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‘On the ocean of life, let your mind be the ship and your heart be the compass’

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Vol 11 | Issue 12

On the ocean of life, let your mind be the ship and your heart be the compass.

-James David Manning

Your connection with your inner self—who you really are and what you stand for—is of paramount importance for your happiness in life.

Living in the fast paced world and in the race to be one up, many people lose contact with their inner compass and end up responding to and being guided purely by the outside world—what people want them to do or how others expect them to be. 

No wonder they feel lost and unfulfilled.

Each one of us has an inherent guidance system that tells what’s good for us, what isn’t and which direction we should move in. Your compass leads you on the path of your personal values and beliefs. When the inner and the outer world align in the same direction, nothing can throw you off course. You can move forward without fear or doubt. Equipped with a clear sense of your truth, you’re better able to make choices and navigate through the difficult times. This inner resource also warns you when you get off the track or do something that isn’t in line with your values.

The truly happy people regularly take inputs from their inner compass, says the author (Photo for representation purpose only)

Your inner compass always points towards the direction you should move in to live your best life. If you ‘sense something’ and still choose to overlook it, you are deliberately straying from the path. No matter how much material success you come to have, you’ll always feel incomplete and find something missing in your life.

The highly successful people who are truly happy have lived their life regularly taking inputs from their inner compass. They have heeded to the inner guidance which has helped them enormously in making important decisions, taking tough calls and seizing new opportunities.

You can also use your guiding system and make it work for you. Here are four ways you can find your inner compass:

Free yourself of ‘others’

Your life is all about you and it becomes meaningful only when it is purposeful. To understand your truth and what you’re meant to be, you must mute the outside noise and zoom in to your inner self. Let go of what people think, say, feel about you and free yourself of the compulsion to please others or seek their stamp of approval. It is tremendously fulfilling to shake off the outside burden, free yourself of the trappings of worthless things and do what you truly want to do.

Be in touch with who you really are

There’s no greater joy than knowing who you really are deep within. You are important in your life and how you feel matters. If you disregard your emotions, you’ll be disassociated from your inner world and won’t fit in the outer world as well since the two will never resonate.

Take a moment to dig below the surface layer and discover your true essence. Acknowledge your feelings and connect with your inner self. As you pick up the signals that your body and mind are giving you, you won’t need to put on a facade and can act according to the instincts of your authentic inner space.

Feel the present moment

The present moment is the only real moment that you have control over, the moment in which your life unfolds and which you can seize to build the life of your dreams. How you live the moment and the day decides how you live your life. Live with intention and focus your attention on the present being mindful of your presence and reality.

Cultivate self-awareness

Steve Maraboli said, “The most powerful relationship you’ll ever have is the relationship with yourself.” Many people are so busy in the business of living life, that they are oblivious of the depths of their being.

Knowing yourself well is the fundamental step of establishing a healthy relationship with yourself. When you get to know your true identity, what makes you unique, what are your core values and needs, you are better able to identify your behaviour and relate to yourself. The knowledge of your desires and yearnings helps you to accept yourself and extend compassion to yourself.

Walking through the journey of life, sometimes you face challenging situations when you have to decide one way or the other and choose between what others suggest and what your heart says. It is in these trying times that you inner compass can play a crucial role. Be mindful of your inner guide, pick up the signals it gives you and you can never go wrong; your inner compass is accurate most times.

Your happiness hinges on your ability to successfully navigate life. Honour your inner compass, trust your instincts and learn to tap into the power of your intuition. It’ll not only make you feel confident but also self-assured that you’re moving in the right direction to live your best life and be what you were meant to be.

The real accomplishment of life is to be guided by your inner compass, live in sync with your values and be in harmony with your authentic self.

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Dr. Roopleen is a motivational writer, life coach, blogger, super-specialist eye surgeon and author of six books.
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