The Weekend Leader - Tamil Nadu Assembly Passes 10 Bills Rejected by Governo

Tamil Nadu Assembly Passes 10 Bills Rejected by Governo



Photo: IANS

The DMK government on Saturday passed all the 10 bills which were returned by the Governor R.N Ravi.

“Centre target the non-BJP ruled states through the Governors,” Chief Minister M.K Stalin said.

He said that the Governor was keen to block the government’s initiatives. “It was the duty of the Governor to give consent to the Bills sent by an elected government,” the Chief Minister said.

On Saturday, the Tamil Nadu assembly re-adopted 10 Bills which were sent back by the Governor. The opposition parties AIADMK and BJP staged a walk out from the assembly following the move by the DMK government.

The Chief Minister moved a resolution in the state legislature to take up 10 Bills rejected by the Governor for reconsideration.

The Chief Minister said that the legislative assembly under the provision of Article 200 of the Indian Constitution, if the bills are passed again in the house and sent for the approval, the Governor shall not withhold the assent.

“As per the Rule 143 of the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly Rules, the bills may be reconsidered by the assembly,” the Chief Minister said.

The development comes after an affidavit was filed against the Governor R.N. Ravi for deliberately obstructing governance and neglecting Constitutional duties of the DMK government on October 31.

The affidavit highlighted the systematic undermining of the elected machinery and stated that the situation is leading to the Constitutional deadlock.

The Bills mooted by the various departments such as Law, Agriculture, Higher Education were returned by the Governor. The DMK government had conveyed a special session to reconsider the bill.- IANS

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