The Weekend Leader - Child prodigy from Vellore develops an app to make the job of lawyers easier

Child prodigy from Vellore develops an app to make the job of lawyers easier

GANESH BHATT   |  New Delhi


Photo: IANS

A 10-year-old prodigy from Tamil Nadu's Vellore Kanishkar R has created an app called 'E-Attorney' to help lawyers handle client information and case details easily. Through this app, users can sign in and add client documents and store other case related information quickly.

Kanishkar's father, who is also a lawyer, was facing great difficulty in keeping client details organised during the pandemic. Therefore, when the young boy had to choose a course subject for his coding project, he decided to create something that would help his father.

Through 'E-Attorney', users can also contact their clients directly and the clients, who are given access to the app by their lawyer, can also easily view their case documents stored in the app.

Talking to IANS, Kanishkar said: "Due to increased workload, my father used to come home late every night and when I used to visit his office occasionally, I would see his juniors and other lawyers looking for documents, which would lead to further delays.

"Lawyers have to handle many tasks like maintaining documents, collecting evidence, talking to clients and also informing them about the dates. I wanted my father to finish his work on time, so that he would come home from office early.

"It was then that I conceived the idea of creating an app to find a solution to this problem. I decided to use my knowledge of coding and build an app so that my father and other lawyers like him could also handle and share their documents easily. Through 'E-Attorney', they can also keep clients informed. I first created a prototype for this app, which had the facility for lawyers to sign-in, enter client details, and store basic case related information."

However, what started as a small coding project, grew into a passion project when Kanishkar won a competition held by WhiteHat Jr, an online learning platform for children, and was awarded a scholarship to develop the app.

The scholarship money helped Kanishkar's parents transform 'E-Attorney' into a full-fledged child-driven enterprise. To take their kid's idea further, they formed a company called PRK Online Solutions and hired a professional tech team to improve the app, so that it could be developed from a prototype to a web application that could be used by lawyers across the country.

His father, Rajni K., said: "I have been using this app for a few weeks. It's features are very useful. We had to always depend on juniors and clerks to inform clients about dates, but this application has reduced our workload by half. It also minimises errors."

Kanishkar's mentor, Neelkantan S., who helped the young boy with his coding project, said: "'E-Attorney' app is a simple yet powerful tool that has the potential to make a big difference in the lives of lawyers. Kanishkar has worked hard to ensure that the app can be used for uploading documents and interacting with clients. Its design is simple yet impressive and it is very easy to use. Now he is focusing on testing this app and making it glitch-free. Kanishkar turned his desire to help his father into a venture. He is now excited about the future prospects of this venture."

Kanishkar started his entrepreneurial journey by testing the app with five lawyers to ensure everything runs smoothly. Currently, he is focusing with his tech team to fix bugs and glitches. Since this application will store sensitive information related to legal matters, it will require a number of security measures.

A lawyer, K. Mohan K., who is testing this app, while talking about the experience, said: "I have been using this web app for a few days now. The private chat feature between the lawyer and the client is very useful. Its second advantage is that many searches can be done in it. Lawyers can keep track of their cases easily through this app." - IANS

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