The Weekend Leader - Samsung says fix coming to address 'app throttling' problem

Samsung says fix coming to address 'app throttling' problem

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Samsung Electronics said on Friday it is going to soon issue a software update to fix 'app throlttling' issue that is affecting the performance of Galaxy S22 series smartphones.

At the core of the issue is a software called Game Optimizing Service (GOS), which is reportedly throttling the performance of 10,000 apps.

This list includes popular apps like Instagram, Netflix, TikTok, and even Samsung's own apps like Secure Folder and Samsung Pay.

The company said that it plans to add an option in its game launcher app to allow users to prioritise performance through the software update, reports ZDNet.

"More details on how this option will work are expected to be announced later," the report said, quoting the company.

Android Authority earlier reported that according to information circulation on Naver, Samsung is conducting an internal investigation.

The GOS app itself is not a new feature to the Galaxy S22 series and has also been on previous Galaxy smartphones.

Twitter user GaryeonHan and Korean netizens had posted a list of 10,000 apps that were apparently subjected to "performance limits" as part of Samsung's Game Optimizing Service (GOS).

The company's Korean Community forum is also informed about this issue, after widespread complaints emerged regarding the performance of Samsung Galaxy S22 devices being limited by a preinstalled app.

Last year, OnePlus was caught in a similar situation, where it was found diverting popular apps like Chrome and Twitter away from its phone processor's high performance CPU cores.

OnePlus justified the decision by saying it was optimising for battery life and heat. - IANS

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