From an underconfident girl to a Life Coach with Rs 2.5 crore annual income

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“Ready to reboot your life? I’ll help you create your best version 2.0 that gets you excited each day to create a life of your dreams.

“My aim is to inspire and equip you with skills and tools to live with motivation and realize it is never too late to start.” This is the promise Shilpa Singh offers to those who enroll for her online motivational workshops.

Shilpa Singh quit her corporate career spanning 14 years to become a successful Life Coach (Photos: Special Arrangement)

After 14 years in the corporate world, starting as a credit card sales executive at Standard Chartered Bank in Mumbai in 2004 and moving up the ladder with stints at IFFCO-Tokio, Universal Sompo and Tata Motors, Shilpa realised that life was not just about earning money but living it to the full.

How a shy girl with poor self-esteem, who would hide behind her classmates to avoid being noticed by teachers, someone who was average in studies with not even extra-curricular achievements to boast of, transformed into a life coach with an annual income of Rs 2.5 crore makes an inspiring tale.

“I found myself miserable throughout my schooling days. I could not speak fluent English and didn’t participate even in cultural activities,” says Shilpa, who as a Life Coach today, relies on her excellent communication skills to inspire and motivate people to live a confident and happy life.

Shilpa hails from Indore. She is the youngest among three daughters. Her father owns a textile store and her mother is a housewife. She finished Class 12 from St. Raphael’s Higher Secondary in 1999 and went on to complete her graduation in commerce from Gujarati Girls College.

She then enrolled for MBA at ICFAI Business School in Mumbai. It was the first time she stepped out of her comfort zone. Up to her graduation she had always stayed with her parents in Indore.

Shilpa started her career as a credit card sales executive at Standard Chartered Bank

Shilpa remembers that she had not taken MBA with any career objective, but only because many, including her friends, were opting for it.

MBA too didn’t begin well. Initially, she found it difficult to cope with her studies and after failing in the first semester she wanted to quit and get back home. But her parents encouraged her to complete the course.

It was an even worse situation when she fell in love with a classmate, Abhishek Singh, who had a good sense of humour and made her laugh.

But when she proposed to him, he didn’t reciprocate her feelings and she became crestfallen and the old feelings of unworthiness took over her. Fortunately things turned around after Abhishek accepted her love. The couple tied the knot in 2007 and today Abhishek is a successful insurance broker.

Meanwhile, Shilpa couldn’t get a job at the campus placements. She would always fail to clear the group discussion round during the selection process.

“All the top companies hired my friends with high packages, but I didn’t get any job. Nobody hired me,” she says. Through a friend she got a job as a Credit Card Sales Executive at Standard Chartered Bank.

Shilpa offers three different motivational programs 

While her friends got cushy jobs and sat in air-conditioned offices, she stood on the streets in a makeshift kiosk under the blazing sun selling credit cards.

Later she got better jobs and worked at IFFCO-Tokio (2005-08), Universal Sompo (2008-16) and Tata Motors (2016-19).

At the time of quitting her job at Tata Motors, she was earning around Rs 20 lakh per annum.

Today, Shilpa is her own boss, and is motivating many people to come out of their shells, and live a confident life through a three-part transformational workshop series that she has been conducting since the last couple of years.

Her starter course is a five-day program that begins daily at 5 a.m. for which she charges Rs 199. She also offers a 21-day program for a fee of Rs 5,000 and a 30-day program for Rs 3,699.

Talking about her programs, she says the desire to change has to first come from the client. Her role is to guide the person achieve the goal.

An estimated 30,000 people have attended her programs till date. She claims that some of them were from foreign countries like Australia and Dubai.

Shilpa at a motivational workshop; her popular programs are all conducted online

“In the corporate rat race for survival, kindness is nowhere to be seen,” she says, explaining the reason for quitting her well-paying job and starting to explore ways to live a more fulfilling life.

The stress of corporate life took a toll on her health, so much so that she would reply, ‘I am not fine’ when anyone asked how she was doing. “In spite of that I kept on going without listening to my inner voice,” says Shilpa.

“I was so under-confident that I believed I deserved only this much in life. I began to feel anxious and developed insomnia. Then, something miraculous happened. I learned about the ‘Law of Attraction’ and my life changed.”

The law of attraction is the understanding that a positive mind with expectations of good things usually attracts what it expects and a negative mind would attract similarly the things it dreads.

In the western world this concept became popular during the twentieth century with several writers and thinkers talking about it.

Bestselling books such as The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale and Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill were based on this philosophy.

Today, professional Life Coaches train people in positive thinking and help them to live a disciplined and productive life.

Shilpa is living a more balanced and happier life after quitting her corporate career

Shilpa hired one such coach in May 2019 and when she saw the changes in her life, she decided to become a Life Coach herself. She quit her job at Tata Motors and trained under 15 different coaches for a total of around 2500 hours.

“I started from zero at the age of 36. I invested all my savings of Rs 15 lakh to become a Life Coach,” reveals Shilpa.

Even her husband took a bold decision to support her cause. He sold their house with no profit during the pandemic period and shifted to a rented house, where they stayed for over a year.

Shilpa did extremely well as more and more people joined her courses. She also wrote a book titled Medi-Sin Children that encourages natural healing.

Today, Shilpa lives with her husband and her two children at a posh house – valued around Rs 3 crore - they recently bought at Wadala in Mumbai.

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