Eco Cab innovator meets friends of The Weekend Leader


Posted 10 Oct 2013

Sivaraj Muthuraman, the young innovator of Eco Cab, a three-wheeled vehicle that runs on electric and solar energy, announced his plans to make the vehicle to run fully on solar power and bring down the cost of the vehicle to Rs.1 lakh at ‘Conversations,’ a function organized by The Weekend Leader’s Friends of Positive Journalism (FPJ) in Chennai last week.

Sivaraj Muthuraman has developed a model of Eco Cab that would run fully on solar power (Photos: Media Ramu)

The Weekend Leader had recently published an article on Sivaraj’s Eco Cab, which currently runs on electric and solar energy, and also could be pedaled like a cycle rickshaw.

It was estimated that a commercial model of the vehicle would cost Rs. 1.5 lakhs, but there is new development.

“We have now created a model that would run fully on solar power. It will further reduce the cost of the vehicle. My dream is to introduce the vehicle in the market at Rs.1 lakh,” he said, during an interaction with the audience.

Sivaraj sounded confident about the vehicle’s ability to withstand the tough road conditions in India. He said the vehicle can be operated even on rainy days and has run on flooded roads in Chennai without encountering any problem.

Sivaraj fielded questions from the audience. In photo, Sivaraj with TWL Editors and FPJs

“The solar model vehicle will run even on cloudy days. It can be operated without sunshine for up to three days,” he said.

Answering a question on the sides of the vehicle remaining open and how it might pose problems to passengers during rains, he said he had no plans to change the design, but the vehicle would come with a sheet that could be quickly rolled down during the rains for protection.

Sivaraj revealed that the vehicle has been patented in US. He said he has applied for an Indian patent and has approached transport authorities to operate Eco Cab as a passenger vehicle.

He said a leading electric car maker has expressed interest in collaborating with him.

FPJ chairman Saravanaraja addressing the audience

FPJ Chairman P Saravanaraja welcomed the gathering and commended Sivaraj for his innovation. He said though India has developed in many spheres it had a long way to go in research and development. “Our R & D must focus on developing products and technologies suited to Indian conditions,” he said.

The Weekend Leader’s Consulting Editor Sam Rajappa spoke on the controversy surrounding the UPA government’s ordinance on convicted MPs and MLAs and fielded questions from the audience on the current political situation in the country.

U Karunanithi, Director, Outreach, The Weekend Leader, introduced Sivaraj to the audience. Friend B Selvakumar, proposed the vote of thanks. – TWL Bureau

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