambil , Indian Air Force [email protected]
383 Wing Commander Sumer Singh, Indian Air Force [email protected] Bangalore
384 Wing Commander Prabhat Kumar Ayre, Indian Air Force [email protected]
385 Wing Commander KG Rao, Indian Air Force [email protected]
386 Wing Commander GR Sharda, Indian Air Force [email protected] Jaipur
387 Wing Commander Shanti Kumar Jain, Indian Air Force [email protected] Hyderabad
388 Wing Commander Rajeeve Lochan, Indian Air Force [email protected] Meerut
389 Major Rudresh Halawar, Indian Army (AMC) [email protected] Bangalore
390 Major Lalit Kapur, Indian Army [email protected] New Delhi
391 Major Pallavi S, Indian Army (ASC) [email protected] Chennai
392 Major Manjit Singh Brar, Indian Army (Kumaon) [email protected] Vancouver, Canada
393 Major Vinod Kumar Varma, Indian Army [email protected] New Delhi
394 Major Rudra Narasimham Rebbapragada, Indian Army (AMC) [email protected] Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
395 Major Leon Fonseca, Indian Army [email protected] Bandra, Mumbai
396 Major Shree Puri, Indian Army [email protected] Gurgaon
397 Major Amitava Mukherjee, Indian Army [email protected]
398 Major Davinder Narain Dass, Indian Army [email protected]
399 Major Jasbir Singh, Indian Army [email protected]
400 Major T. V. Krishna Swamy, Indian Army [email protected]
401 Major Dharam Singh Sarwara, Indian Army [email protected]
402 Major SK Jain, Indian Army [email protected]
403 Major Krishnamurthy Vembu, Indian Army [email protected]
404 Major Ravindran P M, Indian Army (Signals) [email protected] Palakkad-678003
405 Major Pankaj Rai, Indian Army [email protected]
406 Major Prakash K, Indian Army [email protected]
407 Major Ajay Sinha, Indian Army [email protected] Indore
408 Major Devendra Patel, Indian Army [email protected] Baroda
409 Major JSS Grewal, Indian Army (Madras)
410 Major NS Gadeok, Indian Army (Infantry)
411 Major MG Devasahayam, Indian Army (Madras) & IAS
412 Lt Commander Harendra Singh, Indian Navy [email protected] Dehradun
413 Lt Commander G K Balaji, Indian Navy [email protected]
414 Lt Commander S Rajagopalan, Indian Navy [email protected]
415 Squadron Leader Bankim Sutaria, Indian Air Force [email protected] Surat

416 Squadron Leader Katapadi Madhava Shenoy, Indian Air Force [email protected] Mysore
417 Squadron Leader Satya Narayan Sharma, Indian Air Force [email protected] Vadodara
418 Squadron Leader Ian Loughran, Indian Air Force [email protected]
419 Squadron Leader Y Singh, Indian Air Force
420 Captain Deep Singh, Indian Army [email protected] Mohali
421 Captain Prashant Pandey, Indian Army [email protected]
422 Captain K K Khanna, Indian Army [email protected]
423 Captain Shankar Joshi, Indian Army [email protected]
424 Captain Manmohan Kumar, Indian Army [email protected]
425 Captain Raghuvir Sinh Jadeja, Indian Army [email protected]
426 Captain Govind Sahai Pareek, Indian Army [email protected]
427 Captain Poornapragna G A, Indian Army [email protected]
428 Captain Avinash Verma, Indian Army [email protected]
429 Captain Sarup Singh Sherawat, Indian Army [email protected]
430 Captain Mathew Mathai, Indian Army [email protected]
431 Captain Vinod Kumar Kharbanda, Indian Army (Arty) & Retd PCS Officer (UP) [email protected] Lucknow
432 Honorary Captain Daniel Mathews, Indian Army (Arty) [email protected]
433 Lieutenant VK Chibber, Indian Army (Artillery)
434 Junior Warrant Officer Ashok Kumar Dhingra, Indian Air Force [email protected] New Delhi
435 Sergeant Pramod Sahasrabuddhe, Indian Air Force [email protected] Pune
436 Subedar Dal Bahadur Singh Chauhan, Indian Army (Engineers)[email protected] Uunnao
437 Sergeant Jagdip Singh Sura, Indian Air Force [email protected]
438 Company Havildar Major Govinda Varier M.V., Indian Army (Signals) [email protected] Palakkad
439 Former Defence Officer Birender Bakshi, Indian Air Force [email protected] NCR
440 Inspector Amit Bhadhuri, CISF [email protected] London
441 Ex-IAF Alwarappan Nathan, Indian Air Force [email protected] Chennai
442 Thomas Barbara w/o Late Lt Colonel AV Thomas [email protected]

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