Bharat Jodo Yatra is going to make me wiser, help Cong: Rahul

Puliyoorkurichy (Tamil Nadu)


Photo: IANS

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi who has set out on the 150-day and 3,570 km-long march -- Bharat Jodo Yatra from Kanyakumari, on Friday said the Yatra is going to help the party and also make him wiser.

"The idea of this yatra is to connect with the people, listen to them, understand what they are facing and also communicate to them a few things... communicate the fact that India has changed," he said, adding: "This yatra is going to help the Congress party. I don't think it is going to harm the party."

He said he agreed to join the Padyatra as he believed in the ideals of the Congress party.

"I think that it is important that those ideals are spread in the country," the former Congress president said.

He said it is a powerful thing to do not just from political standpoint but also from a personal perspective.

"It is not an easy thing to do and he thought it would be worthwhile to do that from a personal journey perspective.

"So, it is a different way of thinking about things. It is a different way of looking at things, but, hopefully I will get some understanding about myself and some understanding about this beautiful country from this Yatra and I think some months later, I will be a little wiser," he added. - IANS

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