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Mumbai cyclist on a green mission plans to cover 3 continents in 5 years

Sharada Balasubramanian   |   Coimbatore


Vol 2 | Issue 14

Vaibhav Desai, a computer engineer from Mumbai on a cycling mission to spread awareness for a green planet, said he planned to cover three continents in the next five years. 24-year-old Vaibhav, who has been giving lectures in cities and towns that he passes by, was in Coimbatore recently, where an environmental NGO, Osai, felicitated him for his contribution to sustainable development and green earth.

The cycling activist has so far covered 12 states in India and the journey goes on. It is possible to track his journey through his website His cause is even supported by his organisation Godrej, which has retained him on payroll and gave the initial impetus to his dream and mission. His travel gear is sponsored by Wildcraft. 

Life is a cycle: Vaibhav Desai is literally going places on his bicycle to spread awareness for a green planet 

As he shared his story, he said, “My dream since childhood was travelling and I always wondered if I would ever get to travel the way I dreamt.” Stuck in a cubicle job after his computer engineering degree, Vaibhav’s passion for travel increased as days went by.

One fine day, he decided to call it quits and ventured into a new unknown path. His cycling spree then started and his first long expedition was from Mumbai to Ladakh (3000 kms) in 2008.

He said, “Initially, though, I cycled for the sheer pleasure of cycling, as I started seeing new places, I discovered the beauty of Mother Nature and set a cause to this cycling venture.” He started educating people on local biodiversity conservation. “I started GreenCycleGreenEarth to educate people on sustainable living,” he said.

During his journey, he met people from different cultural backgrounds and told them what they can do to save the environment. For more information on his mission, you may visit his website:

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