Vol 11 Issue 8, Feb 21, 2020 - Feb 27, 2020.


  • Snowy dreams

    Snowy dreams

    For those who love skiing, here is our guide to choose the world’s best snowy destination. Make your pick of adventure spots in countries as diverse as US, Canada, France, Italy and Austria
      Posted    10-Jan-2015    Vol 6 Issue 2
  • Going rural

    Going rural

    Rural tourism is witnessing a boom in India as urban travellers are visiting villages and getting a taste of rural life. This trend is creating employment for the villagers, says Shweta Sharma
      Posted    22-Dec-2014    Vol 5 Issue 51
  • MICE destination

    MICE destination

    Traditionally known for its deserts and palaces, Rajasthan is now emerging as a top MICE (meetings, incentives, conventions and exhibitions) destination. Anil Sharma checks out the facilities
      Posted    15-Dec-2014    Vol 5 Issue 50
  • Barefoot adventurer

    Barefoot adventurer

    Exploring India, Sunildatta Chaudhari, a 53-year-old homeopath, is on a 12,244 km odyssey in his Maruti car. Quaid Najmi tracks down the adventurer who has been driving barefoot for 30 years
      Posted    08-Nov-2014    Vol 5 Issue 45
  • Nature’s beauty

    Nature’s beauty

    Leh has changed since Shilpa Raina’s last visit to the popular tourist destination 5 years ago, but the place is still beautiful as she finds out during her 150 km road trip from Leh to Kanji.
      Posted    2014/10/04    Vol 5 Issue 40
  • Motorcycle diary

    Motorcycle diary

    An adventurous ride on a 500 cc motorcycle from Chandigarh took Samiksha Bali Dutta not just to her dream destination, Ladakh, but also helped realise a dream of turning a professional rider
      Posted    22-Sep-2014    Vol 5 Issue 38
  • Honeymoon city

    Honeymoon city

    Beautiful, elegant and historical, Vienna emerges as an ideal honeymoon destination for couples from India, too. Rahul Vaishnavi takes you through the city of music that throbs with culture
      Posted    13-Sep-2014    Vol 5 Issue 37
  • Nature infinite

    Nature infinite

    If you are looking for a tranquil getaway, Arvind Padmanabhan suggests that you check out a resort located in a rubber estate in Kanyakumari district overlooking the clear blue Chittar Lake
      Posted    04-Aug-2014    Vol 5 Issue 31
  • Hills’ call

    Hills’ call

    Himachal Pradesh is luring visitors mainly because there has been a delay in the onset of monsoon in the plains of North India. Vishal Gulati gives some tips on planning a trip to those hills
      Posted    12-Jul-2014    Vol 5 Issue 28
  • Vienna calls

    Vienna calls

    For those who prefer eco-friendly hotels, the Austrian capital of Vienna is a must-visit destination. Rahul Vaishnavi tells us what the green hotels are doing to cut down on carbon footprint
      Posted    28-Jun-2014    Vol 5 Issue 26
  • Must in Delhi

    Must in Delhi

    More than being the hub of power, Delhi has a lot to offer for a visitor. Souzeina S Mushtaq recommends 15 must-see places in India's bustling capital, which is home to over 22 million people
      Posted    21-Jun-2014    Vol 5 Issue 25
  • Go, go to Leh

    Go, go to Leh

    Both normal holiday makers and adventure seekers have a lot on offer at a height of over 14,000 feet if they go up to Leh. Rohit Vaid tells us how greenish the ‘cold desert’ turns in summer
      Posted    31-May-2014    Vol 5 Issue 22
  • Kashmir's best

    Kashmir's best

    More than just being a spot to beat the heat, it has hills, parks, lakes, waterfalls and streams. Afsana Rashid gives a list of must see places in Kashmir, which is paradise for any tourist.
      Posted    24-May-2014    Vol 5 Issue 21
  • Royal visit

    Royal visit

    Away from the bustle of Jaipur is a hotel where you enjoy the hospitality that was extended to the Mughals and Rajputs of yore, says Radhika Bhirani, recommending Fairmont Jaipur for visitors
      Posted    10-May-2014    Vol 5 Issue 19
  • Kashmir's high

    Kashmir's high

    In 15 months, Khyber, the new 5-star resort in Gulmarg, has entered the world tourism map. At 8,825 feet above sea level amidst an expanse of pine trees, it is irresistible, says Sheikh Qayoom
      Posted    05-Apr-2014    Vol 5 Issue 14
  • God & beach

    God & beach

    Bali has a lot for sea lovers and those interested in visiting ancient temples. The undulating landscape of the Indonesian province is a treat for the eyes and the soul, says Aparajita Gupta
      Posted    01-Mar-2014    Vol 5 Issue 9
  • Bangalore 15

    Bangalore 15

    Besides being a cosmopolitan city, which is a bustling IT hub, also known for fine weather, Bangalore has more for a visitor, says Sudha Narasimhachar, giving a list of 15 must visit places
      Posted    22-Feb-2014    Vol 5 Issue 8
  • Mountain girl

    Mountain girl

    In the chilly heights of Ladakh, Thinlas Chorol stands out as a social entrepreneur, trekking guide, ice hockey player and a writer rolled into one. Her remarkable role is changing the face of tourism up there, says Kavita Kanan Chandra
      Posted    15-Feb-2014    Vol 5 Issue 7
  • For kids too

    For kids too

    Is Bangkok a holiday destination only for grown up men? No, says Jaideep Sarin who visited Thailand with two children below 12 years and the family had a whale of a time, both day and night
      Posted    08-Feb-2014    Vol 5 Issue 6
  • Pristine Pollachi

    Pristine Pollachi

    Well-endowed with nature's bounty, Pollachi, one of Tamil Nadu’s lesser known tourist destinations has much to offer and is blessed with nice weather round the year, says Arvind Padmanabhan
      Posted    01-Feb-2014    Vol 5 Issue 5
  • Pondy hotspots

    Pondy hotspots

    Puducherry – yeah good old Pondicherry – is known for its French flavour. But there are many places to see, says Catherine Gilon, listing 15 'must-visit' spots, some of them not much-visited
      Posted    25-Jan-2014    Vol 5 Issue 4
  • Where history dwells

    Where history dwells

    It makes history repeatedly. Tansen, Hargobind Singh, Rani of Jhansi, Scindia, Sachin Tendulkar - all have something to do with Gwalior, known for its palaces and forts, says Jaideep Sarin
      Posted    16-Nov-2013    Vol 4 Issue 46
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