The Weekend Leader - Robinhood starts rolling out crypto wallets to 1,000 users

Robinhood starts rolling out crypto wallets to 1,000 users

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Photo: IANS

Silicon Valley-based online trading app Robinhood has announced that it has begun rolling out crypto wallets to 1,000 users from the top of the wallets waitlist.

By March, the company said it will expand the programme to 10,000 users before rolling out crypto wallets to the rest of the WenWallets waitlist.

"We are excited to announce that the next phase of our Wallets programme, the Beta program, is officially live," the company said in a blogpost.

"This is the second major milestone in our Wallets rollout, which will enable Robinhood customers to send and receive their crypto from Robinhood to external crypto wallets, and fully connect Robinhood crypto holders to the greater blockchain ecosystem for the very first time," it added.

Beta testers will help the company test core functionality and provide critical feedback to inform the final version of the product.

Throughout the Beta programme, the company said it will finalise the send and receive flows, add delightful QR scanning experiences, improve the transaction history interface, and add block explorer support to provide more insights into their on-chain transactions.

"We will also add the ability for customers to calculate the dollar amount of crypto to send/receive in terms of dollar amounts. Beta testers will have a daily limit of $2999 in total withdrawals and 10 transactions, and will need to enable two-factor authentication," the company said. - IANS

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